Saturday, 20 September 2014

Perhaps it will be Christmas, not yet

Those songs of Christmas will be back all to soon, but we must enjoy that time as it is a milestone to enjoy. How many songs will we hear, how many will we sing? In the back ground is Friends, yes I know they are meant to have grown up and  left home but no, they are  still here. The house is a wardrobe and the kitchen is a battle zone, the concept of washing up and clearing up seems to be one of those lessons of life that take longer then I would ever of imagined.
Enough of the idle banter and useless chitchat, we move on and learn from our mistakes. Read well my children, with children, less not the sins of the father are visited on the children.
Well it is finally raining here, this muddy island has woken up to its reputation and delivered the rain. I must admit the surrounding fields and valleys were looking dry and lifeless.
Perhaps I will hear your voice again, singing the songs of Christmas, if you falter I will sing those songs to you. One day, when I am away, I know you will sing for me.
We have just celebrated the Great War, which ironically was meant to be the war to end all war. I do remember Bobby, my Grandfathers brother, who fought in the war and was damaged. That is all we were told as children. I first saw him playing in the band of the Salvation army one sunday afternoon. He seemed to be so happy and then he came over and chatted to us and he was childlike and unaware of life really, as though he had shut himself up into another place of music and smiles. How he got 'damaged' I do not know but he lived his life out in his own world far from those muddy, bloody trenches and shell fire. I wonder if he still hears the bagpipes and the lament they play in honour of those who were affected by that horrendous war. Spare a thought for Uncle Bobby when you hear the Bagpipes Lament, I heard the Band of the Royal Fusileers playing, and could not help but think what ever happened to him in the war, he had found a better place to live in.
Well Robert is off to Uni on the 28th, Essex, Colchester Campus. Yes, yes the girls from Essex are going to be a distraction but then those girls from Essex have some reputation, lucky him.