Saturday, 18 August 2012

Michael finishes 2nd in his Standard

What a week we have had, Michael getting very touchy when anyone mentioned University as he still did not know his A level results, he was actually doubting if he would get the results he needed to go to University.
Thursday was results day and Michael got a text from the university just after 8 confirming his acceptance to Bristol. Man was beside himself as he now knew he had enough points from his results and was accepted. The A levels results come out at 9 am but you have to go to school to get them.
At 10 I asked him when he was going and he said he would go pick his mate up and go round, it was not that important now as he had been accepted.
Well what a surprise he was in for, second in the school and for Business Studies he was one of the highest in the country. 2 A* and a B. Well done lad, I never doubted you would not do well.  The next day saw the mention in our local paper, see attached scan.
Now I do not know how long I can type for as my battery is running low but will continue until it dies.
What a good week it has been and now with Roberts GCSE results coming out this Thursday it could be another week of celebration, me celebrating his 3 A’s and a B, then I do not have to buy him an iMac, please little B show yourself I know you want to. Alternatively he might be celebrating, not worth thinking about.
Susan has 13 sleeps until she flies off to Lily Florence and the rest of the Dickens family. She is also going to go a day earlier and see the Merlin attractions in Sydney and then flying to Perth. Lucky girl and maybe will fly back via Malaysia to see the Attractions there, what a globe trotter she is turning out to be.  Watch out Gary she might be overtaking you in air miles soon.
I have finally decided to turn to the dark side, bought a MacBook Pro and it is beautiful, fast and sleek. Gone will be the PC shortcuts and in with the Apple Apps. I must admit my old MacBook – 5 years old still works well but the need for speed has forced my arm. Welcome to the world of Fruit, it is a bold move but never let technology get the better of you.
Just a catch up on the App I am developing for a mining company, I have finally received all the content and will be beavering away this coming week putting it all together and then the interesting bit, trying to make it work, hold thumbs fellow bloggers this is going to be a bumpy ride. If I am not that receptive to your emails, calls or texts, have patience I will have to be there by the end of the month. Not sure if I should use the music from ‘Hymn to the Fallen’ or ‘Saving Private Ryan’ as a background, both seem quite appropriate for underground mining.
Just to end, today is meant to be the hottest day this year but the clouds have put pay to that, so enjoy your weekend and lets speak soon.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The week that was

What has your week been like, a challenge, boring, full of optimise or just another week? Well I hope it brought some new adventure, opera unity or fun. 
I know you want to know what my week was like. Where do I start, weather wise it started damp and windy but with the promise of sunshine later in the week. I did spend the week waiting for content for websites I am doing, but that is not unusual, just a little frustrating. You will be pleased to know the App is coming along fine and will be finished by the end of the month, I will do a website conversion and blog you the URL (web address) when complete. Unfortunately it is an in house app so will not be available to download on your bright new iPhone or iPads. 
The end of the week brought sunshine, pack the towels, sub board, kayak and we all hit the beach , the sun changing our pale skins in a matter of hours to a pink hue. Had my first swim of the year and looking at the skies today, it maybe my last. 
Talking of weather, did you hear it snowed in Pretoria and surrounding areas on Tuesday, amazing, frightened all those wee black children with those big brown eyes, looking in wonder at what was falling from the heavens. Muttering of witchcraft were heard in the corridors of power, parliament reconvened to see what could be done and it was decided the problem would have to go to committee. 
That brings me on to great men and the fact that some really great people have made extraordinary speeches through out time, these resulting in people doing  extraordinary  deeds, thus changing the course of history. 
Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg speech promising that America would always be governed by the people, for the people. 
Churchill speech aimed at the Germans and promising " We will never surrender".
 Mandela in his rainbow speech.
"The time for the healing of the wounds has come. 
The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come.
The time to build is upon us."
He also started that famous speech with.
 'Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud.'  
This stopped South Africa from major unrest and civil war. Granny June always said he was a great man and history bears that out.
We are going to Swanage today in an open top bus for a later lunch, so enjoy your weekend and we will speak soon.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic Fever

The Olympics are here and from all accounts seem to be going off very smoothly, London business is dead but hey ho the Olympics are going along gaily. I personally think the Olympics are all about Politicians and has been Olympic athletes trying to be one better than the last country to have them. Waste of money and all for 2 weeks of obscure sports we never watch and some do not even get a mention on television.
Talking of sport, those South African cricketers are not that bad as the feeder team to the English international team, I can see some of them being poached for the next World Cup. Last I looked SA had 419 all out and the English team were 81 for 1, day three, if we have a result is doubtful but then SA could get us out cheaply, put on a few more runs and then we collapse, game over.
The summer is still a way off for us, overcast and windy seems to be the prevailing weather and set for the next month, gloom and doom for those who enjoy the sun. We always tend to talk about the weather, why the fascination? I suppose it is something we can all feel and experience at the moment so is something to share.
Susan and I are still running and doing the circuit exercises every 2nd day, feeling really good, hope I have the will power to persist when the sun gets lower in the sky and the temperature drops for winter. We tend to hibernate come the autumn and running on an icy surface is a challenge.
It is Robert’s birthday this coming Saturday and we are at a loss to know what to get him, his expectations are very high, higher then we want to go. He wants an Apple iPhone 4 S, £499.00, almost the price of a small, 2nd handcar!! I did promise him a iMac if he gets 4 A’s and an A* for his GCSE’s, so might have to cough up for that at the end of the month.
Children are very expensive and my advise to anyone wanting to take the leap and have one or two, go for it they worth every penny. I have five and all have been a test but have grownup to be great. I have always admired them and loved the differences and similarities they have shown throughout their lives. In my latter years I do find I am calling Michael, Mark and Robert, Gary but that is just age and not the fact that they are so alike. Michael does also take after Angela in a lot of ways, never suffers fools gladly and has strong views that do not get changed easily. Where I fit in is anyone’s guess.
 I ramble so enjoy your weekend and speak soon.