Saturday, 24 March 2012

Robert the Budding Politician


This letter arrived from school the other day and I could just see him one day as a politician

Robert Smith, School council Head Teacher interviews - Wednesday March 28 2012
As a member of the Student Voice council at Poole High School your child has been selected to assist in the interview process for the new Head Teacher of Poole High School on Wednesday 28t h March.
Your child is an excellent representative of Poole High School and has been selected for this reason as well as their contribution to the school council and their school record.

I asked him what he would be looking for in a head teacher.
’He must be able to talk to children, without that he will never understand how to motivate and earn their respect.’ Says it all.

Well the weather is giving us a look in at what the summer might bring, our temp are predicted to be 10 deg C above March average and as I sit writing this blog the car’s dash says 19 deg C. Susan has taken herself off in the Panda with Sam in the back for the beach, nothing changes except this time Sam fills the back of that emotionally charged supercar, will smell when they get back, what with wet dog and hot car a bad combination, where is Gary’s Landy when we need it?

Angela had a near miss with a nasty tornado sweeping through Townsville taking off a few roofs and blowing down some trees. We must remember that house is a house that Matt built. My gates are still like new through all the snow, wind and rain we have had over the last 7 years. That house will stand most storms or else Matt will hear about it from Ang and to a smaller extent, Lily.

Now for the tech news, Microsoft are bring out Windows 8 shortly, aimed at touch screen devises but will work as their Operating System. It seems like yesterday that Windows 7 hit the scene and already we have 8 coming on. I do know people still working with XP, now that is a blast from the past. Anyone who is still with XP or Vista, wait for Windows 8. I am getting a test version on Tuesday and will let you know what I think.

Talking of Windows 8, I had a look at one of my websites on a Android tablet the other day and it looked pretty good, I have been building all my sites to be iPad/iPhone friendly, which, I was hoping would cover the Tablet market as well. Thank fully is has.

I am finishing off the Beauty Salon site and promised you a preview, take a look here: .

Sunday, 18 March 2012

We do not know what we like

We like what we know.

I am not sure who originally said that but it is very true. We like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, hamburgers and ice cream, I do not know if I like rabbit, I do not think I do, but having never eaten rabbit, I do not know. So much for that little bit of important trivia, let's move on.

I am, again watching little balls being blasted into the sky and then sailing off to the left or right, Robert’s golf lesson and my blogging time.

Susan is back from another stay at the Legoland Hotel, this time she went to the quarterly exec meeting. All this when the Hotel only opens on the 18th March. Power brings its benefits, the whole 150 room hotel for 10 people. I would imagine 5 staff for every guest. The reason for this ramble is that we thought we had a great room, low and behold there are exec suites with desks and a small lounge, mini bar and huge beds. Luxury has its perks but they seemed to be too busy doing important exec things and working importantly long hours, all to keep up appearances to enjoy the ambiance of exec suites. I will insist on one of those the next time I get invited. It is not what you know, it is who you know and I know some important people in Merlin who will make sure I get an exec suite, just to try and see if it can be improved.

Just to end, I have attached a photograph taken of a London Bus.

The end of Flash?

Formula One is back and the McLaren seem to be showing early season pace, Ross Brawn's car are not that shabby and the Lotus shows great improvement. Ferrari need to put in the hours and get rid of Massa. All in all a interesting season ahead of us and then it will be Christmas.

I am doing website for a beauty salon and it never ceases to amaze me to see what lengths some people will go to, all to feel more attractive. The places woman will allow someone to put hot wax to remove their hair frightens the pants off me. One drop 5 mm off the mark could lead to eye watering agony, ouch! Nails also seem extreme and very long, not to mention the false eyelashes. I will send you the URL when complete.

Talking of web work, I am updating Joburgsetco and using some new technology that is iPad, iPhone friendly. There is a little squabble going on between Apple and Adobe, with Google putting its two pence in as well. The long and short of it all is that an iPad will not play a flash file and Googles search robot is not finding a Flash pages either. Along comes Query and Sprey, doing away with flash files but still creating the illusion of animation. The big gain is that the files are smaller, so load faster and always work, I love them.

Just done a small job for the launch for the new BMW 3 Series in South Africa. Again it is a little weird to be doing the launch of a car that has been around for us in the UK for some months now. Anyway the new car is getting loads of interest, almost as much as the Audi A1 launch.

Hope you are all well and remember, comments are still welcome, thanks Ang. I have attached an article I came across from the London Metro Newspaper.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Legoland Hotel and Theme park, Windsor.

So much in a matter of hours to take in, I have taken quite a few pictures and ridden a few rides, just to get the feel of the park.
We decided to go to the Theme park first which is a Legoland; everything is made to look like or is made of Lego bricks. We did the pharaohs ride through the ancient pyramids and tombs, almost like a ride of discovery. From there we went to mini Legoland, famous buildings and places all made from Lego bricks. I really liked Edinburgh Castle and the City of Edinburgh at the foot of the hill. The New Star Wars experience is mind blowing and if you are into Starwars this takes in all the episodes but all constructed of Lego pieces. The attached photo shows the intricate detail.
Then on to the hotel, we were invited guest to do a dry run before opening on the 18th March. The entire hotel is done in a Lego theme, down to your room decor and outside features, again photo attached. This is a must for anyone who has children under 12 to come to. All the head office staff was there, almost like another day at the office for Susan but with the pressures of work left behind. I took myself off from the festivities to gather my thoughts and enjoy the atmosphere before going to join the party for dinner. (The pyjama party for the kids is about to begin so I will get another wee pint to fortify me through this noisy time. Hopefully they will all be off to bed as soon as they have some food in their tummies, from the sounds of them they are all beyond exhaustion and need their beds.)
The boys went to Thorpe Park today (scary rides all death defying) and sounded shattered at 4pm when we spoke to them, they are going back tonight,
Legoland Windsor is really for smaller children, the ride tame so parents can take them on, no death defying rides to talk of but great fun.
A great green bear has just arrived, something like Barney only bigger, to start the pyjama party and the children immediately loved it, so much fantasy keeps them enthralled. I can see Dan, Travis and even Mika loving every minute, a little scary for Lily and too noisy for Ben. These are time when I really miss not having everyone close.
This is a social gathering for Susan, all her flock are in one place and she is in control, hope my snoring tonight does not wake the young and vulnerable. Merlin is a big company but still retains the small family business ethos, quite an achievement considering they are now a global organisation.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The joy of a bottle of Chandonnay

A wine that does what it says
I have just opened a Chardonnay from Spain and it described the wine as a fruity, soft wine with sweet melon and a hint of pineapple. This one did just that, first time ever. They experts have enhanced taste buds that can detect the subtle of flavours. Why do they sample the wines and pass a comment we will never be able to taste. "A hint of the meadows". Yes it's true, on a bottle from Chile, I ask you what does a meadow in Chile taste like?
Apple is about to launch the iPad 3 with 'loads of cool feature' according to the web. I still would like to know how to save and retrieve files and then print them. Other than that this iPad does what's it says, most everything.
Our resident artist in Australia is turning her little hand to interactive designs, just sent me a lovely painting with the added benefit of balloons, buttons and a small photograph of her, beautiful, will fetch a great deal of money one day at a Southerbys auction. Ben has a long journey ahead of him.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Police horse loaned to editor of The News of the World (TNofW)

Police horse loaned to editor of The News of the World (TNofW) Yes we have now come down to this lowest of levels, loaning a Police horse to a person who has a whole stable of horses and happens to be married to the former editor of TNofW. Headline news and the horse was ridden by David Cameron on numerous occasions. This you might think is rather trivial to make the front page of our popular tabloids but stranger things have happened. Why is this news? I do not know but it did receive loads of BBC airtime as well but I never got to the reason it was such news. I have enclosed the article and maybe someone who is clever than I ask can explain.

Another pet hate is waiting on the phone when calling a support centre, the average Brit spends 45 hours waiting for that elusive human voice after pushing numerous options, all designed to make it better for us, actually to put us off. Salvation is just around the corner, an apps developer is about to launch an app that will phone you back once the human voice comes on the line, it will listen to the tinny music and that recording of "you are number 5 in the queue please do not hang up your call is important to us". I will be investing in one of those apps, if I earn £10 per hour I will save £ 450 on average a year.

Michael and his friend have gone down to Devon, Croyde to be exact, to surf, looks a little like SA, with the roof racks loaded high with surf boards and happy boys. Freedom of turning 18 and the whole world becomes and adventure waiting to be experienced.

Robert of back at golf so this is my time to catch up with my blog and fill you all in on what makes the world tick. It also means I can enjoy a bottle of cold coke and a snicker bar, cross between a lunch bar and a lion bar in other countries, while blogging. Talking of ticking, Russell has been informed he can not get insurance for his house after the 5th robbery. I hate insurance companies, happily take your money but fight hand and Foot letting it go, for goodness sake we paid for that peace of mind!

Gary is taking on the Argos challenge this coming weekend, 200 odd Kim's around Table Mountian racing the whole way with only your legs to propel you is a sainting task for the most experience of rider, Gary is still new to this and is attempting this race without his trainer wheels, Oh how my boys are growing up.

Next weekend I will be writing from Windsor, at the new Merlin Windsor Hotel which we have been invited to try out before the official opening in a month time. Dinner, bed and breakfast, I am a little apprehensive as it is a Lego Hotel and hopefully they have thick mattresses over those little Lego bricks. I will take photographs and post in the next blog.

Now to finish, Ang and Matt have had their 6th Official wedding anniversary, only Ang would have an official anniversary and another couple unofficial. Happy times Ang and Matt.

Till next time, anon.

The New Forest

A walk in the New Forest is always filled with a yearning for the outdoors, sun shining and no wind brings out the want to experience some space, open skies and fresh air which blow away the winter blues and fill your body with life.

Today was one of those rare days and we took advantage of the mild weather and filled our lungs with good New Forest air, rich in oxygen and with the faint smell of pony poo, we walked along the old railway line from Burley to Holmsley station. Holmsley station has been converted to a tearoom and casual restaurant which did not disappoint us. Cream tea for me, and Robert had a very tasty looking Bacon and Brie toasted baton, definite for me, the next time the weather is good and the urge to walk takes us back.

We have had a spat of birthdays lately and I hope those getting older had a truly good day, filled with surprises and gifts to enjoy.

Susan, Michael, Daniel, Russell and Mika to mention just a few. Happy Birthday one and all.