Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Someone found my Blog

Well hello there and good day to you, which automatically makes you my new most favourite person. You see without this blog I am nothing. I would sit like a gibbering wreak, not knowing where to go or worse... Why.
So my destiny is quite literally in your hands and if you, lovely you, comment on my blog you will make me something that matters. You will bring unimaginable good karma on yours, and that's a promise. Thank you in advance, you are wonderful.
While you here I just want to tell you that Sam is sitting outside waiting for Susan to come home, stupid dog she is still in London, was yesterday and he still has not got it.
Angela would say, Hey Ho have a lentil and be gentle. 
I was in a small market town the other day and saw 40 cows waiting for the bus, diesel is so expensive. No it did not happen in 1988, no one remembers what happen in 1988. That was in the days that the chippy had a loud hailer to warn people the traffic warden was coming, no parking on double yellow, OK maybe a little.
Thank you in advance, to all those who will commented on this rubbish blog but as Angela says 'hey Ho!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Trust in Our self

There is a greater gift than the trust of others, some might call it confidence, others might call it faith but it makes us brave. The label does not matter nor does it make any difference, for it is the thing that frees us, to embrace life itself. It is to trust in our self.
As a writer I suppose I see things from a different angle to, say a photograph or a painter. My tools are words, how to bring what I am thinking to the reader. Like a silversmith works with silver so I am a wordsmith and have a multitude of tools to create with. I see a crow calling and wonder what evil is going to befall us, but on another day I would wonder if that crow is just calling it’s mate and then I wonder where it’s mate is? Caught in last nights storm, tossed about by the gale or just old and too tired to carry on. Depending on my mood I might imagine it to have a gammy wing and a little stiffness in its joints. It might be an old crow and too grumpy to answer.
I once saw a seagull flying through the rain and smoke of Cardiff and immediately knew it to be not long for this world. The crippling smog slowing this gallant bird in search of food and a warm place to rest. It was the way it flew and my melancholy mood that made it so very urgent for me to write this thought down. I ended up writing a short story and I seem to recall it in one of my Chronicles.IMG_0071
Maybe it is time for another Chronicle, anyone interested in sending me a short or long article too include?
We took Robert to Durlston Castle on Saturday, anything to get him out and about. It was almost an education to see the way he went about reading and absorbing the history of the castle and they have a short walk which depicts how long it took for earth to evolve.
Each step you take, they are big steps, moves you a billions years forward. A timeline, as can be seen from the photo I have included. Great fun and it seems to put this whole beginnings of time into perspective, it did for me.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday comes to all

Is it just me or do Friday come around ever so quickly. I am in The Boatshed, a coffee house type cafe in Poole park and it is filled with pregnant women! They all seem to have young children as well, what has happened to the pill? Look at the state of some of those tummies. You can imagine the noise level, mums all talking at once and the children, fed up with not being noticed are having their say as well.
They say men use 7000 words a day, like yes, no, dinner, coffee, not now etc. Well women use 24000 words a day and show lots of feeling with them. For example if they talk to you, you know they like you, it is hard for them not to talk but if they stop then you are dead. 

HaggisIt is Robert Burns night and all over Scotland they will be celebrating their National hero. The Burns Supper is an institution of Scottish life: a night to celebrate the life and works of the national Bard.
According to legend a Burns Supper goes like this:
1.Piping in the guests; A big-time Burns Night calls for a piper to welcome guests.
2. The Selkirk Grace; A short but important prayer read to usher in the meal.
3. Address to the haggis; The honoured reader now seizes their moment of glory by offering a fluent and entertaining rendition of To a Haggis.
4. The meal;
Starter ; Traditional cock-a-leekie soup;
Main course ; Haggis, neeps & tatties
Sweet ; Clootie Dumpling
5. First Poem.
Have we never loved too blindly
Have we never loved too kindly
Never loved and never parted, we would never be broken hearted.
Finished off the evening with that immortal poem:
Auld Lang Syne
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne! 

For auld lang syne, my jo,
For auld lang syne,
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne. 

Enjoy your weekend

Moving On

‘I have been rover since my birth’ and I feel it is time to move on. ‘There must be a place in the sun for me.’ How do I get Susan to go with me, Robert is about to move on and Michael has started his journey. Deep down inside I know I need to move on now, where you might ask? I do not know at the moment but if I start it will come to me. Maybe it is not up to me but just life's little journeys we all get caught up in. Susan gets sad looking at travel magazine, she also has itchy feet, should we be so bold? Are we still young enough to start again somewhere different, away.
I am very aware of the limitations to the longevity of my life but am not ready to rest, there is another party in me, one more time when I wake and thank the heavens I am still alive and can experience life as it passes quickly bye, slow the world and allow me time to stand and stare.
What has brought this on you may ask? Well I looked into my wardrobe an realised I had shirts there that were 12 years old and I still wear them!!! Time to move on, i want to be thankful for the small pleasures of a cheap bottle of wine and a roast chicken, see a calf born, be happy it is not raining but know I will pay the price. Rejoice in front of a fire that keeps me warm, eat brakwurst with mustard that burns the top of my nose and let me wake in a fancy hotel room next to Susan, the woman I have been lucky enough to really love.
Tonight I will take out a lottery ticket and let the journey begin.
Why this melancholy, you are justified in asking, the snow, previous blog, and seeing Michael at home in his flat at Uni. He is comfortable and sorted there and I envy his newness of life.
Tonight we have roast pheasant with cocktail sausages and stuffing balls, now that is something new, never eaten pheasant before as I always felt a little  hesitant eating such a beautiful bird. I did eat guinea fowl and did not enjoy it, so tonight will be another journey of discovery.
Just an update on the weather, have you noticed they always do the weather at the end of the news. Well in keeping with tradition I will hopefully remember to give you a weather update at the end of my blog. -2 deg C and a 15 mph wind greets anyone who is brave enough to go outdoors. I have no choice as Sam requires a walk everyday and so do I. Today the sea was rough, messy waves and grey skies. On reflection let us go back to what I said at the beginning of this blog.
There must be a place in the sun for me. Maybe just a place I can write, reflect, stare and relax

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bristol trip through the Snow

vcm_s_kf_repr_882x588Michael return to University coincided with the heaviest snow fall we have had since coming over to the UK. Normally we do not get heavy snow as we are so close to the sea, almost a micro climate with the New Forest behind us and the sea in front.
Sunday after a good Wetherspoon’s breakfast, Sunday morning tradition now, Susan, Michael and I set off to Bristol taking the A350 to Chippingham and then the M4 to Bristol.
vcm_s_kf_repr_882x588As you can see the trees that border the road from Kingston Lacy to Banbury Rings were decorated with white washed snow and the Rings almost not visible.
The A350 is 63 miles to the M4 and takes on average 2 hours, that is an average speed of 30 mph, a narrow, long and winding road with the snow edge encroaching dangerously close to you left wheels.
Every hill we crossed brought new white country side, all seemed too much but Michael and Susan snapped away and the rest can be told of our journey through the slideshow I have included.Blog-ss

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow greets the Dawn Chorus

vcm_s_kf_repr_882x588After a mild winter so far we woke to a white washed world of snow. As the sun only rises at 8 it was still dark and the street lights pickup the snow covering the cars and road. The weather forecast predicts snow for most of the day leading on to sleet and rain, so what we see now, will melt by dawn tomorrow. Pity as it would have been exciting to drive out into the country and see real deep snow, they have been wrong before in their forecast, so hopefully they get it wrong this time. We have about 100mm of snow at the moment and it is still snowing.

Michael and Robert, late risers at the best of time, are out there trying to snowboard with an old skim board, could be interesting. Robert has no school today as those coming from inland have no bus service today and some people will not be able to get out of their driveways, in the country areas that is, as they have had much heavier snow fall then us.

Taking Susan to work this morning was like driving in a ghost town. Roads deserted but the gritters have done their job and the main routes are fine, just a little slushy.

Will keep you posted if it does get heavier.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Life of a Salesman

This is just a little story of what we all come across when we have a small business and market our products to the general public.
I packed nuts and dried fruit for many years and went into a pub to try and get them to stock my product. I had quite a bit of success in pubs, as man when he has had a few drinks needs some snack to keep him going. The pub was called The Boar and the pony tailed owner had heard about my product and agreed to stock and sell my nuts in his pub. He did say his son was now running the pub but he would let him know and yes I could bring in my stand of stock. All sounds just grand but life has a way of bringing you down to size.
I delivered the stand full of nuts and dried fruit, which I had packed myself. All seemed fine and when I went back two weeks later, was a bit late so went in just as they opened in the evening, no stand of mine, no nuts or dried fruit anywhere. A lady behind the counter said all the family where away but will be back soon, no she did not know if they had any nuts for sale but would give my card the the landlord.
Next week I made sure I was early, no pony tailed man around but the cleaner took me through to a girl who was having photographs taken of her boxer puppy. After a reasonable wait for her to get the puppy into the right position she asked me to wait outside as  I in was disturbing her puppy. I waited for 30 minutes and then went in again to find the her and another man behind the counter.
'Can I help?' the young man asked.
I explained who I was and asked how my nuts and dried fruit we're going.
'Are you not the guy who was disturbing my puppy?' Girl commented.
' What nuts?' son asked.
 ' I brought a stand in full of nuts and dried fruit, your father took them from me.'
' They will never sell.' girl in her wisdom and went into the back to bring out a stand, half full, the rest looked as though they had been walked on.
That was it, you win some and lose some, life has a way of bringing you down to earth. Little would that young girl think of all the work that went into that stand of 60 packets of nuts and dried fruit. I was putting the stand into my car when the cleaner came along.
'Those yours?'
'They never put them out on the shelf, just left them in the store room and she just gave some to her puppy until he got sick.'
Enough, life's ugly side over, Merlin has just phoned to say she will be a little late, drinks with the girls at The Boar, boys to feed and wine to drink, till next blog.

Friday, 4 January 2013

New 2013

Just as we are getting over Christmas along comes a New Year to top it all. Sometimes I think it is a bit much following so soon after our festivities. New Year resolution's are a much debated topic, what are they? How long will they last?

My feeling is to make a little time for yourself, ‘me time’ and consider all those things you would like to do and evaluate them,  are they really feasible. Once you have a clearer understanding on what you would like to achieve then set yourself a goal, small but manageable and stick to it.

In saying that my goal is to buy an Audi A6 Avant. How to go about this without putting myself into huge debt is the goal. My present car is worth £ 4000 and the Audi costs a little more then that. Plan B buy a used Audi. The first hurdle is the model I want will cost about £ 10,000. My specs are for the car to be no older then the one I am driving and not to have done more that 70,000 miles. Hurdle Two is convincing myself that I really need it, Sam is happy in the existing car and he is higher up the pecking order then I am. Hurdle Three, convince Sam to argue my case with the powers that be that it will be a good change. Finally part with my hard earned money! Now there's the rub.

My little brother has a Game Lodge in Africa and has sent me these photographs of his swim with the elephant, that is him in the water and the elephants is watching!!



I am back at work on Monday so if anyone wants to comment I will respond. Happy New year.