Monday, 30 January 2012

It’s my Birthday, I am 50

That is the theme of Susan’s buzz line if slightly prompt. 50 is quite a mile stone for someone who has lived life so much to the full. Her birthday really started on Thursday evening with a dinner at a posh restaurant with the elite of Merlin. Friday, not working, saw a touch of retail therapy and then some more retail therapy with her two boys. It is only Saturday morning so lets see how the rest of the weekend pans out.

Woe is Gary of Middlesmiths, flew to Maputo to install some electronic devise for the bank and forgot to take the devise, that boy is under pressure.

Saw pictures of the now famous Benjamin Charles Dickens of Dickasmithi way. Soon to be head of the notorious Dickens Family of Oz. He is a sweetie as described by his mother and she is right.

Talking of famous, the Fiat Panda has now being going for almost a month on the same tank of fuel, work and back everyday for Merlin and running around shopping over the weekend has put on 320 miles with just under half a tank left, we can only marvel at its fuel efficiency. Keep up the good work little Panda, you have such frugal passion.

It was a funny old day

I felt out of sorts today and do not think it is anything to age. I had to fill out my Tax Return and submitted it online, trying times and the worry of what the Taxman will say to that. Enough of the doom and gloom. Thank God it is Monday, the week is ahead and we can create, explore the boundaries and lets face it ‘ To infinite and beyond.’

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Benjamin Charles Dickens

Born at4:53am (see announcement). He is a sweetie, hopefully will become a sweetie, only a mother could love a new born baby. I think it is the relief to have it out that makes them say things like beautiful, cute, lovely etc. They say it takes a real man to make a girls, Matt has probably found his feminine side at last, no more 'me man you woman' for that trendy, modern man, well done Matthew.

Back to the Dickens dynasty and the welcome arrival of a son and heir. Geoff and Carole can breath a sigh of relief that the Dickens' of Australia will carry the family name into the next century. That is going to be one lucky boy.

I do know the Smith genes will help him through all the trials and tribulations of life as head of the Dickens dynasty, strong genes those.

Matthew it is never too early to get him out on the practise range at your local golf course, just watched Robert hit a 300 m drive straight as a dye. High fives all round. Is it dye or die? Sad news about the passionate Panda, the golf clubs do not fit in the back? Only thing I can think of is that they made the clubs too big, nothing wrong with the ample Panda.

The squirrel is back again, maybe something to do with the weather? Just ignore him, he will go away. Must say he is in good condition, plenty of nuts available this year, so much for global warming.

Talking of weather, Susan and I went for a run along the beach this morning and it was quite pleasant, 11 deg C and only a light breeze, maybe global warming campaigners do have a point. Predicted snow next week and by the looks of the clouds coming from the weather side, I am inclined to think it will be here a little earlier. Watch the news it might just snow again, twice in three years.

Just to end, they have a new book out called "What every woman wants". I am just popping around to the bookshop to see if they spelt my name correctly.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Broadband speed, the race to have the fastest broadband has just got fiercer.

BT and Virgin are in a competition to deliver 120 mb broadband service by the end of 2012. We currently get 18mb so I would say they have a long way to go, my fellow BT users enjoy a staggering 7.5mb, poor souls but then that will download a normal music album in under 20 seconds and a full length film in 11 minutes.

Enough of this waffle, fact are only interesting for so long, after that I get bored.

Our winter weather is finally getting to us, we ran in a mild breeze coming off an air temp of 1.5 deg C, now that is what I call devotion to this temple of a body. I must say that it was a beautiful morning, sun coming through the clouds and bright blue skies framing the cold cloud. There were some dark, foreboding weather creeping over the Purbecks.

You will be pleases to know that Michael has been accepted at Bath University and at the University of Bristol, both he is happy with and will get to make his final decision nearer the time. Robert is cruising towards a number of A's and A+'s, trying to be top of the year is bringing out the competitive spirit in him.

I really miss the squirrel, I do believe it is just to cold for such a small animal, although part of the big 5.

The radio is playing Life on Mars by David Bowe who has just turned 65, well that crept up rather quickly. I do feel my three score years have past at a more gentle pace but seem to be speeding up a little. The old saying 3 score years and ten is your allotted time on earth, not sure about Mars, so I have ten fast travelling years to tame. What to do? Where to start? Maybe sit down and relax, I might need the energy soon. Talking of energy needed there is a joke about a old retired couple and the wife shouts down from the bedroom, up some steep stairs.

"Come up stairs and make love to me now."

The husband trying to manage her expectation says. " You realise it will have to be one or the other."

Time to end, the temperature in the car is now 3 deg C and Robert has finished his golf, enjoy the sun where ever you are.