Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Captain Ben

What can I say, 2 years old today and the best is still to come. Robert was amazed that he was 2, he said 'No. Ways he was only born yesterday, what really amazes me is that Mika is 11 , a proper  person.'
How they grow and how I miss that growth. Ben, 2, seems impossible, but true.
Ben, you have all our love and we are there for you. Battle on my fine sailor, give it your best and do it your way, your mother did and we love her for it.
You have a feeling sometimes and you wonder where they come from, we are always full of those feeling and mostly we let them go. I have on many occasions, foolish but true. I have decided to get a passport and travel the high seas with Susan, taking in all the wonders of the world but ending up at those children of mine I have not seen for a while. I included Russell and his beautiful family. Without that brother I would be an only boy. 
There are so many birthdays coming up, but some do command a mention, mine 12th July, just around the corner and if you post those thoughtful gift before the 25th March, they will be be here in time for my birthday. Put it in your calendar!!!


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sam, the beach and New Year

Taking Sam to the very wet beach for a walk is always a bit of a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, it was a pleasant walk, sun was shining and the wind was light but the sea was very wet, as is the natural behaviour of any sea. I do not know of anything wetter, maybe water but then sea water is just salty water when one thinks about it.
West Ireland Terriers and Border Collies were the flavour of the day and a Boxer! Why one would want to own a Boxer is frankly beyond me, all a little strange and their owners are people I keep well away from. Sam enjoyed the wet water and a roll in the sand, that is so becoming a Retriever. The high winds and rough seas have played there part in creating a beach with a difference, as can be seen from the amateurish iPhone photograph, it does give the council workers something to moan about. But then I have not come across a council worker who does not moan. So be warned if someone says they work for the council, change the subject immediately or you will have to endure their moans and groans for the better part of two hours. It is so sad that those who can not find a job in the commercial sector feel they have the ring to blame everyone else for their misfortune other then themselves. Enough, I am sounding like those who work for the Borough, stop get a life or enjoy what you are doing.
To move on, Susan needed Decaffeinated Teabags and I needed Olive Oil, so a trip to Tesco was required. Russell this part may make you very jealous but it had to be done. Susan has her tea, decaf with skimmed milk and 0% Calorie water, wet but just water, nothing too it really and I like the Tesco Olive Oil for its nutty flavour. 
Tesco was a buzz with pensioners, over 95’s, yes that is the pensionable age here. I joined the queue on the escalator in search of a gift for Susan birthday, 28th of this month but came away empty handed. The escalator takes one to the second floor, ladies wear, gift section, bras and knickers. Lets face it, I am hopeless at picking knickers. Well I will crack on and keep you informed. 
I have come up with a eureka moment. I have dinner cooking on the hob and need a odd glass or two of wine while I write this esteemed blog so I have poured a glass of red wine which I leave in the kitchen and enjoy another glass of white wine while I write, perfectly civilised and I do wonder why no one else has thought of this simple solution to getting the juice of the gods into one's system. You heard it here first.
Gary, Claudia, Mika and Dan came for a brief visit over New Year, all too short and so good. In the words of someone I love it was freaking awesome. Corfe Castle, Sandbanks Beach, Windsor, where we met the Canosa’s and others. Lovely people, I can see why Gary has such an infinite with them. I will not go into this visit any more as the longing to see them is a little overwhelming at the moment but will get you up to speed later. Suffice to say it was tears and lumpy throats when they left. Happy New Year.

ps. If you ever have a bratwurst and carrot with a little mash potato left in the fridge, bang them all together and add a chilli with a pint of vegetable stock, salt and pepper and you have the most amazing soup.