Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday–day of travel and thought

This being a typical Saturday morning we slept in until 9am and then it was the morning breakfast for Michael as he starts work at 10am. Dropping Michael off we normally take Sam for a walk while Susan and I have a run along the beach front or around Poole Park. Today Mags phoned needing us to help her return a sun lounger she had bought from Lidl on Thursday and found it difficult to get out of once in!! Well the two take back queens were in their element, Susan does love a little take back, buys something and I am sure she just buys another to take back next week. Anyway then on to Branksome beach for a run, left Susan behind to enjoy the beach hut and doubled back home to wake Robert the Bruce and get him ready for Golf. That is where I am now.

It sounds hectic but I actually enjoy it. After golf I will pickup Susan and then on to the Dolphin Shopping Centre, Susan has some cloths to take back. I intend to have a coffee at the Courtyard Patisserie, get some new Chinos, not for return and then shop for supper.

Talking of supper, tonight we are having a dish I have never cooked before but reading through the recipe, sound delicious.

I have bought 4 Poussins and these I will part roast in a little water for 45 minutes, with 2 chunky cut onion, 4 whole garlic cloves  (squashed), 2 tins cherry tomatoes, 2 carrots sliced four times and a lemon cut into quarters. Season with salt and pepper. Once tender take the roasted Poussins, carrots and lemon out of the baking dish and add 200 ml chicken stock, 2 teaspoons of corn flour and thicken on the stove top. Put the Poussins back into the over for another 10 minutes just to crisp them up and brown the skin.

I will serve with roast potatoes and the carrots.  Maybe a small rocket and sweet pepper salad on the side. Come to think of it I might just add the halved sweet peppers to the roast and have roasted peppers as well. What if I substitute the cherry tomatoes for the peppers and have fresh ripe tomatoes in the salad? Will let you know.

A good Chardonnay well chilled, actually cold and followed with a Dorset Apple Cake with a big scoop of ice cream. 

Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding – the dark side

Have you come across someone who you cannot stand as a presenter on a television program that you just want to punch them? We watch the One Show every night except Friday's, that night has Chris Evans, he has that face that says 'Punch me'. Anyway I have the ability of switching off to trivia.

Now the presents: Boris Johnson – Mayor of London - gave them a tandem bicycle, so apt with regards to Boris's bicycles. Boris's bicycles are all over London, you hire them and they have special bicycle lanes all over the city. Anyway it will be interesting to hear what Sir Elton John and his toy boy came up with. What has Prince Charles and Camilla given? Maybe an indigenous tree, planted in organic Duchy compost.

I believe the Queen has given them Wales and offered Northern Ireland but Kate felt it was too soon. Also a wee castle and a flat in Kensington. They are very excited about the Castle, not having somewhere to stay at the minute and when the family grows then can add another brace of rooms.

Matthew of Ozdale has offered to supervise the build with Angela and Lily Florence as the official mum and artist respectively. If it is a new build then Claudia of Claudosa is the right person. If they are really in need of somewhere to stay and need a place in a hurry, I would recommend Buckingham Palace, loads of room there.

Tomorrow's news already say: Nerves at the altar but William didn't look back: It was a day when they were being watched by the world, but the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge only had eyes for each other. (That's the Times).

My headline: Harry and Pippa have a grand time. After looking after their respective brother and sister, they rave until 5am and then collapse.(See photo of Pippa)

Indiana goes to stag mountain

Indiana goes to the mountain
Just a quick catchup on Indiana Jones SD and the Muscle Woman. Indy, I am allowed to call him that, sought out O'mage Mountian, Violente and the resourceful Indiana joined forces and gave in to Muscle Woman?
Markus and Travis have a great photo gallery, Travis poses and Markus kindly takes the photographs. Angela has used her allocation of bandwidth in Dicasmithi, so will not be able to throw in her hand in response. Also she has gone over to the dark side, when you have lost your way their are so few who can help you back. The bits vs the pips, an age old contest, the second bite of the apple will only enhance the tournament.
Gussell of Georgedale has posted a very illuminating comment while catching up with his ever growing pressure of money, the making of it and his happiness derived from it. Pamagor is feeling a little put out as he was not mentioned in despatches. Why touch the space bar twice for a period, if a whale is stranded and dies on the beach? Tell the world how sad it is but remember to text your friends, such an occasion. Pamagor come home and save the world against the morans.
There are many different dung beetles, when the elephant has a poo, they release a fresh smell which only some dung beetles can small, once they have taken their fill, that dung starts to smell different and other, bigger dung beetles attack that mound of poo, also taking a small ball off to lay their eggs in and leaving the larver to hatch in scrumptious poo.
Lily Florence of Dicasmithi, close to the people with the red cars will be celebrating her unique birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lily, Happy Birthday to you. Enough of that when are we getting another work of art?life goes by and still you remain so far away, remember when you wean your mum off purity and onto olives throw in a brochure of Dorset.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Anzac Day

Anzac day, this year, has come and gone but we have not forgotten.

Anzac stood, and still stands, for reckless valor in a good cause, for enterprise, resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship, and endurance that will never own defeat - 25th April 1915.

I find this both a comfort and tremendous sadness. It is frightening that, such brave men, who were ordered to attack by a unskilled, unapt General, had the courage to obey, knowing that it will mean certain death. I realise that New Zealand and Australia are joined in remembering this day, it has through time become a day of remembrance, remembering all those who have lost their lives for a cause the politician's felt worthy.

Tomorrow Catherine and HRH Prince William of Windsordale will marry. Brave, a commoner marrying a Prince. Will the past play one more pathetic card or will Catherine be stronger than those that went before her? Time will again tell us this happy or sad tale. Tomorrow I will be watching this pomp and ceremony of lavish splendour.

They have one advantage over their parents, they are not stupid and will have seen the mistakes made in the past.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Musmead Manor launches Shepherds Huts

These new Shepherds Huts are now all the rage for campers who want to have a few home comforts. It has a solid roof, solid walls and a mini kitchen, stove and good old electricity. All cater for most of our creature comforts, a double bed that is 7 foot long and Wi Fi, if you can afford it. The biggest drawback is no LOO? What kind of house has no loo, where do you do a No. 2!!!? It is said that the Lady of Musmead Manor needs to go to the loo for a wee every half hour, makes you think of all those miles she will walk to the portaloo.

Mus of Musmead Manor, the farmhand, had his tractor serviced today and they reset his sat nav, at last, he has been having problems finding his fields.

Gussell of Georgedale has expressed a desire to be able to have Clotted Cream scones at Corfe Castle. I agree and plan to escape to Corfe and enjoy this ancient tradition, it was about 5 years ago since we have had scones at Corfe, quite frankly I miss it.

We have a national holiday on Friday for the wedding of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton, she is from the family who have the rights to all the mugs and tea towels with the happy couple on. We also have a Bank holiday on Monday. Let me know if you have public holidays over the next few weeks. The boys are happy as there is no school tomorrow, a body was found at their school, apparently hanging by the neck. There are tough exams coming up and there is bound to be casualties.

Some time at the beach

The sun is shining, some people come to the beach with so much paraphernalia, in town they would need planning permission. As always, this time of the year brings out those snow white bodies, covered against the cold all winter, needing sun and the vitamin D it brings to your body. I believe this vital vitamin, is what makes us feel so full of life. In some cases looking around me now, maybe too much life and the delicate winter skin will suffer for the next few days, oh well that is the start of summer.

Did everyone get the YouTube link on the power of words? Amazing and it brought home to me the importance of the splash page - home page, of any website. The power of your message must get through as they open the page; the balance is a fine one between text and images and is paramount. I will be having another close look at all the websites I manage, with this in mind.


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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Who have we got?

Those around us, that family who might be far away, those so close, we miss them in passing. We are all, because we have a loved one, a sibling or a parent or all the above. We are, what they have helped us to become. They said the right thing at the right time.

Queen parts with her well-earned silver.

The Queen will celebrate her 85th birthday by giving the Maundy alms to 85 people. The traditional ceremony will see The Queen give a purse of silver coins to elderly recipients. The Maundy Money ceremony is thought to date back to an event held by King John in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, in 1210. The monarch would give out money and symbolically wash the feet of the poor as Jesus is said to have done at the Last Supper. Although that part of the ceremony ended in the 18th Century they will still receive silver pennies in a small silk bag.

Talking about the Queens leads me to the British Empire and the colonies. Also to a comment posted by Gary of the Middle Smiths where he describes the tons of crap he gave away to the maids and garden boys. Very noble but what caught our eye was the plural used to refer to their servants. Who says the British Empire and all its traditions are dead? Just for the record they have a head garden boy and an assistant. The house is served very well by the maid in charge and two assistants. Claudia of Middle Smiths, formerly of the Claudosa Era, feels a butler will be just one step too far. They do have one extravagance, a footman who doubles as the taxi driver and also cleans the fleet of motor vehicles and the pool.

From all at Middle Earth we hope they enjoy their new home and hopefully stay there for at least until they get to know their neighbours, before the Lord of the Manor offers it for sale. Happy Easter egg hunting.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Yesterday morning we ventured out of Poole harbour on the Greenslade Ferry, destination Wareham via Round Island, Long Island and Brown Island. We then navigated the Frome River taking us to The Granary and St Mary's Parish Church in the town. Couple of interesting facts gleamed on route, the Channel Ferry - see photo, carries 80 trucks and takes 8 hours to France.

We passed the old u-boat dry dock, which is now a Marina where the residence park their yachts at their front door. Built in 1951 and still looks amazing. See pic.

Wareham is a lovely little Market town, the little we saw of it.having. Managed a photograph of the Church as mentioned in my previous blog, see pic of the church tower.

With two teenaged we just had time for a quick glance then into the first pub for an extended lunch and then rush back to catch the ferry, very content after a fine local pint and a plough mans. The boys, boringly, had Burgers and Merlin had ham, eggs and chips, washed down by a fine glass of White wine.

Is it true that the Middle Smiths are actually in their new house already? Had some amazing photographs from Gary yesterday, very posh and open plan house. The also have the added advantage of no ghosts, leaving that task for them, as it is a new build and I believe near to the local lake.

It is a bungalow, meaning single storey but as the plots of land are so big they have managed to included a guest cottage complete with bathroom etc. Hopefully some more photographs of the outside and the view will follow soon.

Just a note on the weather here today, sunny, warm 24 deg C in the shade and BBQ tonight, enjoy your weekend.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

A trip to Wareham on the ferry.

She who must be obeyed has pointed out that Mother Sabin of Faydale has potatoes growing from her potatoes grow bags - already. Merlin visited this small hamlet of Faydale and finding three females, posing that look of being 'peaceful', mother Sabin hanging up the washing, domestic bliss, first born Sabin/Fay reading Jane Eire, she is the clever one (Merlin says so) and the youngest Sabin/Fay looking so studious it left Merlin so impressed, as to make her pass a comment to me that the sun shone brighter and stronger at Faydale. It is the sunniest, warmest place in Middle Earth. It makes one wonder what the Mad Hatter would say? Mother or Son they are so much alike.

Tomorrow Merlin is dragging us off to the dodgy ferry that takes one and a half hours to cover 3 miles, and for this you cough up £25. We will be visiting Wareham. Lord only knows what we have to look forward to but I will take photographs and make notes. Tomorrow or the next day I will blog this happening, but to be truthful, I still do not know what it is, an adventure, trial, obligation, penance?

Here are a few snippets of information I gleamed from the Internet on Wareham. Wareham is a lovely 10 minutes' drive from Poole. Michael says, if we had two cars then one could have taken Merlin to the harbour to catch the £25 ferry, while the rest of us could stay at home for another hour and then drive to Wareham (£2), in time to beat the ferry and get the best table at the pub for lunch.

Wareham: The town's strategic setting has made it an important settlement throughout its long history. Excavations at the nearby Bestwall site have produced evidence of transient early Mesolithic activity dating to around 9000 BC. At the same site four large Neolithic pits containing worked flint and pottery fragments dating to 3700 BC were found. Three greenstone axe heads discovered also probably date to this period. Flint working and potting continued throughout the Bronze Age. The first house discovered dates to the 15th century BC.

"Bloody Bank", West Walls.
Archaeological evidence exists of a small Roman settlement, though the current town was founded by the Saxons. The Roman name is unknown, but the town is referred to as Werham in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle entry of 784, from Old English wer (meaning 'fish trap, a weir') and hām ('homestead') or hamm ('enclosure hemmed in by water').

Lady St. Mary church

The town's oldest features are the town walls, ancient earth ramparts surrounding the town, likely built by Alfred the Great in the 9th century to defend the town from the Danes as part of his system of burh towns. The Danes had invaded Wareham in 876, only leaving after the payment of a ransom. In 998 they attacked again, and in 1015 an invasion led by King Cnut left the town in ruins. The town was a Saxon royal burial place, notably that of King Beorhtric (800 CE). Also in the town at the ancient minster church of Lady St. Mary is the coffin said to be that of Edward the Martyr, dating from 978. His remains had been hastily buried there and were later taken from Wareham to Shaftesbury Abbey in north Dorset (and now lie in Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey).

I cannot wait to take the ferry there. Maybe the Three Musketeer's, England, America and France, should take a leaf out of King Cnut's book and invade Libya and leave it in ruins, will save us taxpayers a small fortune and bring the price of oil down.

Happy Good Easter Friday – Good Friday for the Jesus guys and a fantastic holiday for the rest of us. Whatever your needs to live, enjoy this break. Hail Mary, Hail Mary, 5 more times and thank you peasants for the money in the bowl, should buy a cheap Claret and a Burger King special.

Did you hear? The Pope is planning a hostile takeover of the Church of England, watch this space. The Queen is giving away money to the yobs. See the latest news on BBC iPlayer.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baby boomers?

We all wait for the City of
Tshwane to give the go ahead, let Dan the Man catch a few frogs and Mika pick a few wild flowers, come on Mr Tshwane. The children of Middle Smiths need to go home. Just one thing you need to find once you have moved in and that is a 'Thoughtful Spot', half way between there and here. It will become so much more than a spot.

So many women in Middle Earth are striving for another baby and so many exhausted men striving to give their all. Those female eggs are so discerning and quite frankly too picky. 9 million male sperm vs 1 female eggs, the odds are on that one egg achieving total massacre, 90 million dead. We might need a few more citizens in Middle Earth, but relax and let romance take you to exotic heights.

Now for Easter, what are your plans for Easter? We will be taking it one step at a time, sunny days and it is the beach. That is about where we are, except, we want to take a ferry trip up the Frome river to Wareham, do a pub lunch and ferry back. Maybe a comment or two will keep us all in the loop.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What Happened to Pamagor?

Gussell of Georgedale who has just travelled the length of South Afirca. Covering most of the provinces and most of the Aventura resorts asked the question. What happened to Pamagor? The news has been scarce, everyone has their heads down fighting inflation and the real cost of living, so would have missed the apparent sightings of Pamagor.

Fear not tardy children, I saw Pamagor. Resplendent in a scarlet, burgundy waistcoat, Levi hipsters and white, ankle boots. A pink, floral scarf and diamond earrings, completed the overall feel of a very important person.

That's right. You will like Pamagor. Passing bye me a day or two ago and noticed me. Did not actually say anything, mind you, but knew it was me. Very friendly I thought.

I am a little worried, is Pamagor male or female? From the fleeting glance I am not sure?

Changing the subject for a little while, has anyone heard from Lily and her parents? Anzac day is fast approaching and we still do not know if the biscuits will be ready. Mark has not reviewed his Opel Auras and Gary still has not told us if the offer he received on his new house was accepted. So many questions, so few answers?

After listening to Radio 4, talking of Britain's plan to have free Wi Fi everywhere by 2018, will I be around then? Susan and I went for our first spring run today. A gentle jog around Poole lake, I felt 20 again and will continue these early morning runs.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Taliban, Taliban sell me a banana.

It seems apt that I use the iPad to write this blog as there is a fruit involved and that will make Gary of Middle Smiths happy.
Gussell of Georgedale wrote a very thought provoking comment on my last blog, it is worth a read, the eloquently way he described the buck of the lowlands of South Africa, brought back the times I have spent watching those agile deer - Springbok. Such grace and finesse as they prance and run, all a game but a vital game of survival.
Back to the Taliban and how he has lasted all this time. The song 'Hey Mr Taliman, tali me banana' is as old as time. I have attached the original photograph (It has rights and reserves but a banana box is just a banana box). The haunting verse where he wants to go home instead of blowing himself up evokes a nations of suffering, so sad and so committed.
Daylight come and I want to go home.
The Taliban have just re branded themselves to serve the global Market. From now on the Taliban will be known as the Taliman. "Goldstein and Cohen, lawyers and re branding."
Make them look daft and after a while they will be.
Easter is fast approaching, the Shepards Huts that Mally of Musmead Manor bought are there. See the website for details. or book a stay. Does anyone know if Mark has taken posession of his Opel Auras yet? Is Gussell home from his travels and has Lily lost her painting set? So many questions, so few answers.
Just to let you all know, I am on holiday from the 21st April until the 3rd May 2011. That means I will have time for more blogging!!!

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Those misty, blue covered mountains

A swallow lands in the garden and I long to find out where it is from, those misty, blue mountains looked after it for so long. Was it the valleys of Natal or the crags of the Cape. A migration, so long, for one so small takes me back.

Those mist covered mountains, far from me now. This place is home now as I want it to be. Someday I will return to the fells and fens, the valleys and the friends. Through my life of discovery and the search for our beginning, has taken me into the past, I witness the future and feel the suffering. The wars rage on, it sometimes burns and is always hungry.

And through it all, I miss your fells and fens, the valleys and the friends. Life in fear of the alarm still does not desert me but those blue covered mountain's still call.

There is so many different continents, climates and cultures. If I follow my head I will go north, but my heart takes me south, so many different suns, warming just one world but why do we think we are in different worlds, under that silly sun. That is when I look to the moon and what is written in the cosmos, following the lines of my hand and tasting the dry winds. I long again for the fells and fens, the valleys and the friend.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Don’t blame the ferry man

You must pay me now. Chris De Burgh sang that iconic song, but the origin was from the Scottish herring fisherman and the wives they left behind. Out to sea for months on end, their wives would mend the nets and when they came back, they would gut the herring. They would sing the song about the Herring men and the long time they were away. They were paid when the Herring boats returned.
'Do not blame the Herring men' they would say to their children when hungry and cold.
'When the Herring men returned, your Fathir will be home and we will be paid.'

Robert says, 'I would prefer if she allowed me a iPhone.'

Do not ask, I am only the messenger, don't kill the messenger or the piano player.

I must ask if the new Apple Mac is 8x faster? Also what is it 8x faster than? Maybe someone can tell me if they have experience with the new 10x more powerful and 8x faster Mac book – Gregor from OSD claims it sings and dances?

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It is Mally’s Birthday

It is a Grand thing to be a Birthday, that is what you said?
A what?
On a horse?
On a Knight?
It is a Grand thing to be a Birthday Girl, on a horse and a knight.

It is a grand day for a birthday. Mally of Musmead Manor celebrates her birthday today, we will all drink to that in June, when she and 4 other's, from her year of birth, celebrate this occasion. David Blunt will be there as well as Madonna.

Mally is a friend of mine and they are precious. Today she would have taken stock of her life and I predict she will be a very happy and wealthy girl in the next 5 years.

Life, a few years ago, saw her with no money and nowhere to live, also facing the daunting task of having to take her parents to court for what was hers. Tough times and her determination and vision saw the birth of a Longthorns Farm - Camping and Caravan Site.

That took on all the others and succeeded. This all came with a price tag and such heartache. Through it all she never lost sight of her friends and today, I hope, those friends have given her the birthday she deserves. Another valued member of Middle Earth, who we will all meet at the Grand Middle Earth rally.

I would like to leave you with this one thought:

"There was time when Dad's were kind, when Mum's were your mother. That was a time, I dreamed of life worth all the working. I was young and I was not afraid.

The time has come when you find your Father is not perfect. Taking your childhood in his stride he broke those youthful dreams, killing those dreams. You are better."

Happy Birthday Sally, Mally of Musmead Manor, you have earned it. Well done.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Life moves on an takes us with it.


I have refined my recipe for BBQ Salsa (Hoties) and it has been given the green light from all the Michelin Chefs.

1 chopped small onion, 1 tin 400g Whole peeled tomatoes, 2 chopped and crushed cloves garlic, Pinch mixed herbs, Teaspoon balsamic vinegar, 1 veg stock cube in 400 ml hot water, 1 chilli – med, and T/s Veg Oil.

Heat veg oil in a pan, add onion, garlic and herbs until soft and starting to catch then add tinned tomatoes, Balsamic, Chilli and stock. Season with salt and pepper and reduce slowly until it is on ⅓ of original amount. Great, almost a paste and will keep in the fridge for years.

Just to let you know, Mark has a new Toyota Auras and Kepple is exhausted. Is Kepple a boy or a girl? Is Pamagor a lady or a gentleman? Only Gussell of Georgedale and Claudia of the Claudosa era have some clue. Guard the secrets of Middle Earth, so many depend on your strength, you are the keepers of the truth.

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The 1st BBQ of the almost Summer

It was easy to see Susan back in the sun, her other lover, a summer lover who warms caresses and heals her soul from the long winter. A lover for whom I feel no jealousy, only admiration. The summer sun comes for a short, few months in the UK and then with contradictions.

It is our first BBQ of this fledgling summer and I glance back at the interior of the house and realise I have not vacuumed the carpets for at least two weeks. The spring BBQ fire calls, those unique BBQ smells, aromas and the carpet will have to wait.

Russell is driving 1000 miles and remembering the drives of the past. Nelspruit, Bloemfontein – where I went to school, Winburg – I passed it to and from school, Warden, Colesburg, Allermanskraal – created for the white's and named for everyone, everyone being white. Allermanskraal meaning everyone's home. Then on to Kruger and a welcome shower, a tall glass of their best red wine before drifting into a slumber of achievement. A journey of Adventura, of adventure.

Ps. Has Gary sold his house? Is Lily painting again? So many questions, so few answers.

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Gemma has her 21st

Susan is such a little darling, listening to all the family banter, silly remarks and all the time looking as though she was having the time of her life. Robert wanted to go like a root channel tooth extract, he enjoyed himself as well, we all did. Julia has a great family, her mother, frail but still so full of fun and Tim, formerly of Heinz, before that the Merchant navy, was the life and soul of the party.
This blog is really to tell Julia that she did us all proud. Great 21st party, good company and the weather you ordered was amazing.

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Location:Poole,United Kingdom

Apple Information Pad review

I must admit that everyone who has tried this iPad has wanted one. It is the ultimate 'must have item'. I do find the keyboard very easy to us, the only criticism is the need to change between text and numerical. The keys are super fast and the lightest touch will print the letter, will take some getting use to as my habit is to bang away and then correct later.
Processor and OS is quick, much faster then any laptop I have used. They screen is clear and indoors great. Outside in the sun it is a challenge to say the least, boosting the brightness does help. My Sony net book is far superior, delivering easy to read text and picture quality. Maybe someone can help with this as I know someone who wants one, but needs to use it outdoors.
Spring is wandering to summer, maybe a little early but at 20 deg C, today is encouraging. With life's little ironies I am sure it will be a cold Easter, Susan is desperate to get a little colour, that is pink, red and then pale tan until she starts the whole process over again. The Brits are all walking around in summer frocks, their transparent white skin standing out like a colony of albinos baboons. Fluorescent skin, as far as the naked eye can see, it is a bit of a farce.
Gemma is 21 today, yes that little precocious girl is all grown up and reported to be doing well at university. Gemma is reading English and I suppose will be working in the English industry?
Back to the review, this has been slow but getting better, no arrow keys and my fat fingers battle to find the exact letter too change. I will blog with this sexy machine again and let you know how I get on, a long term test as car mags say.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Dark Side has Arrived

Today Susan brought home her Dell i5 Latitude and gaily went onto her work server, what a happy girl. I must say she was not having G&T's in the Limpopo like that rogue Pamagor. Talking of rogues, Gussell is in the Limpopo valley as well and getting closer to Pamagor.

Michael has appropriated the television today, golf, golf and more golf. The US masters is currently being televised and we are all subjected to this fiendish, devilish plot to curb our normal, brain dead viewing. Soon his shoulder will be mended and then we will have our normal life back as we know it.

I am having to work at the minute and find it quite a joy, liberating and refreshing. Those lovely French have just created a whole new purpose to getting up in the morning. Pomme, petrole, niox and lait are some of the interesting words banging around my head. Banana to banane, grape to raisin and then raisin sec. Beautiful words with an exotically Parisian air.

The dark side has just invaded

The first time I am using this form of blogging. Robert is getting to grips with the Apple Mac and I am watching the Bronze Age on TV.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Pips attack the Long Board.

iPad gives more problems but comes through. The iPad with its Flash drive and crystal clear screen does bring it close to the Sony Vaio. Initial problems with trying to update the Operating Sysytem (OS). My Antivirus Protection immediately targeted the Apple system as a potential threat. This is Bill against John. The only way I could get the iPad updated through my Sony was to turn off the Virus Protection.

Job was done but with an international support. Gary in SA (Barmy Apple Army), Ginny in Ireland (Apple call center) and me in the UK. We do live in such amazing times, amazing communication with such ease. My thanks to the Apple Representative in Ireland, the big fan in South Africa and to my humble Sony for protecting me and my files against the intruder.

Michael fell off his long board and is now recovering at Poole Hospital having his shoulder put back after dislocating it. This is all for the noble art of delivering the Bournemouth Echo, a newspaper of note, not enough to warrant a dislocated shoulder.

Still no news from Gussell who flew out to India to track down Pamagor.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Dark Side

Today, I had 2 tonnes of concrete, a pallet of bricks and a drum of resin delivered. This is in preparation for the receiving of an Apple Mac computer, all those infectious pips wanting to collide with my humble PC controlled environment. The Hadron Collider has taught me one good thing. Make sure you are prepared for any event, natural or manmade. Tsunami and earth quakes will meet there match. I have spoken at length to the scientists in Japan and Norway and they have assured me my precautions, will contain those dangerous pips, from the Apple.

I still feel someone has to take blame for this paranormal, will we be afraid? Yes, very but we are strong and if Gary of Middle Smiths survived, then we can all. Gary must have the antidote so drop him a line if you feel the need to prevent a global disaster.

With all this I am creating a website with 3 and a half thousand products, all in French, so as those bloody frogs say.
'Une pomme un jour, éloigne le médecin.'

What has happened to Pamagor?

Gussell of Georgedale is very perturbed as to why we have had no news of Pamagor. The last I heard Pamagor was in India, easily missed as there are more than 1,210,193,422 of them. Pamagor like Ghandi is looking for peace after all the hurtful comments published in the Middle Earth Chronicle. Word has it that Pamagor is also missing a favourite Parma ham which was only available from the Middle Earth deli – Russo Delicatessen.

Pamagor was last seen in a floral cotton blouse with cropped linen slacks and leather sandals. The keen observer did notice the top of a beautifully knitted G string with a motif of the World Cup centrally place above the crack. This is all here say and the publishers of this fine printing house cannot accept responsibility for any contamination, radioactive or otherwise. Also our diligent observer noted the absence of the Pandora earing. It is quite worrying but I am sure Gussell, who has flown out to India, will track this elusive pimpernel down and all will be forgiven. I do feel for Gussell who misses his friend in retirement. This trip to India will do him the world of good; get out and about always restores the spirits.

Pamagor's mother, Madame D'or, is French so I am including a plea for her to tell Pamagor to come home now. May just save Gussell sometime asking those 1,210,193,422 Indians if they know where Pamagor is.

S'il vous plaît rentrer, tous sont pardonnés, vous aime Gussell.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fun City – Waves in the desert

Travis has stated that it is not Sun City or Wave City but Fun City. Mika, Darling Mika was competing in the most important dance of her life. That is this year's life, we do it all again next year, ask Angela. I have not seen the results, did she win? I am so out of the loop it makes the Lost City look like breaking news. I am sure we would all have been so proud.

Mark has moved to the Toyota side, Auras and all the extras. I know you will have happy miles, no you do kilometres, anyway - happy the distance you will travel.

Techno, Angela, Russell what is wrong with them? They left at 5 AM today, yes to day is Sunday, Mothering Sunday, they left at 5 AM and it was exhausting. So much so that they had mobile phone, I heard that, mobile phones are designed to be mobile but these techno pilots run on empty. ?. Someone must tell them that it does take paraffin or Sasol to keep them going.

What is more important is that Claudia of the Claudosa era is fine and did not go to Sun City.

From all this rambling you will have noted that all is well in Middle Earth after a challenging week.


Saturday, 2 April 2011

The dark side has arrived.

I am being challenged by the Dark Side, Apple, in the design and execution of web applications. I have two sites that need to work on an Apple computer (actually thinking about it they all should) anyway I have always used Windows but time has made the more complicated of applications, require compatibility with all Operating Systems (OS). We are now seeing off the last of Windows XP, a great OS and still widely used in business, Vista was a none starter but still a fair amount out there and then Windows 7 comes along. I have a good feeling about Windows 7 and think in time it will acquire as good a reputation as XP has. Apple in the form of Mac OS and Leopard Snow OS have just complicated cyberspace, I blame the iPad for making these OS more accessible to the normal public.

Apple Macs have always been expensive and largely over looked by all but the Graphic Artists and the printing industry. Then Gary of Middle Smiths buys an Apple Mac and as soon as the iPad was launched he adds that to his huge arsenal of the latest, expensive technology. The result of all this is that I am about to embrace the Dark Side (Apple Mac). I will take every precaution to contain the Apple pips from contaminating the Windows bits, rest assure no one will be hurt in the operating of these diametrically opposed pips and bits colliding. Reminds me of the Hedron Collider.

Enough of the darkness let us revel in the light. This weekend hopefully brings mild weather and a long stroll with all on the beach, quiet coffee at a little deli and if we are lucky a good breakfast tomorrow morning. We have tried some new places lately and we are all agreed that Tesco still deliver value for money. Susan and I are always on the lookout for a good coffee shop and when we see you again we will take you on a coffee tour with the added advantage of a fine slice of cakes or savoury snack.

Have a good weekend and I will update you all on what part of the dark side I invest in by tomorrow evening. 'To infinity and beyond'

Friday, 1 April 2011

Jeremy Clarkson's fence and gate vandalised

The TV presenter came under fire after he fenced off a section of his land, to increase his family's privacy. Vandals have uprooted fence posts and a gate near the Isle of Man home of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. The posts were then thrown from the cliff on to rocks below the beauty spot of Langness on the Isle of Wright. Wire fencing has also been cut away from around the perimeter of Mr Clarkson's holiday home. The peninsula became the subject of controversy after ramblers complained Mr Clarkson had diverted a footpath. He claimed there had never been any public right of way across the land.

For someone who regular criticises the law, public and car manufacturers, it is ironical that his precious estate on the Isle of Wright should be the focus of attention because of a petty rambling path he closed. I am with the ramblers and will be happy to walk that route to protect the rest of us from an idiot like this.

It was just before 5 and I was opening my first bottle of wine and Robert walked in and said,
'Should you be drinking that now?'
'Calm down it is Halaal wine, the grapes where picked in a humane way.'

On wine, we all hope Claudia of Claudosa Era is recovering well after her untimely visit to the hospital. Life does throw these challenges at us and we are normally floored by then. I have every confidence that the strong family heritage will prevail and she will be doing boot camp exercises in the next week or two.

What is the ultimate test to us as humans is? It is can we live alongside animals and progress into the next 100 years. On our past record I do not think we can. Any ideas?