Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Garden Beginning

We have started enjoying our garden, this is the beginning but we are happy with the results. I must remind you what it looked like when we started and then where we are now.
A garden is not like a lounge or any other room in your house. Buy a sofa and two armchairs, coffee table, cushions and curtains and you are set for a while. No garden has its own moods, seasons and then the weather has something to say. We have began our garden and are now living in it. We feel comfortable but it is still so young, So we must begin our journey with what we have, the grass is green and lush and the bedding plants seems to be growing but one tends to look too often and too closely to really see a difference.
We are having a New Garden Celebration BBQ (weather permitting) this coming weekend, let the wine toast a small area of beauty.
On another note, all my clients seem to be buying Windows 8 and as I offer support for their IT I have been running into this new operating system and needed to get my own so as to become familiar with the program. To install Windows 8 on my Sony would have cost me £ 139.00. Robert phoned me to say Staples had incorrectly priced their new HP Pavilion at £ 160.00. Good machine and runs Windows 8. i3 processor and 4gb Ram, 1tb hard drive on a 14" laptop. So no brainer, I bought another laptop. I must say the Windows 8 is a little confusing, made for a tablet and then adapted to work on a PC does not make for a good combination. Anyway Microsoft have launched Windows 8.1, so before I set anything up I downloaded Windows 8.1. That is where the fun started, 4 and a half hours later it was finally installed. Better than the straight 8 but still a dog. Verdict, buy an Apple and save yourself many hours of frustration.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Pamagor recommends a Smartphone

The best of Sony for the best of you, All the power and smartness of Sony in a premium smartphone recommended by Russell's friend Pamagor. Pamagor is well know for his extraordinary gift of dress sense and his world travel, a writer and wine connisour. Russell has just acquired the Sony Xperia Z1 after a lengthy chat with his friend. Welcome to the smart world, hope you enjoy all the thousands of Apps which are available. Just a question, is Office 365 available on the Sony? It will not load on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.5 but does load onto my iPad.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sea life Trust

Merlin are launching a new website which is focused on Marine Conservation. Susan brought the latest in house news letter with all their dream and aims. Below is a little of the ethos, it is well worth reading and digesting.
Here at SEA LIFE we care deeply about our oceans, the creatures that live above and beneath the surface and those we are lucky enough to have in our care. We are experts in husbandry and will only keep creatures that we know will thrive in the displays we create for them.
We are active campaigners and activists, doing all we can to preserve the precious life that dwells in our oceans. As well as the practical breeding, homing, rescue and rehabilitation of ocean dwelling creatures we also petition governments, host conferences and help raise awareness of all kinds of important marine issues.
A SEA LIFE fund raising campaign has enabled a new Sea Turtle Rescue and Wildlife Information Centre to be built on the Greek island of Zakynthos. This is because 90% of the loggerhead turtle nests in the Mediterranean are found here. Until the centre was built any adult turtles injured in collisions with pleasure craft or through entanglement in fishing gear around the island (of which there are many) could only be treated at a centre in Athens, a day’s travel away.
I am not the biggest fan of aquariums but an occasionally a brief stroll through is quite soothing, seeing those beautiful fish, sharks, octopus and heaven knows what else they put into those cleverly designed tanks, swimming so effortlessly is worth a visit. Young children would take an instant delight to the wonder of seeing the ocean creatures so closeup. 
I invite all my grand children to come and visit me and I will take you to Chessington, you can ride some exciting rides, see some wild animals at the safari park and then when you weary I will take you to you a food station and you can top up with burger, pizza and a soft drink before a stroll through the aquarium. 
The best thing about Chessington is that they only allow children, anyone over 21 is classed as an adult and has to be accompanied by a child. 
On another more somber note, let's stop using plastic. Seriously it is slowly destroying our planet. Every year about 10 million tons of plastic is dumped in the sea. That little turtle you see is very nosy and will eat plastic and then slowly get very poorly, ditch plastic.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Breaking News

Susan, not satisfied with the iPhone 4 S has upgraded to the iPhone 5 S. Robert's nose is so out of joint. See photo of this latest Apple phone. Pamagor has just arrived, how did he know?
I am sure Pants, Mika and Lily are all a little envious but then when you are an important person in Merlin you get the toys. What to buy for some one who has an iPanda, iPhone and is totally a thoroughly modern, up and coming lady.

Much a do about Nothing

Yes, yes you have heard it all before but this time I will complete the garden and we will have a BBQ to celebrate. Maybe invite a few friend around and encourage a bottle or two of wine from the cellar to toast the job finally done. Much to do, mow the lawn, construct the bench and fashion the flower box, boxes to balance the vista.
Tomorrow evening we are going to have a Italian dinner at a quant little restaurant in the old town, let the vino flow, embrace the salad and devour the pizza/pasta, the celebration s will begin early but then who can say they had a gravel pit one day and a garden the next.
Russell, according to Pamagor, has embraced the smart phone world, the price of paraffin is just too much for him. Battery power and 3G now follow this boy around. Pamagor is delighted, they do a instant chat now via 3G and have taken on the might of Android to video call, more to show off their latest fashion item, then anything else but it is good to take on modern apps ( applications ).
I have just iMessaged Russell and it seems it is not an iPhone, as the message was not delivered, so we will have to wait for a response to our text messages. Pamagor has been an officisnodo of the dark side for many years, actually just before Pants got involved. I iMessaged him and he is also in the dark, maybe someone can find out if it is a smart phone or an iPhone?
Well Angela has graced us with some lovely photographs of her children basking in the sun, maybe Mark will take a few photos of his world and we will havea good picture of what the state of our family is in.
For those who want to know, Susan has a blog and you can view it here. susanmfay.blogspot.co.uk
Have good weekend.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Awake, awake, spring awake

The birds herald the arrival of spring, waking me earlier and earlier. They seem to be celebrating, a dawn chorus to nature, with the lengthening and warming of the days. Our garden has been largely quiet throughout the winter, apart from the plucky robin or the eerie call of rooks.

Birds are thinking about finding territories and mates, no time to lose, so they sing. This is a time of year you can not miss the song of the amorous birds. Spring Watch will let us know when the first of the migrant birds make landfall. This is a time of plenty for, not only the birds, but plants, animals and, dare I say it, insects. It is a celebration, an awakening, enjoy this short time of plenty, soon it will get darker, days shorter and weather cooler.
I do love those long nights, no bird chatter early in the morning. 

The Gardener returns a Promise

Miracles do happen, said by one famous person many years ago. Thanks be The Lord, another saying by someone many years ago. I believe in miracles, so do two happy family of mine and all the others who feel for these are the good times. I am reminded of Granny June at moments like this, I will let her know when everything settles down, be good to catchup. 
Talking of miracles, Robert is having his last school holiday, then off to Uni and the big wide world. It is time, we love him dearly but he has to move on now. 
The garden has taken a turn for the better, as can be seen in the photo I have attached/displayed, inserted, you get the idea. It is only the back section to do, on the left and right a pot plant or two and in the middle a quiet bench to contemplate the day, a catchup area where you can break thing down and then rebuild them, life.
Tonight we have fish and chips, great British fare and I am alone as Susan is doing Yoga and Robert is courting Lady Freya. 
I did see those comments regarding the length of time it has taken me to do the next blog and will make a note.
Getting back to the Fish and Chips, I have to own up, gone are the chips being replaced by roasted winter vegetables tossed in olive oil and finely chopped garlic. I did add a chilli and a whole green pepper and seasoned well. I tossed together a fresh salad and warmed up a garlic roll. Sometimes I wonder at the marvels of simple cooking and those flavours that tease your taste buds with every mouthful. Oh the fish? That was cod done in a light batter with a hint of garlic and basil.
I have being sipping a very lively Claret from Bordeaux. It says on the bottle that this fruit driven Claret is rich with velvety plums, black currants and characteristic cedary notes? I am amazed that for £ 3.99 they are able to get all that into the bottle, but it is rather pleasant. 
Susan has a blog and is delving deeper into the mystic of bringing up children, really worth a read if you know where to find it.