Saturday, 28 December 2013


Well we started with rain, hail and wind then it was Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to all those I have missed. We had a full day planned, first the boys opened there presents from Santa and then it was wrap up warm and we went for our annual walk on the beach, also takes care of Sam for the day. We were lucky as the rain held off and we all enjoyed the walk. 
Opening presents between phones calls to all we could get hold of and to those we missed, we did not forget you and I hope you enjoyed your day. Presents, some very useful, some will be going back as they too big, too small or we have one already. Well half the fun is the sales on Boxing Day and returns are all part of the fun of the festive season. 
Lunch was the traditional fare, turkey, gammon, beef and all the trimmings, see attached photo of the Xmas specials broad. Too much to eat, in actual fact much too much. We finished it off with Christmas pudding and cream and chocolate rolls.
Robert, has come of age, well thought out presents surprising us all with his thought and generosity, Michael went for the fun and spirit of Christmas while Susan and I went more traditional, socks, denims, smelly soaps and shirts. I did buy Susan a new electronic toothbrush. You will be am amazed at what these modern day teeth cleaning appliances can do. No let's not go into that, this is an afternoon blog and children could be reading. 
One little cloud that hung over the festive celebrations was that Susan had lost Roberts present. Well that did have us looking all over the house, we did find another present that we forgot all about and some me will be happy this Christmas. Anyway back to Roberts presents, it turns out Susan had asked Michael to wrap some presents and he faced with a pile of wrapping forgot to put names on and when we opened the presents that had no names on, Robert opened his lost Christmas jeans and bulldog perfume. Happy days.
That and with the very Christmas 'Christmas Tales of New York' gently bringing cheer in the background, I took myself off to bed, exhausted, fulfilled and content.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

The rare time when both boys were walking with me in Poole Park and we were wondering if it will snow this Christmas, that is all I need, a little snow! Starts me off, sets the theme, helps my Christmas spirit, every year I dream, hoping things will change. To end all the crying, shouting and the dying. Also an end to small children who are cold and hungry. It’s Christmas, we’ve got to remember.
Every single day but one and every night should, I believe, be the same as Christmas Eve. Nights should all be warm, days should all slow down. The children should all be warm and full, but this is a pipe dream so if only some are better off next Christmas we will have made a start.

Christmas Eve, what wonder awaits us all. I would imagine a few turkeys would rather it not be Christmas so soon but I hope your turkey is soft! succulent and tender. We must respect the bird for what it has given us and take special care when roasting. Always remember turkey sandwiches are so good on Boxing Day.

Susan went to lunch in London yesterday and we had one of the most horrendous storms while she was away. The upshot of it all was that we drove to Brockenhurst last night to pick her up from the station. Some tree had fallen across the lines so the train was cancelled to Poole. The boys and I battled through torrential rain, flooded roads and fallen trees to get to the centre of the New Forest, and low and behold we found a great Italian restaurant right next to the station. Pasta and pizza settled our jangled nerves and we happily chatted until her train arrived. Most pleasant evening and such a good thing from what could have been a disaster.

Well I have managed to wrap all my presents and bought all the food for the Christmas and Boxing Day fest, many bottle of wine are now happily awaiting that pop of the cork and then all I can say is let the celebrations begin.

To all my readers, casual and some far away, Merry Christmas, I hope you receive all you wanted and some. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Captain Ben

David has been around for a while and by now you are feeling a little left out, never, your Mum is always there, a little occupied at the minute but she wants you to know that one day when you are sailing the open sea, she will be saying;
Captain Ben stop your roaming
Captain Ben, leave the sea
Captain Ben, when the tide turns
Come home safe to us
As you sail across the sea
All our love is there beside you
In Capri or Amsterdam
Honolulu or Siam
To the harbour of your home
We send our love to guide you
As we call across the sea
Come home.
(I must credit Petula Clark 1963 for this inspiration)
The silly season is on us, Christmas parties the whole of next week, London, Ringwood, Lulworth and Ashley Cross bring there own company and experiences. I believe in Christmas and this is the time we can enjoy the time of our lives. 
Well that is all I have time for but do not be strangers, comments on where you will be over this Christmas Season are what it is all about.  

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The times we live in

Let no man say that the years do not fly by, just the other day we saw a great man walk to freedom, today we mourne his parting. He designed the foundations but with such a short life to live he could not make sure those foundations were true. Many have followed him and many have profited by his greatness, no one was true to his beliefs.
Angela has had a bouncy boy, David, all so exciting and for the Captain Ben and the Princess Lily it must have been quite a shock. 
'Mummy went to Coles and bought us David.' If only was that easy. Welcome to this world David Gary Dickens, Ben be gentle, he is only little.
He will build friendships through out his life and someone once said.
'This bond we lightly call friendship, it grows like the mist and holds like steel.' David just remember we are your friends, now you do not know it but in time you will value that friendship. 
It is times like this that I think of that pioneer of a brother of mine, trying to tame the world around him and I do believe in his time we will say he was a good man, no more can we ask of him. Happy Christmas Rus if we do not exchange pleasantries on the day. We always think of you and your generous self, do not forget we do love you. 
This Christmas for us will be special, we are going to have a Christmas like no other, Michael back from Uni, Robert has been given the day off from Staples and then we look forward to the Middle Smiths visiting over the Hogmanay period of our festive season. 
Yes we are finally moved in to this modern house but, yes there is a but, it is a box. A very well constructed box but a box none the less. Talk of battery hens, they do get there pound per square foot when building these estates. The Panda would have a hard time getting into the garage, that's says it all.
Robert is taking Sam for a walk, nothing strange about that you might say but Robert has never taken Sam for a walk. The thing is the dog does Poo and Robert has an ad version to picking up Poo. So we will wait to see if this is going to be a regular walk or a one off.
Speak soon.