Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Heme - Foods of the Future

Bill Gates has given them millions of dollars, Google have invested and Silicon Valley has not seen a company grow so fast and they have just started. You guess it, it is Impossible Foods. Yep no computer technology involved but maybe more important. 

With a projected 9 billion people to feed in 2050, we have to find alternative foods that use less resources. Also we need the normal person to buy into the new types of food.

For years scientist have been trying to force soya and other meat alternatives down our throats, some not bad for an alternative meal, once in a blue moon. The biggest meat consumers are obviously American, not surprise there but it is this market that needs to be converted, almost without them knowing. The Europeans have reasonable good eating habits and the Africans have no food, so neither needs to be converted. 

Producing meat today puts an enormous strain on our planet. Animal agriculture uses 30% of all land, over 25% of all freshwater, and creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all of the world’s cars, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes combined.

This is where Impossible Foods started from, make a product that is sustainable and will appeal to the larger meat eating market. The Impossible Burger, is made entirely from plants. They found one ingredient Heme, it is found in all meat, never heard of heme? Heme gives the characteristic taste and aroma of meat. They discovered how to take heme from plants and produce it using fermentation. By all reports it tastes like a real burger without the destructive impact of producing meat.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Names of Leaders

Bloody Mare Put In (Russian) and Emmanuel Macaroni (Viva la France) are two that jump out at me.
‘Mama and Papa are having a child, what should we call it?’

Teresa May, should of been an ice skater, she is on thin ice but think of the alternative, Jeremy Corbin? What is that all about? 
Give him his due, he does lead the Labour Party. I do have a feeling you have to be intellectually challenge to be a politician. 

Facebook are changing the way we see adverts and how we get targeted with their advertising. At the moment you see a strip of ads on the right of your page and probably have noticed quite a few companies you deal with. They will also add some they think you might be interested in, this is Facebook marketing and is somewhat dodgy to say the least.
They are essentially going back to pre 2013 and their aim is to win back all those who use to post regularly 4 to 5 years ago but do not now. Facebook numbers are increasing but the amount of time spent on Facebook is decreasing. We are posting to other social media site such as Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I think it is a good idea, I am getting more and more irritated with the hamster on a treadmill video that seems to go viral. 
You might not see any changes but over time you will hopefully have a better experience, fewer below standard ads and more valuable content, should be coming your way.

Getting really cold now, Christmas was quite mild but the cold winds are bringing in the snow, sleet and ice that normally stays in the north. Jenson still insists on swimming in the sea, but then he is a water dog. I am still surprised he does not feel the cold. 


Discombobulated meaning confused, disconcerted. On a bad day you could be generally discombobulated, not with it. 

Love can hear the wings of a butterfly on a wheel? What is this about?

Greeting inflation, or the number of ways we are greeting one another. Hello, halo, hullo are all greetings that originated after we invented the telephone. A greeting and almost a hope that the other person is on the line and can hear you. Up until the telephone we bowed and exchanged pleasantries. Take this kissing on the cheeks we do now. Some kiss fresh air, those that feel slightly superior, I have the single misfortune of knowing one of those socially inadequate creatures. Then we come to the normal kiss on one cheek, left cheek is the norm and now some do the right as well and then some do the left again, 3 kisses, greeting inflation. Long gone is the slight nod of the head which acknowledged some one you know and have seen them. It is a whole pantomime of kiss, kiss, kiss, hoping you do not get the amount wrong and the person is moving on after the second kiss leaving you kissing fresh air and feeling rather foolish.

I have decided to just nod my head and in special circumstances, will lightly kiss the left cheek of someone of the opposite sex, if I really have to. Hugs or chest joining I will leave to my closest and dearest. When I was in boarding school no one hugged, not even my father. Handshakes were for those you knew well and my fathers hand on my shoulder telling me I had done well was all I could expect.

Talking of kissing, have you seen how radical the Russians take greeting one another. I saw two Russian politicians having a full on mouth to mouth kiss, hopefully no tongues. I believe this is the norm and have decided I will give that country a miss on my next overseas trip, never know what you will catch. 

I did hear that there is or was a tribe in Australia who offered you their penis to grab, as a way of showing you they trusted you, seems a little over affectionate to me and maybe Angela can do some research and let us know if they still do this or have they managed to change that particular custom yet. 

Must admit it does leave me a little discombobulated.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Feeling good about yourself.

What is life if not woven through the the life of our ancestors, into our life and the lives of our children.
I have just heard of a client of mine who is still young, unmarried and is about to join Slimming World. This puts the fear of God into me, loosing weight through these so called clubs, can only lead to tears. I have watch so many women who achieve brilliant results and feel incredible, for a while, then they put all the weight back on and some more. The cycle starts again and over the years they go from one size to another and then back and then up two sizes. The only people who achieve anything out of these so called clubs are the owners. 
Mostly women start later in life and have had one or two children, to start this cycle of misery so young, does worry me. 
I read an article about a woman who had, what she called, her inner bully. 
'My legs are to big, my arms are flabby, I need to loose 2 stone.' I can go on and on but I can see your heads nodding in agreement. You and your friends.
'What does changing my mind have to do with changing my body?'
Be careful how you talk to yourself, you are listening. If you are going around in circles then maybe it is time to think again.
How can I convince women, most anyway, to turn off the inner bully in them, take back control and by doing so they will get more self confidence, better motivated and live again without self doubts and fears. Feeling good about yourself will give you confidence, this will show from within you and you will be strong enough to banish that inner bully forever.
In saying this I want to go back to my original statement. What is life if not woven through the the life of our ancestors, into our life and the lives of our children. Think carefully all you mothers out there, do you want to encourage a life obsessed with how you look, as an example to your children. Our children learn so much from us, our actions and our even those things we think they do not hear.