Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Day 42 left to Christmas

I am sure Santa is hard at work building toys by the millions, as all the toys throughout the world are very much the same, I know he has subcontracted a vast majority of the manufacturing and distribution. It is those presents we make ourselves that sometimes are more enduring. Last year Angela did a Calendar and that has been the centre of our lives for the year. Who I must ask is doing this years Calendar? If that be me then I will gladly take on the task. 
Poppy day 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we will stand silent for 2 minutes to remember those who have given their today for our tomorrow. That most fragile petal of the Poppy carries such a heavy burden. The whole solemn day is marked by parades,  church services and rounded off by the Queen laying a wreath at the Cenotaph.  We had breakfast at our local pub and even in the small borough of Broadstone the road was closed for a Remembrance day march. Quite rightly so, if it is only one day we remember them then make it something to remember. I was quite intrigued that all the veterans placed a lot of emphasis on those who did not come back as opposed to what they did in the war.

Getting onto another subject altogether - I said about a year ago that the laptop as we know it has only been around a mere 30 years ago and I fear it is reaching its sell by date. This is not proving to be the case, Macbook Air is doing very well even though the new iPad is an iPad Air, Macbook Air without the keyboard. Watch this space as the world evolves but sometimes it does buck the trends.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Moving Home and those lost bits

Well we are finally in our new house, 90% unpacked and settling in. Moving, packing and then unpacking is an experience I do not want to get use to. Where is the remote? Normal question in any established house but when you want to know which box it was tucked into at the last minute, presents a challenge. We started out by labelling all the boxes but the temptation to tuck those small objects that have nothing to do with Cookery books over whelms the hardest of us.
We still have some boxes in the garage to unpack but they can wait, the uncluttered theme works for us and maybe those boxes will go to the tip someday, unopened and forgotten. I am still hunting for two items, a star screwdriver and my kitchen scissors. We had 3 star screwdriver and 2 pairs of scissors, disappeared, lost, maybe I should check those unwanted boxes in the garage one more time.

Let me tell you a little about the house, big lounge (UK standards), three bedroom, no maybe two and a half but with Michael at Uni and Robert going in 10 months time we have ample room. How cool is the kitchen, the draws and cupboard doors close themselves! Almost, you just give it a push and it will complete the task, bit disconcerting to begin with as I wanted to close it properly and it was already closed.
Gas hob and electric fan assisted oven complete the cooking process rather well. Decor is dark grey marble top with white cupboards and a light grey floor. Reminds me a bit of Shireesa Court, our town house in Swaziland. Must get a dish and fill it with mini chocolate to really round it off. Do not get too excited the climate is very different.
Out the back we have a conservatory, we have put the dining room table there and are going to get a garden type 2 seater sofa to lounge in the sun on.
A very short walk from the house is Canford Heath, a Nature Reserve with plenty of lovely walks and great views, just the type of adventure land young children and dogs would explore. With luck and good weather we might have a few grandchildren to explore with soon.

Friday, 8 November 2013

A Storm in a teacup

We were given storm alerts from those weathermen who forecast the weather, the storm came and went and we missed it but not so some other unfortunate souls. During the night a town councillor was tragically squashed by a falling house. 108 year old Ms Wormwood was going about her daily business of casting spells when the aforementioned house fell from the sky leaving nothing more than her ruby slippers on show. Police say they are questioning a 23 year old woman about the incident but have also detained a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion. Insiders blame the recent cyclone that swept through for the falling house, however locals report that several thugs, possibly from Wool, were seen running away from the scene at 4am this morning, when St Jude was at her most rambunctious. In other news a gardner has reported that a pot plant toppled over leaving a devastating mess on the patio..