Saturday, 30 January 2016

Birthdays, New Cars and we into the New Year

Out with the old and in with the new. Fiat Panda standing forlorn on our drive way waiting for a buyer to come along and take it off our hands. The new Volkswagen Polo has arrived. On Susan's birthday, sort of a present she just bought for herself. I must admit it is a thing of beauty. DSG gearbox with Sports mode and a DAB radio all enhancing the quiet, comfort that the Polo is known for. Well if you are looking for a very good quality used car in 3 years time, look no further, this well maintained car will be up for sale. I would estimate it will have about 20,000 miles on the clock and as no dogs, smelly people or eating is allowed it will be just perfect. In fact just run in. This is the proverbial lady driver, who just used the car to go to work and back, we will not mention that sports mode has been used extensively.

Well the second month of the year is almost upon us, soon we will be stocking up on easter eggs and wine, what the hell, throw a little cheese in as well. I was walking around one of Russell's and Claudia's favourite super stores recently and did notice the eggs are already on display. Fat times ahead. Soon the government will ban Easter as it has too much sugar in it!

Well all for now, check you later as a grumpy friend of mine always says.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The New Year has Settled

Well the dust has settled on the festive season and we are all back to normal, well almost, the Smiths of RSA starting on Monday. Quite exciting really as the new CNC machine is ready to be played with and they can belt out the work in a more exacting manner. I must admit to the same confusion as Russell, ANC, CNA, and CNN all come to mind but I am sure it is an abbreviation for some very complicated machine. I offer the following as an example only, Claudia's New Computer. 
Talking of Claudia, I did see a news release that the old Audi Q5 is gone, in its place a Audi Q7 S-Line. At least the spy image I saw looked like the big flagship model.  Not sure if the Middle Smiths heard we are looking to replace Susan's Ferrari designed Panda
with some thing a little more sedate. To be fair The Panda is more of a point and squirt car with awesome get up and go. And this is the problem, the traffic on this little island can not cope with super car performance that the Italians design.
Returning to a replacement for the said Panda, there is a very strict set of standards the new car has to live up to. Susan has a mental note and will test each car thoroughly before even switching the car on.
Firstly, is it ugly, if so it will fall at the first hurdle.
Secondly, has it got a high sitting position, at our age getting down into a car and the inevitable process of getting out again is a problem. So a crossover type vehicle does start to fill our criteria. Can the dog get in, most important.
Thirdly, automatic transmission and Bluetooth connectivity a must, let the car change gears in its own time and when Susan is on her way home from work she does need to be able to let me know, so hand free must be clear and easy to use.
Fourthly, it can not be too big, or perceived to be too big. Parking, busy traffic and narrow roads make this a sensible options. Q7 is too big and getting on to the last point too expensive.
Fifthly, reasonably priced, cars in the UK are disposable items and do not hold there value. The Panda cost £ 12 k and is now worth £ 3 k, 36 months later with just over 20,000 miles travelled. So whatever we buy will depreciate to nothing very shortly.
Now you will be wondering what we have test driven, well the amount of cars that have failed at the first or second hurdle is high. Cars under consideration are the Honda HRV,  Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4 hibrid, Volkswagen Tigaun, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Qashqai and finally Audi Q3.
Have looked at the Audi A3, Toyota Auris, VW Polo and Nissan Pulsar, lovely to drive but fails the second test, actually need to be double jointed to get in and out of the Audi.

Anyone with any good suggestion please let us know..