Sunday, 26 March 2017

Our Children

When your child has a fall, you pick them up and although you cannot take the pain away, it does give their little body time to feel it will be alright. Our children get older, grow up and then their falls are bigger but we still hold them and most times that is enough. Later in life they have their own children and a new cycle of love and caring is started. The trouble is that when they fall they have to be strong for their children, that is when I still want to hold them. No matter their age they are still your children.

We have just had one demented fanatic, drive his car into people on the Westminster bridge. He then went on to try and get into the Houses of Parliament. We are a tolerant society, maybe too tolerant and these fanatics are slowly pushing us to a point when we may become irrational. The question that we should ask is what price should we pay to make it clear to these fanatics that their policies are unacceptable? Then the question must be, what price, we are going to pay, to make them understand that we will no longer accept the violence. Through their constant desire for killing and oppressing anyone who does not agree with them, we have had to add security measures to travel, to name just one of many. These small things are gradually adding up and when the irritation box gets too full we will react. How to solve the problem might be relatively simple, but at the moment, the political will is not there, yet.

The Formula One seasons starts in Melbourne this weekend and if you are hoping to see a change in the order of racing, I believe you will be disappointed. Mercedes, I hope, will not reign supreme. The gladiator days of Mansell, Senna and Prost, surpassed by technology.

As the days are getting longer and warmer we lose an hour tomorrow, daylight saving. I will miss that hour for a day or two and then forget it was ever there. Above a glimpse of what I deal with on a daily basis when it comes to communicating with my family. Robert is in San Francisco with Angela in Sydney.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Westbourne and other things

Love bears all, love endures all
Hopes all things, endures all things.

Funny how you remember the strangest of things. I saw a boy with a radio-controlled car and thoughts of Gary and the modelling shop in Westbourne. Then I remembered that Robert Louis Stevenson had lived in Westbourne. The house he lived in was bomb in the war and the borough has put up a small statue of the light house Skerryvore which the Stevenson family firm had built. From all accounts a rather ordinary house but he wrote Kidnapped and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This is all way back in 1885. He died quite young, 44. Not sure why but he was ill on and off all his life. 

It is so many years ago that I last visited, thinking back it was when Mark, Gary and Angela came over with us. Angela was a wee lass in those days, Mark use to draw the most amazing cars and Angela was just loveable Angela. Loved those days.

I digress, Westbourne Modelling Shop, moved to an alleyway. Photos attached. Sorry Gary, I know you loved that shop. Gary still builds models of sorts; exhibition stands are now his chosen medium. Must ask Mark if he still draws.

Food warning; do not buy Irish Brown Soda Bread. It is akin to old cardboard. Medical officials warn that if you are tempted, make your way calmly to the Customer Services desk and ask for a small glass of water and a chair to sit on. Do not think of Irish Brown Soda Bread. Think of happier times and when you know you are strong again, you should proceed with your shopping. However, it is also advised not to go near the bread aisle until you are completely confident you will resist the temptation to buy that, that.... you know what I am talking about.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Big Mac Meal Deal

I saw Superman walking down the road with a Takeaway menu in his hand. He was looking for a mac meal deal. Reminds me of Michael, I can picture him, weary and exhausted from all the travel, in search of some comfort food. Knowing Michael, he would follow Superman and not think anything of it. The question must be asked, what was Superman doing walking down the road when he could fly. Makes you wonder if he can fly or is it a myth created by Hollywood? Michael if you do come across Superman ask him if there is life on Mars?

Makes me think of Mark Cook, walking around the campsite early in the morning in his boxer shorts and walking boots, looking for a phone signal. Nervously keeping a wary eye out for some hungry, big cat, wanting him for breakfast. Now that will be something worth watching. Helen will, hopefully be blissfully asleep. Is that not life on Mars?

Empty rooms and empty air. That's about the best way to describe the house now. It was occupied in all sense of the word, full of action, movement and talk It has slowly leaked all, but me. You might think it is peace and quiet but the emptiness shouts aloud. Susan is back in just a little over 3 weeks and then Robert will be here by the middle of June. Take heart my friends, all is not lost.

I am wondering if I need to change the format of my blog? Maybe some feedback would help. Is it easy to use, comments, viewing the larger image? It is essentially, a Google blog application and I have heard rumours they are revamping their apps and this might go. I can just make my own but I do have quite a few readers from all over the world, would hate to lose them. Your thoughts?

Susan has the grand opening for Legoland Japan at the end of the month and it seems to be going smoothly. Michael is doing his PADI diving course in Thailand, or is it Sri Lanka? Not quite sure, when he sends messages via Whatsup, he never says. Suppose that is normal but it would help if he said something like. 'Hi from Sydney, Australia...' Hopefully he knows where he is, I am not too sure, most of the time. Robert is quite good and lets me know where he is.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Writers block, no, not me.

Just been given a new website for a hotel and my thoughts go back to the first website I did for a hotel. Farhills Country Hotel in South Africa. Wonder what has happened to that beautiful hotel where it was so peaceful you had time to stand and stare. Stand and Stare comes from a poem and I used some of the lines on the website, from W H Davies’ poem ‘Leisure’. It warns that "the hectic pace of modern life has a detrimental effect on the human spirit." Beautiful poem and one we all must read occasionally just to put life in balance.
What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.
Really good menu and the milkshakes are still spoken about. Talking of food, I had chicken livers and bacon on mash last night and what a treat that was. I topped it with a garlic, mushroom and cream sauce. I am really rocking now. Will make it again, now just need someone to enjoy it with. 
Out, out damn Chopsticks

Staying on food. The BBC ran an article about food photograph. Well actually about how a reporter has taken exception to a photo of food. Something about how the chopsticks are laid out and that could cause offence to some Asians?
Celeste Noche wrote the following.
"Food media is predominantly generated by white people for white people, so it's not uncommon to see things generalised, exotified, or misrepresented. "
Filipino-American Celeste Noche, commented in  The Racist Sandwich.
‘Whether it's taking photos of dishes with chopsticks sticking straight up into rice or noodles (which can be seen as offensive in some Asian cultures)", she says, "or dramatisation in the props used to style ethnic foods (why are Asian dishes so often styled on bamboo mats or banana leaves with chopsticks?)".

This is a good example of publicly expressing opinions intended to demonstrate good character or moral correctness. I think it has been termed ‘Virtue Signalling’. We live in a society where too much is analysed, always looking for another angle to promote a cause. This will eventually lead us to a world where off the cuff opinions will be shunned and we will all measure our words to the detriment of free thinking. The sad things is we cannot stop it as long as the press continually support this political correctness, without us holding them accountable.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dinosaurs talk

When we think of dinosaurs, we imagine huge, fearsome, creatures like dragons. I venture to add they probably did idiotic, stupid things as well. Tripping over logs and farting so loud they wake up. When put like that they might not seem scary but I would still advise caution. I must admit that if some crazy scientific technician extracted some dinosaur DNA, they might be tempted to creating a real dinosaur. That could end in tears, Jurassic park all over again.
Anyway as someone once said, in the fish pond of history the truth is harder to hold than a live fish, and more difficult to catch. Can not remember who said that or something like that, but who ever you are I give you the credit.

Talking of things that can eat you or you can eat, I am getting more and more disgruntled with the weight lose industry. Big adverts for their products, food you do not have to feel guilty about. Guilt, sin, is this a reference to the old religious era. Sin and you will go to hell, repent and go to heaven. What started me off was a headline on a Weight Watches leaflet. 
'Chocolate cake you do not have to feel guilty about.' For goodness eat the chocolate cake. It is special, it makes you happy and a normal serving is not going to make or break anything.
Mix yoghurt with nuts and raisins as well, but do so because you want to and it tastes good. Maybe they will help keep your points down. Portion size and variety, should be your guide. 
Guilt and sin should never be associated with food. It is not healthy and should not become common practise. Food does not change who you are or your worth. There is no good or bad in food.

Changing the subject. Went and said hello to Sam yesterday, 2 months since he stopped scratching at the door and I still hear him. Anyway left him with a shell from the beach, such a peaceful spot in the forest. Rest well Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II.

Just to finish, I had a run on the beach this morning and the mist was so thick I could barely see the next Groyne.