Saturday, 26 November 2011

I meet my daughter for the first time–today

Many years ago I meet her for the first time, she was beautiful and remains so as the years go by. Happy Birthday Ang of the Dickasmithi’s. Ang is sister to Gary of Middlesmiths and Markus of Ketteringdale.

Well the blue house was still a goal to far but almost and there is always next week. This body of mine is a temple, not quite listed yet but still functions well. It is the head that stops me, it screams stop you will kill yourself, your legs are like lead and your lungs are bursting, stop. I ran through the start of all the screaming but as the house got closer the head won, just.

I am watching the boys doing their golf lesson and wonder where has all the money gone that I have spent on these lessons. Hooks, shanks, all go in the wrong direction. I think you should be able to get your money back after years of lessons still show no real results. Actually Robert is hitting the ball well and Michael is not far behind, pity the do not go straight!!

On the work front I am very busy, with more work coming in, it is a good time and will be a busy Christmas. I am not complaining as good regular work is hard to come by.

I must tell you, I am down to the last 3 in a draw to win a Apple Mac Air 13”. What a Christmas present that would be. Watch this space.

I have a Christmas list for anyone who is interested.
1. Socks, brown, beige, red or yellow.
2. A woolly jumper.
3. Fat stick of salami.
4. Cheese, olives and a crusty loaf
5. Bottle of Pinotage or any other red wine if you must.
6. Alfie Bow – his new CD, just called Alfie Bow
7. Chocolate!!

Feel free to post your Christmas list on the comments or email me and I will put them in a blog.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

A lost Year

Where has it gone, here I am all caught up in the spirit of Christmas and have lost sight of the year that has passed with the speed of light. I blame it on the squirrel.

What a year it has been, Dickasmithi expecting their 2nd baby in the New Year, Mark and Michael, each having a fall and hurting their shoulders (I blame it on that squirrel), Merlin opening the Black Pool Tower Eye and I turned 60. I did start the year on the right side of 60 but time had it own way and when asked again I was 60. Enough of the years and the rapid passing of time.

We did our run this morning and again that blue house was just too far, sometimes I really want to give up, it is so easy to lose heart but by next week I am convinced I will be ready, achieve that goal and move on to better things. Merlin ran like the wind, passing the blue house in a very casual way, silly woman, I will catch you soon.

By the way when you get your Christmas Calendar please do not spread the news too wide, I am getting too old to handle the fame and all the paparazzi that goes with it. The days of speeding away from motorbike press riders is just too much. Hang it somewhere special for you but out of the gaze of the public eye.

I have my week planned before it starts, must complete the Calendar and send it off to the printers, remember to phone Angela on her birthday,darling child needs all the love we can give, as that little darling of a daughter of hers seems to be taking all the limelight.

I digress, but I am allowed to, in a world where everything is changing, Lemonade is still made with artificial flavours and furniture polish is made with real lemons!! A point of interest, there is no Latin word for lemon?

Design, prototype, build. I really am battling to come to terms with that philosophy. Corporate speak has evolved into another language but if you completed the sentence it would be something like this.

We design your dream, create a prototype and build reality.

Enjoy your weekend and for those who are riding their bicycles, good luck. For those that are not in a relationship, life has a way of sorting itself out.

My song of the week is ‘Don’t give up.’

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The wait is over

Merlin embarks on her journey of discovery to Blackpool and the bi-annual conference. The clothes are packed, the outfits planned and now it is up to the weather, behave. Merlin, from us all at Middle Earth, enjoy the international glamour and the glory.

As for me I am exhausted, if you think a pit stop for a Formula One car is orchestrated chaos then Merlin putting her wardrobe together is the equivalent to a nuclear bomb. I just hope the rest of the 127 delegates from all over the world will be able to keep up.

We have taken our calendar shoots. Yes they are done and I must say, we did the jumps and very well done. The weather was kind to us and we set off just after 1pm. Bright sun, clear skies and no wind helped for unseasonably warm weather. We jumped, we looked pensive and we laughed. That is what its about.

Russell is that your squirrel?

I must say that with the Middlesmiths expertise we will have a difficult task to keep up but we have our shoots, bring it on, we are ready. Dickasmithi have played their hand and it is a good hand, the final will show the best of the best. Good luck all and the gods be with you. Remember to laugh.

Finally, Remembrance day, 11 hour of the 11th day of the 11th year, two minutes of silence remembering those who have given their lives for our better life. When I stand and remember I always get a cold chill up my spine, goose bumps and a connections. As the song goes;

'We'll meet again, don't know where,don't know when. But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day. Keep smiling through , Just like you always do, Till the blue skies chase those dark clouds, far away.'

Can we get those Photos done

Our weather is slightly cloudy with a mild breeze. We are destined to do our photo shoot at 2pm and finger crossed. Oh those jumps, Matt, with the help of a trampoline, jumped high. Lily is somewhat up side down more than not. Good luck to the Smiths of Africa, hope those clouds stay away and the shutter speed reaches extraordinary highs.

Bad photo taken with my webcam, apologies to the photographers among us, of the latest Merlot from Aldi supermarket, what have they put in the bottle to sell it for only £2.99, can not trust these Germanics at all.

Had a run this morning with Merlin along Branksome and almost made the blue house, Sam had to poo, so near but so far. Good run back and am ready for this afternoons action.

Talking of the beach, today the warning signs just caught my eye. Watch out for the grones. Do not play on the grones, do not play on the rocks, do not jump off the grones, do not swim as the current is severe, do not sunbath for more that 20 minutes, no sleeping on the beach, no dogs on the promenade etc. etc. I must ask the simple question, what can you do?

Merlin is off to Blackpool for a week of international conferencing and a Gala Dinner at the Hilton to finish it off. You can all imagine the desperate search for a dress. Shoes and smart casual/business and smart casual evening. M&S, Dorothy Perkins, Beales, the list go on and on, and we have not even mentioned Topshop, all went back, take back queen in hard core mode.

The stress for clothes is far greater then the Powerpoint presentation, that’s just business and these ladies let the MD worry about that, quite right.

Have you heard of a Jug? it is a form of dog and from that name I would imagine it is a pug crossed with a jack russell.

Enjoy your weekend. Is the squirrel meant to be sitting on the tripod? NO! Never mind, just get on with it.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The plans are a foot for the next calendar.

The plans are a foot for the next calendar. Photo shoots have been booked, costumes bought, jeans wiggled into and toe nails painted. Merlin ran us through the range of shots she wanted and we set off to the beach for a practise run. Oh the jumps, we practised the pensive looks into the distance and the happy family groups, the individual serious pose and the happy glance, pretending to be surprised and then interested, head back, head left, head right. Then the jumps, oh those jumps, must be high and full of action, I am telling you, those jumps will do some serious injury to my person if we persist. Lastly we practised star jumps, I know, the jumps again, well all I can say about the star jumps are that they were bright, sort of starry. I hope the rest of you are having as much fun as we are, oh those jumps.

Guy Fawkes night and the Matriarch would be raging against the noise, the frightened animals and the senseless waste of money. Rage on, rage on, do not go gentle into this whirls of sound, twirl of light and flash of stars.
Her popular expression was,
' Oh I hate fire works with a passion.' I would go so far as saying she hated fireworks as much as she loved pasta, maybe I should have made her a pasta on fireworks night.

I will leave you with this one thought, words are good, bad and indifferent. The trap me and elude me, confuse and perplex me but they are just words. I sometimes find it difficult to put words to paper and make some sense of it all. Sometimes if words were like autumn leaves on a tree, I can make such a bonfire. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Out walking in the snow - Part 3

‘Aye, he does look better, best stop licking his hand and let him wake normally.’
I opened my eyes and saw the biggest man and dog sitting next to me. He filled the space normal people would leave and all was him and his dog.
‘Just take a while to get your senses back laddie.’ He gently urged. ‘You just need sometime and then you will be fine.’
What was the name of his dog, my lips would not say the words but it was important just then to know.
‘Baxter, son, that is his name and you know who I am.’ I did and that seemed very important.
Do they know it is Christmas was playing somewhere in the space beyond him. Is it Christmas already?
‘Thank you.’ I said from deep down and I was suddenly very happy I could say just that.
‘Oh you finally have your voice back, which is good now it is time to try and get you on your feet and out of here.’ Standing up he brought back that greying darkness.

Christmas time, don’t let the bells end. Home for Christmas. But how many mountains to cross, how many days will it take to be home? Home, that special place, safe a shelter from the war.

I need to try and find a way out from here, it is too dark and when I look I see no doors but I know he is still sitting next to me, shining like the sun and it is up to me now to find the exit. How many images will it take to finish the story and tell the truth? How many nightmares, tears, to have had enough?

‘Grandfather, where is Baxter?’ He does not hear as he sleeps in the chair next to me, hand down waiting to feel the touch of the softest, warmest animal a man would ever love. He does not seem so big now and the blur seems to be lifting. I remember the fall, the coming home party.
What a night. This pansy takes the photographs you want on you television and in your newspapers, this pansy has had to grow up into a man to take those photographs and people have had to die.

‘Wondeful, you are awake, you had us worried, how are you feeling?’ someone asks.
‘I feel strangely better, what a night.’
‘Four nights and at times you seem to want to leave us.’ different nurse explained as I realised I was very thirsty.
‘May I have some water please?’
Giving me the water I noticed Grandfather was no longer there but that I knew.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Out walking in the snow - part 2

‘Wake up, time for your breakfast.’ Woman again
The room was bright and white, hospital, must be a nurse.
‘Good morning.’ I sat up slowly and feeling slightly of focus. The nurse, yes it was definitely a nurse, looking very efficient, clean and absolutely beautiful.
‘Are you an angel?’ I asked expecting anything.
Her eyes laughed as she smiled, ‘Too you maybe, but too my mother, I am just a girl.’
‘Where am I?’
‘You are in the Royal Infirmary, do you not remember coming in last night?’
‘No, only falling over a big man and a dog, just as big, I recall he tried to help me, then I woke up here.’
‘What did this man look like?’ Angel nurse asked intently, gentle pushing me back against the pillows
‘Massive, he wore a kilt and sporran, his dog was just as big but seemed gentle, so was he, now that I think of it.’
‘Did he have a beard?’ she asked.
‘Yes a red beard and red hair, but how did I know it was red, it was dark?’ I could see him so clearly, as if he was highlighted under a street light.
‘Well eat your breakfast and I will come around later.’

A smooth, soft tongue was licking my hand.

The image was so clear, every colour crisp, in perfect focus. Blue clean sky background resting on endless white sand, filled the space. Captured forever but never to be seen. The bullet that went through the woman’s head left only a small dark mark on her temple as she tried to retrieve her water bottle. The next image showed the dust erupting from all around her body as it hit the soft sand of the desert. So dry the water spilled and was lost forever in the thirsty soil.

My father had said that my choice of careers was for pansy boys, why was he not here to help his pansy son now?