Sunday, 16 June 2013

Harbour Heights

We are at friends of Susan's 50th Birthday party and is such an eye opener, this is the people of Poole. I know some and others by sight but what a world. CEO for the company who manufacture the helicopter that fly the queen around. The most amazing talent, male or female, gracing the room. We overlook the harbour, Brownsea Island in the distance and the evening closing down. A room full of people with money too impress, all paying over the odds for the simple fare. There reason I am not there is, I can not hear anyone talk to me, music too loud. What lovely people, some genuine and others hoping to be noticed. I have put a mark on my new black and white shirt,  blame it on my need for food. I wonder what light snack would cost here because I am seriously hunger. Time  passes and we live in our worlds of hope. I have asked at the restaurant for a menu, well room service can help but the kitchen is closed, they do live in a different world.
That was my rambling on after too much wine and no food, I actually uploaded this blog last night but took it down first thing this morning, as not even I could understand it.
Well let me be the first to let you in to the breaking news. 
Robert Bruce Smith and Michael Glen Smith are now British Citizens. They are Poms for those who are in doubt as to there status.
Angela is going to have a baby, I am sure she has done this before but they are having fun so I say let them enjoy life while they are young.
Mark Harold Smith has just become engaged to Claire Barclay, we wish him all the happiness that marriage can bring.
Now that I have dropped all the latest news I will leave you to reflect and hopefully see a few comments.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Sale of Goods Act 1979

A man has been warned after he dialled 999 to complain about a prostitute's looks after meeting her. The Police said they were contacted by the caller who said he "wished to report her for breaching the Sale of Goods Act". The force said the call was received, complaining that the woman was not as attractive as she had claimed. Officers have now sent the man a letter warning him about wasting police time. 
The Sale of Goods Act 1979 gives consumers legal rights, stipulating goods which are sold must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and must match the seller's description. Clearly she did not.
I said yesterday that I was taking in the air, well I feel I took too much of that air and now have that hint of a cold coming on. At the time England was playing Sri Lanka, England went on to lose that match which was a pity but Sri Lanka had a batting power play they enjoyed. Today South Africa are playing the West Indies. Dale Steyn vs Chris Gayle, 4 off the first ball. Again I say this could end in tears. For who I do not know at the minute, but al will be in your news tomorrow. The ICC trophy has given us some amazing cricket. My money is on India against the other team in the final. It is astonishing how the average cricketers hair style has evolved. Chris Gayle with long dread locks and Tsotsobe with no hair at all, funny that when you consider Shane Warne and his blond spike. England and it's governing of the colonies has a bit to answer for.
News on the pigeons. I have installed a pigeon stopper, allowing the smaller birds to get the food but the pigeons are not allowed any purchase in the feeder. You will be happy to know it seems to be working. I will keep you updated, in other words watch this space.
Did you all see Captain Ben smiling for the camera in some crocodile infested woods in Australia. No, well if you look carefully I have included that time stopping moment in the photograph. Enjoy your weekend and remember, I love you all.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Taking in the Air

LIt is just after 5:30pm and I am sitting outside taking in the air. That is my view. It has been a funny day with crazy photos coming through of stands built upside down and others been flat packed to darkest Africa. All in all a challenge to bring out the best in what I have. Two articles written and one accepted for publication, also a funny day in that respect. Normally two articles written and none even get a reply!
I have foiled those pigeons and there eating of the food I put out for the robins, blue tits and finches. I still leave food on the bird table which the pigeons are welcome to but the smaller birds do need a little help in this clement weather. Talking of clement weather, the Poppy's and Roses have all flowered and the gale force winds and rain has made short work of us being able to enjoy the display, if it is not one thing then it is another, I sometimes despair at ever being able to just let nature take its course in a gentle way that allows us the time to contemplate, surrounded by natural colour and heady perfumes of summer. I fear it will be a long summer with many disappointments on this muddy island I call home.
Tonight I will be serving omelettes, chips and salad for dinner, actually it is not dinner by supper, dinner evokes the memories of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and all the extras. Now that is something to contemplate, when last did you have a rare joint of scotch fillet cooked gently on the BBQ and enjoyed with new potatoes and a fresh salad? This weekend shows signs of good weather and I think I will visit my local butcher and we will enjoy that noblest of meals. 
England scored 297 / 7 against Sri Lanka, Ravi Bopara hitting 33 off 13 balls and now Sri Lanka are 41 / 1. Still a while to go, SA not doing to we'll but there is hope as Steyn and De Villiers are fit and ready for the next game. Australia are giving their best, on and off the field. David Warner has thrown in a bouncer for Australia, must admit Joe Root is so young and needs to be brought back to earth. Wig what can you expect!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer time and the weather is easy

I have a few minutes before I need to put the dinner in the oven and I am sitting watching the champions trophy ( Cricket ) South Africa playing Pakistan and it will all end in tears for one of the sides. Actually by the time you read this it will be all over and it could just be that there are some moist eyes in the house. I must say that Lonwabo Tsotsobe is a almighty warrior, he can throw a spear a reasonable distance. Sorry Robert is that a little racial? Seriously he would make a great Zulu fighter. There is nothing but Kungfu fighting, also a great song, written by Chaka for his Japanese friends. That Duminy, no not the chaplain from your local church but that little short hair, dark glasses, spin bowler from South Africa has just claimed another wicket. I can see this all ending in tears. 
Russell is back, went on a little cruise around the Mediterranean and now back to reality, such a good song. Welcome back wee Russell, take some time to move gently into your working life again and remember those Mediterranean girls are all flirts.
Angela is going to have another we bairn, I would love to be a fly on the wall when Lily found out, not another I can hear her say.  
" I have just learnt to cope with Captain Ben, what are they up too?"
Well the Smith/ Dickens genes are going to flourish throughout the universe. Long live the genes. Michael did comments that this puts a visit by the Dickens out another few years but I say lets the children enjoy themselves. Great news princess.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer weekend

The sun comes out and the typical Brit forgets how to dress, I know I have blogged this before but the amount of flesh I have seen today is unhealthy. I am on the front pouch waiting for the Robins to come to the feeding tray and the BBQ is all cooked. First one for the summer, may it be a good summer, if not for my sake but the rest of the family, who take delight in the sun.
Lily Florence had another birthday on Monday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY. The years fly by and my grandchildren grow strong and tall, it is all in the genes and through them we will live on. Hope you had a great day Lily Florence.
Robert and I went for a walk in Tilbury forest with Sam today, image attached, and the most absent was the sound of the birds. Forget where have all the flowers gone, where are all the birds? There are more birds in my garden then in that vast forest. I suppose as we cultivate more land and destroy more natural habitat for the birds they will migrate to the towns and houses. A survey was done to determine the amount of houses that put out food for the wild birds, 42% of all the UK households said they feed the birds. Mary Poppins had a lot to do with that.