Sunday, 31 May 2015

Garden progress

For those that are keen to hear about our garden, which is now 18 months in the making, seems just like yesterday we slaved away to try and transform a gravel pit into a garden. The sweet potatoes have not done too well, better to have bought a pack for 69p from Aldi. The potatoes and tomatoes seem to be thriving, hopefully they do not get late blight or some other nasty bug. Thinking about it I must get some more t-shirts, Susan has commented more than once on the state of the old collars, they did me well but it is time for them to be thrown away. 
This has been a funny old week, managed to achieve a reasonable amount of work but being a short week, Friday did come around rather quickly. Oh well there is next week and for that matter the week after, do not want to plan too far ahead at this time of my life. 

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down a book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

Talking of slowly, my running is improving now that I have banished my chesty cough after what seemed like months. Last weekend we ran twice, Saturday and Monday, the bank holiday of which I have already had my say.
Robert has one more exam to go and he is finished his first year at Uni, got a pleasant surprise as one of the essays he wrote is going to be published in the Uni journal. From the sounds of it, it is quite an achievement, well done Rooboobs.
Susan seems to do more travelling then work and has got use to working on the train as opposed to the office. She is complaining that it is quite exhausting, but there are big changes coming, so hopefully for her, things will settle down. On top of all the changes her PA has been off having a operation, bad timing for Susan but I suppose well planned for her. 
Well with the sunshine and warmer times I suppose I will be hearing the odd comment about when are we going to have a BBQ again, tomorrow I will take the old BBQ out and give it a good cleaning and then hope for rain so I can carry on cooking on my beautiful gas stove. Rain, we have had quite a few storms lately and as you can see from the photo I have attached, I have just managed to avoid being drenched while walking Samuel. 
Well that is all for now, thank you Russell for you in depth comments and to all the people I do not know who read this blog, thank you, I hope you enjoy this little ramble.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Billow and breeze, island and sea

Billow and breeze, island and sea. Mountains of rain and a little sun.

Sunday evening are my quiet time, time to ponder the week ahead and the years gone. Enough crying in my pretzels, time is passing and things need to be told. 
Susan and I took ourselves off to Sherborne Castle on Saturday. I saw a write up about the castle. I digress, the first historic novel I read was about Sir Walter Raleigh, explorer and sailor. He brought potatoes and tobacco back to England. This book opened my thirst for history, if you do not know the passed you are likely to make the same mistakes again, learn from you passed and move on to the future.
Sir Walter Raleigh built the original Sherborne Castle, huge and very expensive to maintain so he converted the hunters lodge into acceptable accommodation and lived there. Ok let's get on with it, he was beheaded and the Digby's bought it and have owned it since 1630.

Original castle is but a ruin, but the Digby's extended the hunters lodge to make it into a new castle, 40 rooms and countless painting and old tapestries. The gardens are grand and vast, meticulously maintained with a great lake in the middle. This is a garden where children can run free, picnics a must and for those who enjoy taking the odd photograph, a haven of tranquility.
All that is good, all that is fair. All that is me, is here.