Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just a hint of Summer

Those long nights have left us now and the sun risers earlier each day, behind dark clouds but enough to waken me before 6. With the coming of summer, I always feel a few years younger, in my body that is, my mind is always amazed at the 60 year old staring back at me from the morning mirror. 
Soon they will say I am slowing with age, my steps are slightly slower. My face is a well-written page and time alone was the pen. 
Well my trials of life are not done. My pen is agile and my mind young. Summer will oil those stiff joints and the warmth of the sun ease those lazy muscles. The sunshine brings out the child in us all and I am hoping on a long warm season, rays tanning the body and sea water cleaning the soul. I jest not and have attached a photo I took yesterday at Sandbanks just before it rained.
From all accounts Captain Ben is well again after a time of feeling poorly, gave us all a little scare and the photograph of him going home was a welcome relief. 'Sail on Captain Ben' 
Michael is on his way back to Uni for his last exams and then it is back to work for the RNLI for the summer. Good organisation to work for and will give his CV real street creed. 
This is the last weekend Sam is welcome on all the beaches, from the 1st May certain bathing beaches are off limits but we still have all the way from Sandbanks to the Haven Hotel, if you look at the photo, it is to the left of that concrete path, to the right will be a no go zone until 1st Sept. Now how do I go about teaching Sam that to the right he is not welcome?
Our garden is awash with blue bells and a few red roses, which all lift the spirits. 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Doors and Reviews

Russell reviews Sugo Russo, rave review with top marks for food, service and the outstanding quality of the front staff, could not praise the manager enough, predicts this to be one of the busiest resturants in the near future. Months not years was his exact words. So readers if you are in the area go to Sugo Russo and be entralled. Russell was also impressed with the quality of the singing by all the staff. Gary has introduced a motivation song to be sung whenever he or Claudia arrive or leave. A old, traditional song called "How great thou art." Word has it that he first introduced it at JSC, must be quite a emotional experience when all 60 odd staff sing this rousing hymn.
Talk about every little helps, Tesco mobile phone department gave me a ring the other day to sell me insurance for Robert's iPhone. £7.99 per month but there are certian conditions. Not covered if you drop it, lose it or if it is stolen. Makes one wonder what it is covered for? I suppose their catch line, "every little helps" goes to how much profit they make! As can be seen from the attached photograph, such a lovely word, much better than pic, image, shot.
Anyway to get back to the attached photograph, it is the gate that Matt built while he and Angela stayed here for a while in 2006. Built too last, what gate will last 6 years, taking the daily pounding of Robert going through slamming it shut and Sam forcing his way through before the gate is fully open, not forgetting the harsh weather thrown at it everyday for the last 6 years. This gate has, outstanding quality and I must congratulate myself on arranging their marriage, without me they would never be married today, who says arranged marriages are out of fashion.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Home and away

Robert is home for the Easter holidays and Michael is back at Uni, next week Robert is back at school and Michael is home for two weeks, all the time Susan and I are almost living a life of just a couple. Robert spends most of his time in his room playing computer games and visiting friends and when Michael gets home he is either working or out with Charlotta. Well at least they have a home to come back to, even if it is just to sleep, they do a lot of that as well.
I drove the iPanda today, just a quick trip to Aldi for some antipasti for our evening meal and was quite surprised to realise we have had the car for over a year. Susan has been clocking up the miles, so easily done in the comfort and splendour of this fine Italian automobile, 3450 miles. By any standard that would make it a nearly new car. I remember Gary telling me he does about 50,000 miles a year in his car and they have a second car. This is when you realise that England is a very small island.
Susan and I normally go to a coffee shop at least once over the course of a weekend and we have decided to start rating them. More for our own forgetful minds then anything else. We have frequented about a dozen over the years and with time we are getting braver and venturing further to satisfy our caffeine cravings. Maybe Sugo Russo! Maybe not, too far for a weekend. Has anyone been to have a little dicki dob yet. Russell I know you want to, let us all know through the comments section. 
We have reached double figures, 12.5 deg C today but that Russian wind continues to blow and the rain falls so easily I am doubtful of any type of spring.
I said goodbye to my Apple MacBook on Thursday, very sad, it is just such a good laptop, although 6 years old still fast and reliable. I bought it for £325 and sold it for £280. Off it went to a new home in Bridport, the new owner did say I can visit if I wanted to but I think it is better to put it behind me and get on with my life, might take a little time but I must be brave. OK maybe one trip in a month or two just to see how it is getting on.
Sold my iPad as well, another good price, just on £200 for a 3 year old 1st generation, 16 gb. Not bad but we now have the iPad 4 so have not missed it at all. Marvellous machines, I write this blog sitting comfortably in the lounge. 
Enough about me, time to open that soft bottle of red wine I have been longing for the whole weekend. 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Iron Lady passes away

This week we have been through a bit of a minefield of news. Margaret Thatcher passed away after a stroke in her bed at the Ritz? Her bed? I must ask the question, why the Ritz? This seems to be one of those facts the journalists seem to be ignoring. An aging ex polictian dies alone in her bed at the Ritz? I do not really care if you liked her or not, she was the best man for the job and england needed someone strong at a time when we were the laughing stock of the world.
Robert asked me what I thought about the death of Margeret Thatcher and said I thought she had probarly come to the end of a good life and could just see Dennis, her husband who died 10 years ago, asking her at the pearly gates.
'What took you so long dear.'
He was onced asked why he does not express his views in public as often as the press would want?
'The press think I am a fool, I do not want to confirm the fact.' Was his reply.
I hope he is there for her and their love affair will last.
Now, Kim Jong Um, mentally retarded leader of North Korea wanting to take on the rest ofthe world? Now that is someone who needs a slap. Nothing good will come of this until the rest of the world unite and sort him out. At best, a bit of posturing, at worst a few hundred thousand people killed , all by someone who can not wipe his own nose properly. Give me strenght, I really thought we had gone beyond strating peacock.
Thanks for all the comments, till anon.