Monday, 22 August 2011

The Little Master has his Swann Song

Today England won the forth test against India, they have won all the others, but the Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar failed to make his 100’s 100. India were bowled out for 300 in their first innings, and once Sachin Tendulkar fell as the tourists followed-on, England ripped through the tail, taking seven wickets for 21 runs to underline their status as the new world number one side in the Test rankings.
Graham Swann did admit to wanting him out but also to see him achieve his swansong hundred. Will the Indian selectors pick him for his next series or go for someone younger? From the way India played I feel the next generation needs to see battle.

Pamagor has danced in the Radio theatre, The Mikado, this while looking for Gussell and Markus in the wings, wearing light pink tights that show the full package.

This is a great British Summer, rain and wind dog the holiday makers day out at the beach and when they finally see a clear day the wee wind from Siberia blows a gale and all the holiday little darlings get sand in their eyes and grumpy parents. Why do we do it?

No small car yet, but then we did have Nandos Hot Peri Peri Chicken for dinner.

The Wait is Over

You may have been wondering when I would put pen to paper again and why it has taken so long.

The wait is over and the reason for the long delay is, the time consuming task of trying to buy a second car. Michael is now old enough to drive and with the talk of petrol going to £ 1.50+ over the next year (it is £ 1.36 at the moment), this car needs to be driven only when we need the space.
The only problem with buying a cheap second car is that we want the equivalent of a Audi A1 but have the budget for a 10 year old Fiat Punto. I did go to an auction and won the bid on a Renault Mogus but they wanted another £175 more and after the look on Merlin face when we looked the car over carefully I realised it was not for us. I could have bought a 207 Peugeot, but again the consensus was, that I was mistaken in my attraction to this little French vehicle. 5 years old and only done 46,000, good points, Peugeot, bad point.
I did see a Audi A2 with 56,000 miles and 6 years old but again the error of my ways was pointed out in advance. I will post a photo of our second car once we buy one but do not hold your breath.

As you all no doubt know Gary and Claudia of Middlesmiths fame returned safely from Italy, relaxed, pleased to be home and a little more experienced in the ways of the Claudosa way of life.
Angela is pregnant with another version of that old favourite Lily on the way, Geoff and Carole are eagerly awaiting their next grandson but who knows it may be a girl, they count too.

People who we have not heard from recently are Markus and Gussell, Pamagor is investigating.

The final bit of news is that Michael received his AS level result and did very well, Two A’s and two C’s. Now we have to put our minds to finding a university to take him off our hands next year, bliss but not to be under estimated, a task that takes some cunning, far enough away not to want to come home for weekends but good enough to educate him further, tricky!! The Shetland Islands was my first thought. What you say, no University there, there is always distance learning and the Shetland Islands are a distance.

Enjoy your weekend and the rest of August as we begin our run down to Christmas.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Middlesmiths take on Rome

The Middlesmiths wrote:

We got to Rome after an uneventful cattle class flight to discover no phone or Internet access on my iPhone...shock horror...that was the longest 3 days in my life without a connection to the outside world but probably what was needed...
Rome is very cool, the scale of the construction of those old
buildings is something everyone should witness in their life...I've
attached a pic of the main square with the Vatican, those little ants
at the bottom of the building are people.
The best part of Rome for me though, and what I've found is the best part of Italy, is the little coffee shops, being a restauranteur is
what an Italian was created for and they create the magic of the
standard coffee shop / pizzaria (Pizza shop) /pastaria (pasta shop)
/gelateria (ice cream shop - that one had you guessing). They're on every corner often 2 or 3 of what appears to be the same shop with different table cloths, the one will be crazy busy and the one next door dead quiet... its about the guy running the place and creating the atmosphere. The pic of the place where Claudia is sitting became our favorite, run by 3 brothers, one behind the bar, one in the kitchen and one out front serving and canvassing for business.
After Rome we jumped onto a plane to head down to Sicily, the airport brought me a working sim for my iPad and communication to the outside world was re-established, although only to a limited extent as my iPhone is sim locked and i've only been able to use Skype...
Catania, Siracusa and Taormina mails to follow, got to run, off the
the old city in Siracusa now for some wine and a real pizza. Sun only goes down late here, it's been at least 30 degrees everyday (today got up to 38) so the beach has been often frequented and air cons much sought after...
The Middle Smiths’

It says it all, such insight to history, what worry’s me is that these two parents have so much children free time, Mika would wonder?

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Games we Play

I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'A'. Now we can all go through the alphabet but 'A'. Sounds like something that Mika or Lily 'would say. Now Dan the Man would say 'T' . In actual fact it was Angela who said 'A' then Mark said 'T'.
Why is that squirrel there?
Michael has sold his Yamaha YZ 85 for what he paid for it and I think that finally we are now free of petrol fumes, high revving engines and broken bones. I started the bike for the buyer and one smell of two stroke petrol fumes took me back too many years. Best to put that behind me. There is that squirrel again?
I give up what is 'A' for? Air says darling Angela. You can't see air.
Yes you can it is everywhere, just look at the sun when you shake your jacket out and the little things floating around are in the air.
No Angela, Mark shouts from the back of the kombi.
Yes you can, Angela shouts back, so what is 'T'?
Time says Mark, this is a friendly game but 'Time'? Yes time says Mark, someone comes up to you and asks have you seen the time?
That Kombi gave us so many good times, in fact I can not remember a bad trip. I hope the money that Michael has in his pocket will see him through his driving lessons and a licence. I wish him happy miles and a Kombi one day.
Why is that squirrel sitting on the desk?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Turner Post Chardonnay Reserve

This is an exceptionally drinkable wine with a grassy note, grapes are plentiful and it is clean.
£4.59 at Tesco on special. Well done New Zealand.
Is it just me our has anyone noticed that since the Middlesmiths have been in Italy, the Italian the economy has gone on a down hill spiral? An economics expert described the Italian economy like a slow car crash. I have to be careful what I say but the world’s stock market is on the edge of another depression. Every day for the last three days the headline news has been the world economy linked with what will happen in Italy.

Get a grip, you guys in the news offices of the world, the Mafia will sort it out, it is all in the family. Trust me on this I know someone who knows someone in the Mafia.

A recent survey done by Yougov, a public watchdog, shows that 31% of all Brits think the BBC news can be trusted, 29% think the newspapers are trustworthy. 70% do not believe the press!

I said in May this year that there is life after the iPhone, it seems to be that way. Enjoy the rest of this very uncertain Euro weekend.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Custodians of Mother Earth

Worldwide, nearly a quarter of all mammal species and a third of amphibians are threatened with extinction. On top of that the forests are being cleared by an alarming rate, almost the size of England is lost every year. This enhances climate change, results Kenya. True story - Family walk many miles to the refugee camp, mother and father give all the food and water to their children and die along the way. How do I know? A 11 year old girl stumbles into a refugee camp with a baby in her arms and two other children walking behind. She was carrying her sister the other children were her brother and sister. She collapses and later takes the medical officers to her mother’s body.

The human price?

Death to some and others a slow starvation.

For the wildlife?

Extinction for some, starvation to the others.

That is where we are, guardians of mother earth. Do we have the courage to solve this problem?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rome beckons the Middlesmiths

Following that natural urge to return to the mother land, the Middlesmiths are journeying to Italy, the home of pasta and pizza hut. The quality of cement has dropped to EU standard, so those cement flip flops will dissolve the minute they hit the water.
I should not say this but the Middlesmiths has stolen a march on those most loved Dickasmithi down under and have taken delivery of their new Audi today, just before jetting off to Italy. Sorry but it is in the public interest that I report this story. Indiana Youens was seen arm in arm with Pamagor waving goodbye to the lovely couple, did I see a tear from the manly Indiana or was it just the dust? Pamagor was howling his eyes out, not because they were going, but through pure jealousy.
On a more serious note, India lost the second cricket test to Broad, Bell and Bresnan. Jenson Button drove the race of his life and won again, followed closely by Vettel. South African rugby team lost again and Kallis is the No. 1 batsman in the whole world. That is your sports round up.
Has anyone heard from Markus and Gussell, the last I heard they were eating Tapas, it is a worrying time. Please call, all is forgiven. If anyone has any information, please post a comment.