Thursday, 27 August 2015

Chewton Glen Revisited

Some have said that a good hotel should be like a song, that you never grow tired of. 
Chewton Glen Hotel, part of the Relais and Chateaux group, should be one of those hotels but falls down partly through their pricing and then through the quality of the food.

Much was made of having dinner at the Chewton Glen and the service here is possible a little over the top but excellent none the less. We were escorted to our table by one waiter, served water by another and then our drinks order taken by another, before our food order was taken by, yes you guessed it by another waiter. This is very impressive but who is your point of contact, who do you ask for a side salad you forgot to order. 

I ordered chilli beef on a bed of salad for my starter and Susan ordered smoked salmon and giant couscous as her starter. Mine was actually deep fried bits of chewy meat on a tablespoon of weird salad but Susan was very happy with a large portion of salmon and loads of couscous salad. 
Then we were served our main course, again Susan an excellent dish of lamb. I had sirloin with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes, covered by a red wine sauce. Actually what I was given was two thin slices of roast beef, a small carrot, slice of butternut, 3 French beans and 2 half roasted baby potatoes, covered in a burnt beef gravy. We finished our meal and decided against dessert. Now if I pay £128.00 for a dinner for two without drinks, I would expect something with a wow factor and never to be forgotten, sadly this is best forgotten. 
Do not get me wrong, we really enjoyed ourselves and it is always good to spend some time together without the stress of modern life intruding. I learnt that Susan want to learn to play Golf, ride a horse, play table tennis and croquet. Unfortunately the weather was not suited to outdoor events and I did not get the opportunity to expertly teach Susan.
The coffee is good and the relaxed atmosphere has recharged our batteries. Susan has really enjoyed the Spa, mainly the swimming and I have enjoyed the quiet, comfortable lounges, a place to read, write and relax. Would I come back, probably not, but worth the experience.

Summer Break

We stand amid the roar of a surf-tormented shore, and I hold within my hand, grains of sand. They creep through my fingers, dusting the wind. I grasp tighter and hope that all that we see, is but a dream within a dream. Before the roar of the next wave takes us a little further to the end of life's story, surrounded by this blue immensity. I care less for this but as long as I walk with you, I am me.
The problems of life make little difference to me, the blue sky can collapse on itself and the ground can cave in, everything, but if you walk with me.
Susan and I have taken ourselves off to the Chewton Glen Hotel.
( for a quick 2 day break, something of a extend holiday you might say, as I have not been away for about 4 years and do feel a little jaded. We parked the mighty Fiat Panda along side all manner of exotic, expensive vehicle and felt quite at home. To say the hotel is pleasant would be an understatement, we will survive. Susan is in the Spa at the minute and I am enjoying a wee glass of Merlot surrounded by like minded people who are just here to have a break. Could get use to this but will stay focused until the bottle runs dry.

As we wandered around the hotel we could not help but notice the 18 hole golf course and the indoor tennis courts, national trust type gardens and heated outdoor swimming pool. This is a place you would all be happy to stay at and recharge your batteries.
Susan has just returned from the Spa looking refreshed and radiant, time to change and meander down to dinner.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


The sun is out and the beach is filling up fast, I am in Bournemouth, in a little Patisserie waiting for Robert, he is doing his theory test. The first steps to getting his driving licence, about time but if he gets his licence by Christmas I will be surprised. These multi choice questions do make it easier to pass and I believe they only have to get 80%.
The cricket is quite exciting at the minute, Australia all out for 60 and we are about to be bowled out for just under 400, interesting game and I am sure will have a close finish.

Robert did actually pass his theory, well done and beware those careful drivers in the UK, Robert will be the car behind you at sometime in your life.
Well the weekend has flown by as usual, I just need a day between Saturday and Sunday to slow it down a little. I was going to do a little housekeeping, tidying up and vacuuming but with so little time there is always next weekend. The boys use the whole house as their personal wardrobe and that leaves very little room for Susan, Sam and I. I cannot complain as they will soon be out the house and have one of their own.
Last night we had our first BBQ, Smoked Pork Sausages, BBQ marinated Chicken Breast, Cajun Spices Chicken Thighs, BBQ Rack of Rib and that favourite Hotties to compliment the home grown potatoes. In the spirit of teaching my boys to fend for themselves, I let Robert do the actual cooking and we must compliment him on delivering a tasty, well done, unburnt platter of food. 
Talking of Robert, today is his birthday, 19 and getting older by the minute. Took him to Sculptures by the Lake, educational visit.

"Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."
To finish, Susan and I took the SUP board down to the beach this morning, Sunday, after talking to Gary before he went to have a poo, shower and shave. We thought it might rain later, so with fair winds and sunshine, Susan took to the water like a duck to ... I really wanted to photograph the moment she fell off, but alas this aquatic hero stayed up right and came back dry. I have attached the photograph of this event as proof I am not getting a little senile. 
"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet."