Friday, 31 August 2018

Corfe Castle

On our short journey on a steam train to Corfe Castle, Gary was explaining to Alex where we were going and what we were going to see.
‘We are visiting a castle that someone broke.’ 
‘I didn’t break it.’ Alex immediately piped up. 
That set the tone for the adventure visit to the old castle. Mika happy to take photos of anything that interested her and quite a few of herself. Gary, Robert and Dan hunted down a secret trail of discovery and Susan befriended a couple and proceeded to give them a very detailed explanation of the why, where and how of Dorset. I took a few photos and motivated everyone on. Just your typical visit to Corfe Castle and the quaint village that surrounds it. 
Interesting fact is that the castle was built in 938 AD and only now, some 1200 odd years later, is it in need of some renovations. Master builders!

On another note, some people just stink. Yep, they have a strong body odour. All is not lost, as there is some amazing body sprays out there and they offer a 12 hour protection. .
Picture this story, man meets the most beautiful girl and as with all young love, signs get ignored and then they get married. Problems being one of them still stinks, as time goes by and fresh lust gives way to reflection, the smell becomes more prominent. 
The moral of this story is that you can trust your nose better than your eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but your nose hold the answers. If someone stinks, how can you live with them? Remember the time you stood in dog poo, you know you can’t think about anything until you get rid of the smell. You can trust your nose more than your eyes, as eyes don’t focus on the right things. The number of times my eyes are busy looking at the computer and forget to check on the the stove, it’s my nose that says 'Something is burning'. My nose never gets tired either. After fourteen or fifteen hours my eyes need to rest, yet the nose keeps going.

Corfe and all its intrigue, there you have it.

Monday, 20 August 2018

To be or not

Susan was not happy with the state of play at the Western Road flat, for the soon to be UK Smiths. Having bought one double bed she has her doubts and after some research has bought another. How do you decided which is best? She who must be obeyed has decided a night in each bed, to decide which is the better.

I fear this is one battle I must ponder. Do I have, 2 deciding nights in strange beds with Susan or just be brave and stay with JB in my own bed? JB sleeps downstairs. My head says sleep in decider bed, my heart say sleep in my bed. A dilemma , something like my head say yoga, my heart says sofa. Let's acknowledge the fact that previous expression was aimed at clubby people, well fat girls but then that is there cross to bear.

I have just been notified by Primark and Tesco that they are expecting Claudia and Mika in a few days, or weeks or years, that is their dream. Anyway I would like to point out that Primark is just the right place Mika, but for Claudia, I do recommend Marks and Spencer. Sensible cloths and shoes for the mother of Alexander Smith and the boy genius Daniel Smith.

Susan and Robert are doing the finishing touches to the children's bedroom, trip to the Range today saw us coming away with all manner of bedding and covers. I must confess, Susan has been deprived of her weekend fix on retail therapy, the painting and cleaning has taken its toll, well the Range stopped all the shakes and we had the old Susan back. Duvet cover, duvets, picture frames, to name just a few. Such a show and it had all the classic hits from the seventies.

My knees just managed to do the shirting boards in a lovely grey, while Susan finished off the airing cupboard in a deep black. The contrast are alluring to that gothic theme that Claudia loves so much. What do those children get up too? They did insist that the pictures were on the floor, well we have done a cracking job and this is their new bedroom.

The trouble with the joints seem to progressively degrade, I do understand what those old people meant when they said, while you down there do as much as you can, it is a long way down. Life and the years have a way of catching up and when you undertake the task of painting a 2 bedroom flat, never forget they have ceiling as well and shirting so.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Black Bags

These are things that Gary and his extended family are going to get use to. 
The passion fruit has 7 flowers on it, might be that Susan is home or that rain is forecast. These are just opening statements to get your attention.
Susan and Robert set off this morning to Lyme Reges and their intention was to obtain a double bed, two single beds and what ever was there to be able to make the Smith Family from South Africa comfortable. In the back of her mind was the fact that these particular Smith were quite posh. With that in mind, they set off to investigate a holiday home with furniture, they were giving away. Susan did have inside information on the owner of the holiday home and taking on the challenge of the Zafira, she set off to the house. 
They came back triumphant, beds, tables, cupboards and all other manner of things.
What was that, they not posh? Well I am no expert but I think they are posh.
Susan is out shopping, retail therapy does wonders for the girl. Actually we are trying to make a reasonable place for the Posh people I have spoken about, to stay in until they get a home of their own. Big step in moving to the UK, I do wonder weather the UK is up to the challenge.
On another note, our Angela has just taken delivery of a new Toyota Kluger GTX. I know, you never heard of them, well they are native to Australia
On another note, I did give my views on names, grandparents names to be perfectly honest. I am still of the mind that these should be bestowed with regard to the person who will be addressed by this name. A name of substance is always respected, a frivolous name does nothing for the person who is so frivolously name or the offended party. In saying all that, if I have to live with Sprinkle Pops, then so be it, I do have years of experience on the naming conventions and might just come up with a name or two myself.
Heavy rain clouds coming from the east, I think it is time to call the end of play to this very cricketing blog and beat a hasty retreat to the warmth of the lounge. Till anon, he will be with me shortly.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Fetching and other problems

Jenson behaved himself quite exemplary today on the beach, so I told him I am going to lift the ban on farting. We still have to overcome his continual reluctance to fetching. The word fetch, still does not resonate with him, maybe retrieve, will stimulate a more responsive note.

There are only two passion fruit flowers out tonight, maybe my eyes are tired after a long day in front of the computer. Two is all I see and they say if the Passion Fruit stops flowering, lean times are ahead. Just so I am not going mad, see for yourself. I know Angela, your Australian flowers are bigger and there is more of them but then that is all I ask for you to admire.

Hacking and cyber crime is on the increase, good for my business but bad for our world of the Internet. Why do we create such a wonderful tool and allow it to be corrupted by explorers. This is something we can stop, every hackers has a family, if that family just stopped there sons or, God forbid daughters, from getting involved with these people who cast a shadow lower then the common snail. We can collectively beat them. Rise up, rise up, fight for your freedom. In saying that, I would be very weary of your government and their so called big daddy approach. Most politicians are very inept to making the most basic of decisions. Most civil servants are mentally retarded. It is all up to us.

On a lighter note, I am having meat balls in a tomatoes and pepper sauce with tagliatelle and a small salad on the side. Michael and Angela this is a game changers when it come to getting good food into your tummy. If you are interested email me and I will send you the recipe. Liberty, I have sent you the recipe already. Thank you for the lovely photo of you and your daughter, you both look so happy. I showed Tamacgor you photo and Tamacgor has decided it is time for a visit to Alaska. 

Susan is coming home tomorrow, I have missed her over the last few days. It does make me think. Though all my years and my failings, she believed in me, if truth be told, I had lost my believe many times but she never gave up and always listened to me, even when I started the story over again. It will be good to see her again and be with her. Oh, and the bonus is that Robert is coming with her, happy days. Now I wonder if I should tell Liberty that Robert is wanting to go to Canada, that is so, very close to Alaska.

In passing, there are a few comments not in keeping with the spirit of this blog of mine. I ask you to look at this final photo and tell me what you see? I notice you said nothing. That is the difference between you and me.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Butterfly Count

Have you ever wondered what part of the food chain you are on, quite high up actually. I have been doing a butterfly count for 3 years now and am quite alarmed at the decline of the butterfly. I was at Longthorns Farm today and we saw very few butterflies. Last year, same time, we count over 30. Today 8 and that was quite by chance, as we had given up and were walking home.

Small Copper Butterfly
A good friend of mine, Sally Mead, Managing Director of Longthorns Farm, pointed out that the unusually hot spell has had an effect on the wild flowers. I feel it is very important to know how well the bottom of our food chain is doing. This is a barometer on the health of our fauna and flora. 
We did sit on a bench, shaded by the tree canopy and chewed the cud a bit. My feeling is when you relaxed you can put the world to right. That time brought its rewards and we saw a few butterflies.

Moving on very swiftly, I have been speaking to Gary over the last few days about his imminent move to England and must say, it is a daunting prospect for his family. He has provided so well over the years and now they must trust his instinct, that a move is the right thing to do. To me it would be a no brainier but to them it must seem like their world is coming to an end. 
Their life style will change, once they accept the change, they will begin to enjoy their new life. Make no mistake, we will be there for them and as much as possible ease their path but ultimately it is up to the individuals.

I do remember theses words.
'Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering, can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.' 
And in saying that success normally does no happen by chance. It takes hard work, lots of perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Talking of trial and suffering, we are set for another above average hot day with little chance of a breeze to take the edge off. It is forecast to be like this for the rest of the week. Well it has got me swimming again and with JB, we normally have two dips a day. Must teach him to stop trying to save me and just enjoy the coolness of the water.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Life beyond the walls

I really like this artist, such incredible depth to his painting. This piece called 'Life  beyond the walls'. Is such an poignant reminder that those held captive, will always dream of the other side. The way he has captured just the edge of the wall, but focused on the bright, red berries and blue sky recalling his dreams of being free. Space and freedom is just over the wall, how strong is that wall and we must ask, how strong was the artist when painting this masterpiece. To be able to identify the artist is nearly impossible, just a small, almost hidden signature of what looks like 'TSB' at the bottom of the painting tells me it might be by that renowned artist 'Tamacgor S Bold'. 
The fact Tamacgor S Bold painted in pastels tells its own story.

Who is Tamacgor S Bold?

So many people have asked me who Tamacgor S Bold (TSB) is and how do I know Tamacgor S Bold. I have known TSB for more years then I can remember. Travels all the time, TSB also stays at home quite a long time. Loves getting dressed up and going to a party, also just a good game of touch rugby with friends. Addicted to the iPhone, Facebook and Instagram. TSB claims to have over 20,000 friends, FB friends that is, and had photographs on most social media platforms. So much like someone I know really. With Tamacgor S Bold, life is not complicated, no expectations, love with out borders.

He is a dear friend of my brother, Russell Smith, and also reminds me of all that is good in this world of mine. I have photos TSB has sent me, of the village of George, where TSB and Russell have spent many an hour, enjoying a strolling through the quant shopping centres, chatting over a coffee for 3 hours, reminiscing old days when they were younger and did not need that age revitalising cream. When bell bottoms were in fashion and wearing tight jeans with flowers on was cool. 

Tamacgor S Bold and Russell embraced life together and took the world along with them. Often seen walking hand in hand, they look after all those who they love. Selfless to a fault and there are very few of those people left in the World, mores the pity. 

Tamacgor S Bold has touched Gary, Angela, Mark and thinking about it, all my family. Even Alex, darling child who wants to be friends with Jenson and I sure he will be. Who is Tamacgor S Bold? Well I am not too sure but I think Tamacgor S Bold is all of us. So if someone knocks at your door, dressed like an ageing hippy, let him in, you might get to love him.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Being Alive

This hobble of being alive is rather serious, don’t you think so? Famous words spoken by a very famous man. But it does make me think on what he said. The very thing of being alive, is rather serious. Think kindly on those who have the alternative. So many people strive for immortality, those who want to live forever. Although I have noticed that they are generally well off. If you have a few billion in the bank and have everything you want then immortality would be something to strive for.

Susan and I often say when walking on the beach, ' it is good to be alive ' what we really mean is, it is good to be alive at that moment. Talking of being alive, we visited Upwey, close to Weymouth on Saturday. We had two objectives in mind, why else go to such a small village? Firstly it the Upwey Wishing Well, which is the source of the River Wey and secondly a tearoom and gardens around the wishing well.
I love the way they named towns and places back in the very old days, Upwey, start or top of the River Wey, classic.

Finding a parking did have its little challenges but we managed and decided to start at the tearoom. I did Google this tearoom and was pleasantly surprised to find it as quant as it looks in the photos. A word of warning, this is a tearoom for the much more advanced in years then even I am. The coffee was weak and the service overly patronising. If you can forgive that then it turns out to be not too bad. Susan has a cream tea, scone would have been good to use as a cannon ball, but the jam and cream portions made up for that. I decided to have the Dorset Pate. Again they had the right idea but lacked the finesse to serve this simple meal properly. The bread was toasted and there was no chutney, that is almost compulsory. I would have served it with freshly baked bread, chutney and a wee salad. A small ploughman's in fact.

Onwards and upwards. The gardens are really worth a visit and the fact the the River Wey starts its journey to the coast from this humble beginnings, is also a intriguing staring point. We wonder around taking photographs, Susan on her Canon, point and shoot and I did the gardens justice by taking them on my Canon DSLR. The two images re-enforce my point.

This place has a history going back to the Black Death era. The Black Death epidemic of 1368, originated in Weymouth. Upwey is now a suburb of Weymouth. There is a Well Dressing occasion each year, celebrating the need for fresh water during the plague. People use to take a drink and then throw some water over their left shoulder to ward off the plague.
There is another side to this humble village, up from Weymouth. One of Upwey's direct ancestor, William Sprague (1609–1675), left England on the ship to America and help setup the city of Charlestown, Massachusetts. His brothers followed and did amazingly well by becoming governors of Rhode Island. In all that adventure, Upwey has remained the same for 400 years. Oh! well we can not halt progress.
Thomas Hardy also played a part in putting Upwey on the map. He wrote a poem 'At the Railway Station' in 1802. Dorset is Hardy country and no part of it will be left unturned by the followers of that noble society.

In summing up, well worth a visit and we will go back in the autumn. Autumn always brings a new perspective on a garden, this one will be no exception.

This is for Michael really, just encase you wondering, We are having Roast Pork Fillet, Charlotte potatoes and a salad with a olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.