Thursday, 30 May 2013

You think you have seen it all

I know sometimes you think you have seen it all then something happens that defies the odds. Gary has bought a pair of ultra chic shoes, photograph attached. When all the world is buying Toms so allowing a little black child of Africa the chance to experience the comfort of a fine pair of Toms, Gary changes direction and gets a sensible pair of shoes. His shoes made from real leather, light weight with a touch and close fastening. He opted for a tan pair in size 9. Now he can be seen walking on air, no more feet ache, a inspiration to all those over 30. Next will be Matt and then Pamagor will find a pink pair and a new fashion wave will go viral.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A blog again

Sam always follows me into the garage when I go out for a quiet pipe, yes I know it is not PC to smoke but as I light up my pipe he walks away, clever dog. I have been smoking a eCig, trying to stop a habit of a lifetime but they say it is very PC to smoke an eCig. Is it a eCig or an eCig? A before e except after c! The problem with the smoking is the same as the song. 
" The dreams which will kill me are the best I have ever had."
Back to reality, has anyone heard from Russell, that boy is so Pamagor he just does not know it. Ever since he went to Sugo Russo he has clammed up, maybe the fish was off? I came across a message on Facebook, "Hello Bro." Is all it said. I miss him too but when he stays off line how does one communicate?
Talking of communication, the humble telephone is destined to be replaced by a type of mobile phone with limited capabilities and only BT or Virgin Apps. I want a telephone that does what it say on the box, phoning. Cheap and always has a signal, fixed signal. The landline has been the only phone you have been able lot depend on all these years and now digital things take over and we are left walking around the house looking for the best signal! No I say, keep the humble landline and when the mother earth has had enough of our destruction, it will still be there to say goodbye to our loved ones and then we can turn off the lights. We are a international people who profess to love our children and then destroy their future.
I took Sam for a walk to the beach today and a good walk it was but, there is always a but, Robert was at the beach and I walk right passed him and did not see him. He saw Sam and then that was that. He was with a GIRL, strange that he is self conscious being around a girl but then maybe he did not want to see his father taking the dog for a walk while trying to impress his bella of the ball! The cad had a hidden addenda. 
All for now, Salmon Wellington, new potatoes and vegetable for us tonight.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Poole Lake and the Weed invasion

Poole Lake is slowly being strangled by a weed growing in the water. Every year the council tries new way to combat this weed, blue dye to keep the sun light out, water tractor that harvests it and bales of hay dotted all over the lake. Well the blue dye turned the water and the swans blue but did little else. The water tractor only encouraged the weed to grow back fuller and denser, when you cut the grass it comes back better than before! The bales of hay are an old farmers trick but you need almost a full lake of hay to help. This year, as you can see by the photograph, the weed is back, in actual fact it never left. The mind boggles as to what the clever council will do this year.
If I was asked, I would use the water tractor once a month and cut the weed back, it is great for the children to watch and shows council workers in the water and not in their trucks drinking tea. Great fun and they will be able to make vast amounts of compost from all the weed. Also the Swans and Canadian Geese love the effect the tractor has on the water as it digs up the weed, bringing all manner of edibles to the surface.
There is another way but not really eco friendly. Drain the lake completely, spray it with weed killer, Roundup will do just fine as it dissipates once it has gone through the plant. Then just let it fill from the rain again, we have enough of that, and they do drain the lake every now and again. The fish I hear you say, well they go into the sea when it is drained or stay in small puddles until the lake fills again. Something to think about anyway. 
My neck is not stiff today in case you wondered.

Upton Country House

Well I woke up this morning with a stiff neck! Where did that come from, maybe too much television. Talkng of TV this weekend is a Bank holiday weekend for us and also the official start of summer. Getting back to TV, we have a Grande Prix and a 5 day cricket test, so bring on the couch potato in me.
Anyway my stiff neck, as there is no one at home to feel sorry for me I decided to take Sam to Upton House for a quiet stroll through the gardens and woods. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of flowers, so attached is a collection of what I saw. The problem with taking photographs of flowers is that they will not stand still in the wind.
The House and all the gardens was a favourite place for my Mother.
"Not to be stormed even in deaths confusion, rememberer, then, for she too is a winner of wars. Enduring like a tree under the curious stars." Rest easy Mum.
Come to think of it, she would have known what to do with a stiff neck.
This day, many years ago, they baked the first Eccles Cakes in Yorkshire. The reason why I tell you this is that people are warming their Eccles cakes in the microwave and they explode. So a word of advise, stick to the oven and avoid a nasty mess.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Tablet covers

I have a iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note and both have the manufacturers case. If I was reviewing these two products I would have to say the Samsung is far better than the Apple. My complaint with the Apple is that it does not lock when configuring it into a typing position. The Samsung has a clever magnet that sticks to the back of the case giving you a good typing position. The Samsung also opens  with ease as opposed to the Apple which has a fiddly cover that does not overlap at all so you have to put your fingernail under it to open. Apple have always seem to put a extreme amount of thought into their products but fall down on this one.

I am writing a children's book and finding it really hard going, are there any children out there that can help? Not something I would normally do but have been commissioned, so money is in the offering someway down the line. Actually Lady Mally Ann of Longthorns Estate asked me to write a short story. So if you have a flop, email the Lady in question.
Susan and I went for a normal run along the beach today and summer is hinting at a return, sun and a llittle wind made for a good, motivated run. I was so fired up I cut the lawn on our return while Susan went to her Body Balance class. I think a type of yoga session, certainly does no harm. As the years come and go so does the ability to move your joints as you once did. Hey Ho it is good to be alive.
I write this blog from the beach hut on Branksome beach, cooler now with a coud cover it is still good to justo sit and watch the sea.
As you can see by the photo it is not that warm and the breeze has picked up a little more. I did think of having a BBQ but the forecast has warned of rain late afternoon and into the night. From the looks of the clouds over the Purbecks, this time I think they are right.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Breaking News

Robert has bought a pair of shoes that are called Toms, they undertake to give a pair of shoes to an African child for every pair bought here. These canvas slipons cost £45 and are just the most sort after fashion accessory available.
This is a worthy cause and should be taken up by those who have for those who have not in Africa.

Bank Holiday weekend 2nd attempt

Trying to blog in the sun and can not quite see all the words as the reflection shines down. As someone I know say Hey-ho lets just get on with it.
In a world gone wrong with new, new, new, we are all sucked into the wish to have everything that we can afford and still some. Take the range of Audi Q series. Q2, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8 and early next year the Q4 will complete the line up, I must say they are still lacking a Q1. I wonder if our grandchildren will have en  ough fossil fuels to be able to drive  the vast range of vehicles we are developing. Like the child that has an iPhone, iPad and laptop said 'I am bored.' Go outside and play, maybe we need to give outside a difference name. 'Why don't you go and iplay with the enviroment.' Outside apps can include iGrass (something to iplay on). iPath, something to walk on, choose your distance and see if you can succeed. The possiblities are endless and I am sure someone will or has come up with this idea already. These are all free apps and do not require a password or login account. That is maybe where we go wrong, make mummies little darling login in before they go and play iOutside.
In a break from tradition, we did not go to breakfast at Wetherspoons inn this morning but had breakfast at home, I enjoyed it but it did lack that mass prepared food taste and Susan was not really sure if it was the right thing to do, it was up to her to cook! Tonight we are going to have a wee pint and then some supper at the above mentioned pub to make up for our morning break.
The image depicts our garden awash with Bluebells that bring colour and herald the start of summer.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Time and Karma

"When a bird is alive it eats ants, when the bird is dead the ant eat it. One tree can make a million matchsticks but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees." Circumstances can change at anytime.
We have started feeding the birds in our garden as the winter has been long and cold, most birds would have laid their eggs and they would have hatched by now, too cold no food so help is needed. At the minute we have half a dozen Robins, some sparrows, all look the same so not sure how many and a pair of pigeons. We had one seagull but he or she did not like the available cuisine on offer and has not been back. There is a quiet pleasure in seeing birds feeding in your garden, you take a certain amount of ownership and satisfaction in this small contribution.Changing the subject, last night I had a very good bottle of wine from Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc and very fruity with a smooth strawberry flavour touching the back of your throat. No I am not being pretentious or toff, try it if it is available where you are and let me know. I remember Russell coming over and buying a wee bottle of French wine from the boudioux region, paid a small fortune but it also had a touch of strawberry.
Tonight we have Cajun chicken, roast potato wedges and a vegetable stir fry, all complimented by a very good bottle of Blossom Hill Merlot, life is worth living at times like this. This is a bank holiday weekend so it is time to celebrate and live this precious time we have to the full.
Sorry this iPad is out of juice and so is the Samsung Galaxy, will have to sign out now and resort to a pen and paper for the next chapter of this exciting blog......