Sunday, 30 January 2011


Now that I have had that important glass of chateau de Poole, I will explain religion in this fine and noble art of blogging. The simple truth is that the ancient belief in gods was born of ancient need, in a time of limited knowledge, sustained by modern ignorance. There is a overabundance of evidence for evolution but the notion of gods is devoid of all truth. If one attempted to prove the existence of any god in court, it would be immediately thrown out for lack of evidence. There is not a shred of physical evidence. If the Bible and Scriptures were considered evidence, it would be the ultimate absurdity because they are not only hearsay but pure fiction.

Now I have no doubt that religion has done some good, but the bad it has done, outweighs the good. At what cost to fragile human lives through the ages? So many wars have been fought in the name of God, and still are. That is a thought for the future. I do believe that all the thousands of gods man invented are equally non-existent, equally fiction, and equally figments of human imagination. If you believe, I will respect that and will not try to convince you to the contrary.

Now, I have not touched on religion as yet, only the cause of religion. If people need religion and many do, let them be, but if they want to harm others, we must condemn them as fanatics.


Comments and Answers

Those comments that remain unanswered. Reading through this months comments I was encouraged by the diverse reaction my blogs received. I was also amazed at the value of the written word, keeping me sane and others amused or confused. Oh they were all read and some commented on. I always enjoy the reaction a blog gives, some blogs are really good and those always get remarked on. Comments of encouragement, questioning, and some far better than the blog and always worth the read.
Russell wrote in November:
What is Pamagor? Why Pamagor? What does Pamagor do? And finally does Pamagor wear Prado? All valid questions and deserving appropriate replies. I did note that Pamagor was seen at a Deli in Georgedale and will be asking the owner of the Deli to try and remember what Pamagor was wearing and was it Prado. From the pictures that I blogged a month or two ago Pamagor does not wear much when going out. I await a reply from Gussell of Georgedale.
I see from recent comments that Gussell of Georgedale has been married for 29 years and Gary of Middle Smiths for 8 years. Love is something you can not touch, but can bring joy and pathos. People in love, see those they love in a different way as we would. They see the whole beauty of that partner, the time together strengthens that joyful illusion, loves reality and I want it no other way.
Tonight we are having Stir Fry for supper. Finely cut, crunchy vegetables, garlic, ginger and soya sauce. Egg noodles and chilli chicken strips. I hear you gasp, fear not, I will wash it down with a good bottle of red.
Breaking news: Musmead Manor have received their first rare breed cows and will be bringing in Sheppard’s huts for added accomadation. Musmead Manor have a website, under the name of Longthorns Farm, news will be posted soon.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Loves labours lost

An anniversary is a unique celebration, a moment that symbolises the timelessness of love. As each year passes it recalls the happiness of the past, while creating wonderful new memories for the future. We at Middle Earth are fond of celebrating this joyful event. Just to think that two people of opposite sex have lasted another year together is worthy of celebration. Claudia, formally of the Claudosa Era but now of Middle Smith and Gary of Middle Smiths have just had a wedding anniversary. How many years I do not know but good on them for such a great achievement.
Middle Earth has declared it is beach weather, Michael was seen skim boarding at Branksome beach today, it is a balmy 5 deg C, I have the pictures as you can see.
Getting on to something important, I opened a bottle of Riverview Pinot Grigio, I can never pronounce that correctly. I was astonished to read it came from Hungary, Riverview was inspired by the view from the vineyard that overlooks the river Danube, near the city of Budapest. I thought all the Hungarians were hungry, what are they doing making wine. What we all do to stay the hunger pangs, make wine.
Gussell of Georgedale is going to visit the Middle Smiths of Southdale, I have noticed that Claudia now works from Slivertondale, why does no one tell me when a new dale is declared!!! Middle Smiths look after him, he is delicate at the minute, business not that great and in need of being valued.
To end I would like to just announce that Cambozola is the finest cheese ever.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Can the new generation write?

We are bombarded with text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, I have noticed a few of the older, more broadband followers are Facebooking as well. Getting to the point,this new form of communication does not write books, novels or letters. These are important for a number of reasons. You can not do a simple postcard without these skills. Jared has just written a exceptionally good short story, and believe it or not there are no SMS style abbreviation. You is spelt just like that, not U. There is a reason, 'You and Yours' comes to mind.
Talking of his fine story that Jared wrote, I am sure we have the writing gene in our blood. Robert has been published in a poetry book and now Jared has his story accepted for publication. Keep it up children, once published in such exulted circles, can never to taken away. Maybe Mika Smith is the next budding author to join the newly published.
We all work hard to be recognised and when we do become famous, we hope no one recognises us. That is the reason I stop short of being famous.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pooh, Sam's Pooh, not Winnie

Sunday, after Saturday is a difficult act to follow. Michael's paper round, I know they are meant to do them on their bicycles with rolled up newspaper which they throw into the garden pouch but we enjoy these early Sunday tasks. It give us a longer Sunday to relax the hell out. After the news paper round we picked up the lazy Robert and walked on the beach. On the beach you say, 5 deg C and no wind, made this a good Sunday walk.
Robert has a girlfriend and Merlin (She who must be obeyed and mother to Robert) had a long, intense talk about about, who knows what. Michael and I watched Samuel having another great big Pooh.
Talking of Pooh, I was introduced to a guy who had interviewed the son of A A Milne. He shook his hand his hand and then pointed out that this was the hand that shook the hand of Christopher Robin who shook the paw of Winnie the Pooh. Tell Dan, Travis, Matthew, Lily and Mika, especially tell Granny June, all the children need to know. This is the depth of our history, let's live this and learn from our mistakes.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Well this Saturday finds me in the kitchen with more information than I know what to do with. Firstly Mags phones this morning at 8:30am asking if it was OK to talk yet, fine I said as we had been up since 7:30.
'Oh I have been awake for the last hour waiting to phone.' and then went swiftly on to ask,
'Is Susan awake? I passes her over, this is one of those times when a quick response is lost on the mother of Who must be Obeyed. Pity, knowing what I know now, I could have answered.
'Has Peter not answered your calls again after returning his Christmas presents?' I am sure she wakes up in the morning with two brains, which one kicks in on the day is pertinent to our Saturday planning. Is it the needy one, poor Mags or the independent one, I need no one. I am hoping the latter will be stronger over the next decade or two. Those Robertson's live long and and get their value.
Talking of Fulia, it is her intention to climb that corporate ladder to the County council seat, no more simple boroughs for this sassy lass is for higher things. This Lady is not turning!! Feter is grumpy and has all the right to be. He is at the top of his corporate ladder and his Mags styled hairstyle shows the signs of his struggle.
Pamagor has been seen in Torquay, also in in Bovington with a Kate Middleton look alike. Talking of Kate, Robert has this amazing friend, called girl, Summer, so much better looking than Kate and she is friends with Robert. What a lucky fellow. ( Photos to follow)
The latest Tesco Magazine, eat your hearts out Claudia and Russell, says.
'Help! I am going back to work and do not know what to wear?' I have one answer, Live more, for less and budget for that beauty to low calories, low cost cooking which is a weight loss that works. Believe me, Tesco addicts, it is like the mobility scooters at the entrance to Tesco, all saying 'Out of order' and underneath saying 'Every little bit helps'.
The family are rioting, must serve tea, enjoy.

Friday, 21 January 2011

When you wake up its a new day

If you go away, you will miss the new morning. You will leave all those dreams behind of a new day with the sun shining. You will not buy that piece of land you loved so much. It is a quiet little town where you can forget everything, that is if you go away but if you stay, Middle Earth will give you a place like no other place. Unique in the warmth of being there. I know it is just another year and then you will be happy, but I hear you crying now, but you are trying . You used to say it was easy, you most probably thought it was easy, do not go away. We are sadden, so few are making Middle Earth their community. It is not enough to think it is easy, we can only make it easy for everyone by joining them in Middle Earth, a comment, a smile, a look in your eye is all that is needed.

A new stove for Claudia of Middle Smiths and Brazilian peckers for Markus has heralded the closure of our week in Middle Earth. Lily strives on to saving lives and Michael prepares for his trip to Jamaica, no Austria. Robert falls in love with the gorgeous Summer and Merlin looks to the weekend for some peace and quiet time. How are you all going to get through the weekend, happy and together I hope. Rumour has it that the mother of Claudia of Claudosa era is cooking up a storm, Italian storm, they are milder than the Germans or those toyboy Greeks across the boarder who wiggle their bums at any mature English woman. Anti pasta, rough salad, wine, pasta, baked fillet, wine and cute Italian salad, much more wine. Think of us when you enjoy your wedding celebrations, we will raise a glass of cheer for that which is dear.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Comments make it happen

Broadband, Detective Bloggs paid me a visit. This is the Wiki leaks latest update. I could be sent to Boot camp or something equally strenuous. For those amongst us who are worried about our broadband. Think on this, without broadband we would have to buy newspapers or, god forbid, listen to the radio. Detective Bloggs is challenged, IT challenged, more mentally retarded but we must not be too nasty. He was interested in a man from Georgedale and his relationship to his broadband. I was a little perplexed but after some thought I assumed it was all about sampling the hams, salamis and those exotic olives, they do play havoc on the broadband. Enough I say about broadband, we have not heard from Ozdale, Faydale or even the manor house at Musmead. Once all the information is in we will send you the results of this intriguing survey. It does remind me of the Doomsday Book, so long ago.

Merlin is sending a toy monkey around the world to all the theme parks and resorts to raise awareness to the pleit of the undernourished stool deprived volunteers of the rich trust. It is a very good idea as the toy monkey gets to ride on all those awesome events, watched by a gullible public who have waited 2 hours for a 3 minute ride, throwing good money at him, Merlin are especially brilliant in that they take a 90% cut of the charity to pay their directors. This is capitalism at its best; we learn from the banks, steal from the poor and give to the rich.

Behind Middle Earth

Many will say that Middle Earth is all in my imagination, not so, you all have a Middle Earth waiting to be let out. My Middle Earth is something like the song and was born from me, wanting to close the door, turn on the heating, light the lights and stay home tonight. I wanted to be far away from the bustle and bright city lights. I wanted them to all fade away and just leave us alone, in a world of our own.
With some many of those I love so far away, I cope by living in a world of my own. I build this world where only those I love can share, leaving all our sorrows for a while, far behind. I hope that goes a little way to explain Middle Earth and how it came to be. It is now grown into a great community of friends and family, past and present that I increasingly love so much.
When I ramble on again, spare a thought for what is behind this seemingly futile bit of writing and remember, where we are, and how good it would be, to be together.
Now the news: Pamagor was seen wandering around the A1 Audi launch at Georgedale with a broadband'ish fellow, following in a Q7, hoping to get a test drive in the A1. Lily Florence and the newly back Markus from the Carnivals in Brazil have sworn to apprehend this loathsome cad once and for all.
We live in a world that I made, leaving our sorrows far behind.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A bottle of wine and a friendly pipe make good bed fellows

I do chaos, drama, major disasters with ease, with a glass of wine and a well lite pipe. I now know how Winston won the war. Pamagor was seen at the launch of the Audi A1, walking hand in hand with a cyclist. Has Pamagor finally found a life mate? Who can not talk shit? Talking of talking shit; I was told in a round about way about Pamagor and that now notorious walk with the cyclist. Rumour has it that Pamagor and Elton John are the real parents to Brooklyn. Why is this so important, Queen Victoria is having another clone, namely Brooklyn Jnr. I have to admit I am a little lost but in this world of L'Oreal, in which we are so in touch with, is almost beyond my.... Sorry picking up the spaghetti I dropped on the floor with the Simpsons assault in the background.

As Dan the Man would say. 'Sort it out Dad'. I must agree, BBC 1 and primetime viewing, we have the Simpsons! I, most probably should start watching Classic TV. Is the Neighbours still so popular in Oz? Is E Goly still a hit in Southdale? Is the Pope really catholic or are we all just being lead down the media path of Rupert Murdock, Rupert the Bad Bear? Don't ask me I am only the reporter.

I was away for a while; did you notice the gap in my blog? Finishing off the Pasta bake and cleaning up. Michael is at work and so is Susan. Michael is sorting out staples and Susan sorting out the director's stools. You do not want to go there, something, like the guy offering to push the barstool in for someone he fancies. I never really understood that joke but I am sure those who are tending to be bisexual or homosexual will understand. You where amused, does that not say something? I once loved a guy, so beautiful was he, Norwegian Wood we see.

Monday, 17 January 2011

You are what you eat

Eating, weight on, weight off, we all seem to be touched by this natural process. Some are prone to put on a little too much, but the vast majority fall between vanity and just being plain silly. This maybe a story, some bring us laughter and some bring us sorrow, but, is that not what makes a great story. This story is for those who gain weight and then gain some more, and more. If you name one weight loss program, diet, you can name 1 million. A thriving industry you might say, I do believe that 99% are bogus and I will leave it there.

You are – literally – what you eat. The nutrients any organism takes in build and maintain a healthy body: Why?
They become part of your body – often after being broken down into smaller pieces (digested), then rebuilt to form the different parts of the organism.
They are used to provide the energy needed to drive metabolism (living processes)

For those who are trying to come to grips with your weight, I do need to break down the problem. Losing 5, 10 or more kilograms is a huge task, just ask me to stop smoking my pipe or drinking wine and I will throw my hands up in defeat. Can you start by only controlling 30% of your problem? We are made of 70% water, let's concentrate on the last 30% that remains. We need to shrink our stomach, so as a start let us have smaller portions and no snacks. Good luck.

Back to the Future

Well it has been 4 days, no make that 5 since my last blog. It is raining in Australia, South Africa, South America and here, where is it not raining? I do believe we live in a bubble as such. There is only so much moisture in the atmosphere and only so much rain can fall. The vast majority of the rain seems to have fallen in Australia and South America, doing considerable damage with the flooding and mud slides. Gary has said that it is raining there and I can vouch for the rain here as I sit and watch Robert trying to hit a golf ball in gale force winds and rain. I must get to grips with this global warming scenario, maybe someone can give us all a brief summary of what it is all about. We have just had the coldest December since records began, which adds to my confusion.

This weather has its consequences, Matthew of Ozdale has been seconded to Brisbane with a bucket and a mop to help the clearup and cleanup there, Gary has had the Audi A1 launch postponed for a few days due to heavy rain and Sam will only have a brief walk in this volatile weather. How is it affecting Georgedale, is the deli doing a thriving trade as people stock up in case of shortages?

Middle Earth has come trough this adverse weather with flying colours. Due to the high standard of building and well planned infrastructure we are an example to the rest of the world. News has it that Pamagor is in Tunisia! I do wonder sometimes at Pamagor and what trouble seems to follow that mad character. Michael is on his way to Austria in a months time and I am a little perturbed that Pamagor will follow, just to be in the social set, although 26 teenagers from Poole High School on the ski slopes, will easily be a match for this little known cad.

As I sign off from this blog I just want to mention that we have had our central heating replaced and now we are as warm as toast. Three days of floorboards lifted and not heating has made us appreciate those radiators even more. Have a good weekend.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tech-overload may be our supreme folly

Murphy was an officer at Edwards Airforce Base in California and after watching the US Airforce bungle its way through millions of dollars he composed Murphy's Law. Its proposition is very simple: in any system, if anything can go wrong, it will.

Apple has brought out a flash drive in place of the more conventional hard drive we all understand. This seems to be a very good move as the Ipad has no moving parts, Sony are working hard to bring their own version of this flash drive out. This will work on a PC platform and hopefully increase the battery life of the much loved laptop. They have released their first laptops but at £ 1800 it is a little steep. I am impressed with its battery life of 10 hours. The specs are: Intel® Core™ i7 processor, Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate or other editions. 512 GB SSD Flash drive, 8 GB memory. DVD or Blu-ray Writer. I wait with baited breath for the first flash drive to crash, is their technology out there to recover your files? I do not know but Murphy was right, technology can make fools of us. Still it is always good to have something to believe in.

It has been a good weekend with sunshine today for the first time in about 2 months. We all found it quite refreshing and strangely warming, after an early morning walk on the beach we had our traditional breakfast at Weatherspoons pub in Poole. This we have done a few times as Tesco was starting to get a little staid and it seemed quite novel to have breakfast in a pub. A full English breakfast for £3 and coffee at £1.80 sets us up for the day. Our breakfasts are a time for us all to catch up, as there are no distractions we all tend to do a lot of talk and because we have two ears and one mouth we also listen. Just good family time, before the launch of our hectic week.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Broken Hero

We fight in Afghanistan, upholding freedom or so they say. The soldiers hoping to be hero's of the war, carrying their flags with honour and pride. One day, early in their war they come under fire, bullets surround them as these frightened youngsters fire back in panic and terror. Through the smoke and fire comes a woman and a man, the soldier orders them to stop but how can they stop with bullets all around, they make for the shelter of the armoured car but the soldier of war shoots anyway.

The contact over the smoke lifts and the soldier sees the woman and the man, she lies dying, baby unborn, blood drying in the sand and the man is crying. He takes the man and they beat him with batons, one soldier tells them to stop but they hit him one last time with a gun. They find out she was in labour, these hero's of war, carrying their flags with honour and pride, laugh at the man and move on. The man now lies dying on the sand, his injuries finally take him. One soldier stands guard, watching the man die, tears running down his broken face. THEY COME BACK HOME, BROKEN HEROS OF WAR.

Granny June once said, there will always be war, man has to kill. I am pleased she is spared the disgrace of man. Keep your children away from war if you can, the glamour has faded, the chivalry is lost, gentleman no longer play this game.


Who is Pamagor?

Many have asked, few really know, is Pamagor the person we all want to be? I do not know the answer. I have discovered that Pamagor is a very outrageous dresser, often pushing the boundaries, maybe too far, and seemingly gets away with it. It is not Gussell of Georgedale, he served Pamagor while nervously clutching his mobile, it is not Gary of Middle Smiths, as he was in Ozdale when Pamagor was seen shopping at the House of Frasier's. Maybe Pamagor is a women, a little bizarre but possible. Gussell is the only one to have seen him, but we all know Gussell, did he really take any notice. I am waiting for Fess of Faydale to get back to me after she has checked the Middle Earth population register. For all those a little confused, I refer you back to the Middle Earth Map and population register of a previous blog.

I am sure you all join me in sending our condolences to Matthew and Angela, on misplacing the Ashes. Have another look they bound to be somewhere. It is Friday and that means burgers and chips for dinner, have a good weekend I must start cooking.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Pamagor visits Georgedale

I received an email from Pamagor today. The cad was in Georgedale recently, namely at a little deli, owned by Gussell of Georgedale. What is Pamagor up too? The email says:

'Dear Middle Earth, been to Georgedale and have discovered his divine little deli. Full of delicious cuts of ham and salami, pasta, olives and oil to gladden a chef's heart. I overspent and am happy to say the olives have been eaten and can testify to their aphrodisiac properties. The ham accompanied by a good Chianti, was despatched with a well matured Stilton. The fine man who condescended to served me, clutching his Blackberry nervously, knew nothing about cheese. I did love his posture, but could not help noticing his broadband, speed that is.
Kisses Pamamgor.
Cad extraordinaire
Benefactor to Ozdales with fresh greetings

To say I was amazed is an understatement, gone are the days we sent a note to someone we valued, does Pamagor value me?

'He also had the cheek to add an addendum:

EDWARD JENNER (1749-1823)

Balloonist and poet who collected dormouse nests and saved more human lives than anyone in history. Jenner was an English doctor, the pioneer of smallpox vaccination and the father of immunology.'

Why Eddie, is there no limit to Pamagor's depth of gore. Time for Posh Celen of Cookydales, she is real posh with 3 reception rooms and a downstairs loo, to get angry. Maybe Gussell can check his CCTV camera for an image to identify Pamagor and expose this rascal once and for all.

With the Ashes firmly back where they belong, I expect Pamagor to be down in Ozdale for the celebrations, please keep a look out.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

When we Collide in Cyberspace

The most rewarding part of doing the blog has proved to be the interaction between all of us. When someone reads my blog on news of family, friends and the world in general, we collide in cyberspace, bridging the gap of thousands of miles and for a few moments as I write the blog or you read the blog we are together. I missed the century blog that is a good thing, as I was not counting but enjoying the writing. When we collide we come together. Together is all I ever wanted and over time it has come together. The comments are especially rewarding and thank you for taking the time to come together.

I see from the internet news that Johannesburg has the dubious honour of being the third placed city for traffic jams. Beijing winning hands down and then someone else, then Johannesburg. This is sad for those caught in those jams, but a great feather in South Africa's cap in the sense that they are now part of this world's woe. We all thought the M25 was the world's biggest car park, oh how little we know.

December was the coldest month since records began, -1 deg C, average temperature, maybe I am getting accustomed to the weather but it was not that cold. Granny June was coming to spend Christmas with us, she always felt the cold and this year she would have loved the snow and the white Christmas but the freezing weather would have dampened her spirit. We still miss her and someday she will say goodbye.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pamagor sends Fresh greetings to Ozdale

Ozdale Floods - News
With the prospect of a crocodile or deadly snake visiting, people of Ozdale are warned to not open their doors to strangers. Keep away from dodgy water and lookout for the Fresh greetings sent from Middle Earth. We have to admire the Ozdale community for their steadfast optimism and courage in the face of such overwhelming odds. I have tried, unsuccessfully to contact the Underdickens but due to severe flooding they seem to be a little under the weather at the minute but I am sure will reply once they have dried off. Just remember you have a home in Winterdale if you need it. Keppel is also welcome, Labradors love water but draw the line at sharing their water with crocodiles, they can be such bad tempered creatures and they have a problem with their dental hygiene, a little reminiscent of the hyena.

The Ashes – News
Do we really want to go there – no. Ozdale have a very serious natural disaster going on, we leave it at that.

In closing think on those car owners in the UK who are now paying £1.30 per litre for fuel. In anyone's currency that is a lot of money. Gussell from Georgedale have ascertained his speed is good, broadband speed that is. I so like his exactitude.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Middle Earth sends aid

Ozdale is fortunate to have a benefactor. Flooding rivers have covered a large section of Ozdale and the Underdickens are caught in the middle of this natural weather cycle. Cyclone Lillian struck Ozdale with too much rain, leading to too much water, filling the rivers of Ozdale. These ungrateful rivers then flooded their banks, depositing water everywhere. Middle Earth sent fresh greeting of goodwill, thus relieving the cyclone devastated victims of Ozdale, of the need to get fresh greetings. This very charitable act of unselfishness is so common to the generous people of Middle Earth it almost went unmentioned.

While Ozdale gets damp, Winterdale gets snow and Southdale gets hot, the Musmeads of Musmead Manor are freezing. Italy and a few high mountains are where they have gone on vacation. We await news of their progress down the beginners slope.

If you would like to donate to the poor people of Ozdale, please send your cheque to The Middle Earth Chronicle and we will hold it in trust until they change their selection board and they have the Ashes in Australia again. We will negotiate with the correct people and make sure Lily Florence receives it all, without administration fees, VAT or transfer duties. Don't you love the banks, even in a natural disaster they charge commission. The Mafia may have disappeared from our day to day lives but they are now so influential in our financial system, I am surprised they do not have the Don in charge.

Festive Season draws to an end

Tomorrow we all go back to work/school and about time I say. I would like to just quote this line from Epictetus (135 AD) which is still so relevant in this modern world.
'We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.'
Talking of our modern world, with its electronic wizardry, I remember my first sheet of copy paper; it kept me busy for hours, what an invention. When you print off duplicate copies of a document again, remember those pioneer days.
Poole has the most appalling broadband speed in the whole of Dorset. If you not on cable, as I am, you can expect no better than 4.19 Mb as opposed to Bournemouth with 8.8 Mb. What is the world coming too, I have 18 Mb and sometimes have to wait, how they survive on 4 Mb really astounds me. Maybe you can check you speed and let me know, it would be interesting to see the different speeds throughout.

Susan's company have just bought up half of the theme parks and wildlife centres in Australia, including that tower we saw setting off the New Years Fireworks display. Sidney Tower and Sky walk, higher than the Eiffel Tower. Of interest to Angela is the Hamilton Island Koala Gallery, now owned by Merlin. So if you want free tickets just place your comment and I will see if we can accommodate you.

Mags took back her Christmas presents that Feter and family gave her and dumped them on Feter's front door, they must have been truly horrendous to provoke such a reaction. Feter did remark that he had been brought up to receive gifts graciously; maybe up in the extremes of Scotland they see it differently. We gave her a bird feeder and one pack of birdseed and as of this minute we have not had that back. Oh well if we do I have always fancied a birdfeeder in the garden, helping the birds in this coldest December since 1905. I really feel for those small robins, how do they keep warm when all about them is frozen? Maybe I should ask for it back, only if she is not using it, poor blue tits are not as perky as usual.

Any news from Middle Earth??

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Today

I have done extensive reviews on wine, dry wine and red mostly but tonight the emphasis is on cheese, another noble art, mature for the time required and eaten by most of us daily. Wine accompanies cheese or cheese accompanies wine? Who knows, but both are essential to my survival.

Medium Cheddar with sweet dried apple and flame roasted tomato chutney.

Smell: sweet and creamy
Taste: I do not believe in messing with cheese. The description for the cheese I have just opened, reads like an excuse to help you buy this cheese. Leave cheese as is. This is one of those cheeses I was generously given for Christmas. I eat most cheese, sometimes, just to help the cows and the dairy farmers, I was one. This combination of fruit, chutney and cheese is FANTASTIC. Soft, sexy and smooth. I recommend this cheese with a bottle of Pinotage to all those I love. The taste is so tactile and should be part of the egalitarian Middle Earth society we love. This cheese will be part of our elitist group of Middle Earth,
egalitarianism taken to our limit. Revel in the simple life, cheese, wine, fresh buns and company of those we love. In extreme time we have been know to enjoy this celebratory time by ourselves, me time is good.

Pamagor says fashion is a religion. Chatting to Merlin recently, Pamagor referred to fashion magazines as the Bible. Merlin was outraged, Fulia heard and took Pamagor to task. It is an interesting concept, fashion is a religion and the fashion mags are their Bibles. Go girls.

May this New Year bring you all the joys you deserve, bring you closer to your friends, family and those you love, especially those you miss or those you would like to be closer too. Happy New Year.