Sunday, 20 March 2016

Chubby is now the new Fat

Sitting at Druckers Patisserie in the Dolphin Centre, I am sure we have one in Shelly Beach, is that called the Dolphin Centre? Anyway let's not ramble on. Robert and Michael will be here for the Easter break, Michael only for a week but Robert is here for a month. Then he does a quick 10 weeks and is finished his second year. Then as we all know, he is off to the ‘You Nighted States’, sounds just right when you say it that way. Imitating some redneck from Idaho or Wyoming. I am sure Robert will have their accents down to a tee once he gets back.

I am getting the Zafira brakes done, they do come in handy and sort of a requirement. Back to what the boys call my pet subject. Fat people. 

The word fat is out and now the new word is chubby. The boys seem to think I have a problem with people that are over weight, not really, but there are an awful amount of them out there. In my defence, I am trying to look after this world and my criticism of chubby people (I know they are actually fat), is that they are consuming 3 times what the average person would. That can not be good for anything. In future I will term them chubby and let that be an end to my accused fixation.

Finally, this is something I read some where. 'You can understand and relate to most people better if you look at them as if they are children.'

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Monsters we have created

Let's start with the BBC, BBC 1 in fact. Prime time on a Saturday night and what do they serve up? The Voice, really!  The National Lottery show, more of the same, Reality show garbage. I really battle to understand why this prime tv station think this is the way to spend the millions of pounds of licence fee. Like the NHS, this is now a monster that can not be managed or controlled. I know, but hear me out. I have fought, not very bravely, but now I have no more stomach for war. 

But let go back to the 29th Feb  - over heard Susan muttering to herself.
'I really do hope none of the boys were proposed too.' Can only be Robert that is worrying her. 

Just taken Sam for his walk on the beach and decided it was time to finish off this blog, so have ordered an Americano and a slice of Victoria sponge cake. Anyway back to the task in hand.

My next feeling have taken a long time for me to put pen to paper. Tattoo's, yes those things people burn on their bodies, definitely not art , more like nursery school drawing class. I do know of a few reasonable intelligent people who have them on many parts of their body, some can only be seen when they are in a bikini, not that I would want to see them in a scanty costume. But others are on their necks, arms, chests, ankles and that is then finished off with rings in their nose, ears, lips, nipples and I will go no further suffice to say some parts of the body should be left in peace. Why? I was in a tattoo shop, purely work, they had a problem with their website, and it was quite smelly in there. Burnt flesh has that special smell and I do find every time I see someone with a tattoo or piecing that smell comes to mind. I thinks it is a form of self harming and that is definitely a mental problem. My advice, if you want to get yourself tattooed then make it small, easily covered and no more than one, piecing - bottom of your ears but go no further, no one likes seeing a good looking girls with a hole in her nose.
Think carefully and try and remember who you were before social pressure told you who you should be.

Moving on, over the course of this morning we have had rain, hail, snow and sleet but as you can see from the photo I have just taken, it is officially a beautiful day.