Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mally and Mus go on holiday

The stories I have heard from the hotel staff are not to be repeated on this family orientated message board. 27 hours of room service, what were they doing??? To be quite serious, Mally and Mus have just had their 3 months of peak season on their campsite and really were starting to fight. Mus, of Musmead Manor, the owner of Musmead Manor, referred to as the farm hand and Mally thought is was hilarious. Mus, quite rightly, went out and cut the grass and then balled the hay in the pouring rain. A mighty angry Lord of the Manor. It was left to Mally and her amazing managerial skills that dried the hay for the lean months.

In my own small way I have also contributed to Middle Earths food basket, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Basil, Courgettes and Chillis to mention just a few, have graced the table of our humble abode. I did cut the grass on a number of occasions but alas it was too wet to bale.

We are 48 hours away from having no car. As I said in a previous blog, we want to exchange our car for a small car and a family car. Merlin and Michael gamely took the task on and the next two days will be interesting to say the least.

I will be chatting to Mally tomorrow and will bring you up to date on the real story of 27 hours of room service.


Where are they now - Back in Ozdale

Angela, Matthew and Lily Florence are 10 hours ahead of me and it is 7pm GMT, that would make it 5pm in Ozdale and that is too early to phone and say I love you.
Susan, Robert and I went for another endurance walk to Old Harry’s at Studland on Sunday. Samuel as every came with us and nose too the ground showed us the way. I have posted the photographic impressions to prove this monumental walk of endurance and ultimate reward. I will not go into details as that is for another blog of some length.
I need to explain that Ozdale is 10 hours ahead of us, being down under they get to see the sun first. Southdale is two hours ahead of us and they get more sun then we do. We are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). That is where Middle Earth takes the time from and is the leader of all time. Sorry guys but that is life.
On a lighter note, Lily has some photograghs of Mika of Middle Smiths fame and is going to let us see a preview in the coming week.
Mally and Mus of Musmead Manor took a holiday, Cretedale, an island off the Winterdale coast somewhere, you have to take your screen to 200% to see it, they did go there and we will always wonder what on earth they did there?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Endurance Walk

Susan, Samuel and I set off this morning on an endurance walk from Sandbanks Car park to the Haven Hotel and the ferry crossing to Studland. Distance walking is not new to us but I must say this was a taxing task; the sand was soft and made the first part of the walk slow and difficult. Samuel constantly stopping to make sure we were on the right route did not speed this first section up while we were still fresh. Nose to the ground Samuel made it to the waters edge first, followed by Susan and I. Here we were greeted by a strong westerly wind and clear skies. The sea was reasonable choppy and Samuel, quite rightly, decided not to swim as we had the rest of the walk stretching out ahead of us. Walking with a renewed fresh pace as the sand nearer the water was firmer underfoot, we strode out full of confidence that we would achieve our task. We reached the second groyne on time and gratefully sat down for a rest. Samuel nose down checked the route ahead and we could see a tantalizing glimpse of the ferry in the distance. So near but so far. Rest over and we tackled our second part of this endurance walk. The suns was now high in the sky and with no clouds nestle over the mountains of Mountaindale, we had the perfect day to complete the walk. Pushing over selves to the limit we finally came around the Haven groyne to see the ferry docking on the Haven pier. Exhausted and happy to have completed this long walk we settled down at a quaint coffee shop and enjoyed a welcome breakfast of Bacon, cream cheese and tomato on a bagel with milky latte.

Susan then ordered Tiramisu and Mascarpone, well to her rightful indignation they brought her Tiramisu and a blind folded horse, she had definitely ordered Mascarpone. They replace the dish with commendable speed. Better laughter than never. Talking of laughter Nokia and the door will open. I know I have lost you now but all will be revealed. I will let you know on my religious mobile, I have a Pray and Go contract. Let us see if the dark side has a comeback.

I hope this walk has inspired the whole population of Middle Earth to get out there and enjoy the open spaces while they still exist. Middle Earth is as yet unblemished by migrant workers, we must all be vigilant against this increasingly common practice of other places. I have heard that Southdale had to evict the Mope a short time ago. You can never be too alert. Enjoy your weekend; it is a long weekend in Southdale with a public holiday yesterday, celebrating Dame Claudia of Middle Smiths birthday.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Good News from Georgedale

First of all let me tell you that a storm has just passed over Winterdale, a rainy, windy storm which soaked everything in its path and now has moved off to Musmead Manor. This weather front has brought in cooler winds and light rain, autumn is creeping into winter as we brace ourselves for what is predicted to be a cold Christmas. 11 deg C today.

Gussell has just let me know that he has another son, they are calling him Grephen. Gussell now has 3 sons, when will he stop, they called him Grephen because of Gussell's grandfather. A mighty warrior, Albert Grephen, scholar, politician and cricketer. Albert Grephen is father to The Matriarch. This is good news for Georgedale, the population was in decline and when he grows up he will stay on to takeover Gussell's Deli and maintain that Georgedale tradition of being a Dale of shopkeepers. Our best wishers are for Grene, Gussell, Gared and Gatthew on the arrival of a fine son Grephen. (Writers note. Fess you need to update the population register)

Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally of the Claudosa era, has had another birthday. I loose count but I think she has had 32 birthdays already. What a fine lady, full of grace and poise. A princess in Claudosa and a lady of Middle Earth. The Register of Important People have decided to honour her. From now on she will be known as Dame Claudia of Middle Smiths. I have it on good authority that Gary of Middle Smiths gave her a bunch of red roses and a lunch at Deloses. Such a romantic.




Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fabric of Society, the Internet and Wordpress

Everyday a virtual library is uploaded to the net. The average medium sized library has 2500 books with and average of 120 pages and an average of 300 words per page. By my calculations that comes to 90 million words a day. I will add another 200 odd words and the internet will cope. We will all be buying newer faster computers and using better search engines to get to the information highway that is our browse. Wordpress is the new buzz word in the web designer's arsenal. This very simple form of creating your own website comes with a helpful tutorial on HTML, higher text mark-up language, aimed at who I wonder but we will see.

We are all taught grammar at school and I was astonished to learn that English Universities are categorizing some of the grammar, drummed into us as children, as old fashion. The very fabric of society can draw a parallel to this stupid, dare I say dumb, attitude to the very essence of our daily lives. Middle Earth has been instructed by The Matriarch on certain key grammatical errors she has found in Anotherdale, not called the Badlands for nothing, Angela, lovely girl that she is, has accepted the post of Preserving Proper Grammar (POG) and will be commenting on any bad grammar in the future.

Is it 'Me and Lily' or 'Lily and I'?

The correct is Lily and I, and that is the small, old fashion value we have lost. If you respect your fellow man you will say Lily and I. Me and Lily, makes 'Me' all important and has no respect for Lily. The world has lost that respect and The Matriarch will have none of it.


Monday, 20 September 2010

Something To Think About . . .

THE SITUATION In Washington , DC , at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work.
After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule.
About 4 minutes later: The violinist received his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.
At 6 minutes: A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again.
At 10 minutes: A 3-year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time. This action was repeated by several other children, but every parent - without exception - forced their children to move on quickly.
At 45 minutes: The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32.
After 1 hour: He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed and no one applauded. There was no recognition at all. No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold-out a theatre in Boston where the seats averaged $100 each to sit and listen to him play the same music. This is a true story. Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the D.C. Metro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities.
This experiment raised several questions:
*In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty?
*If so, do we stop to appreciate it?
*Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?
One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made . . . How many other things are we missing as we rush through life?

Naked Rugby

The Cookydales are moving into a racy type of rugby football. The players are all naked; Celen introduced this softer side of the sport to discourage the rougher form of the game. The scrum aging has always been an area of the game prone to injuries but with delicate bits hanging free, she felt that the more aggressive players would be a little gentler for fear of injury. An interesting prospect and we wish Celen, Cark and the boys well and wait in anticipation of the first game. I have heard that the Gay rights movement have bought a large portion of the tickets.

Now news from Middle Earth. The Middle Earth National Lifeguard Institute (MENLI) had to rescue a 85 year old pensioner from stormy seas off Ozdale. The pensioner had seen his wheelie bins washed off the promenade into the sea by a storm wave. Undeterred he pumped up his rubber boat and set out to get it back. After finally overhauling his wheelie bin he tied it to his rubber boat and that is when he ran into trouble. The tide was going out and with the rough seas he was washed further out to sea. Those brave men of the MENLI launched their rescue boat and towed the man in with his wheelie bin. When asked why he risked his life for a wheelie bin he replied that the Borough Association of Middle Earth, would have fined him and he lived on a small pension. This is what those brave volunteers train for months on end to achieve!!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fulia consults with the Cookydales about Borough matters

Gallow Californian White.
Colour: White grape.
Smell: Oh so fruity, a gay wine.
Taste: Still remains gay and sweet. Full of fruit and so tasty, very gay.

The Mope has come and we sent him back. It is all the news but Middle Earth Customs and Immigration stand firm. The Matriarch delivers another strong speech, condemning the wonton killing of Badgers and Merlin takes Megoland to task on the quality of the paint used on the bricks, all a little fuzzy if you ask me.

Fulia will be attending a meeting with the Cookydales tomorrow evening, hosted in an Italian style, this will have some long lasting consequences for Middle Earth and the merging of the Dales. In this severe economic environment, Fulia will have to make numerous civil servants redundant and Cark will have much to say about nothing. (George Bernard Shaw)

We have had another juvenile storm, picture attached shows a Megoman damaged by this adviserse weather pattern. This award winning photograph of the damaged Megoman shows clearly the strength of the winds and rain. His wee arm is off and he has a nonchalant turn of the head, must have been quite painful. As in all Mego things, his wee arm has been replaced and his nonchalantly turned head has been straightened. After a wipe off he is as good as new. Still it could have been bad, we can only be thankful for wee mercies.

Did you know that one in nine men experience bladder problems, now there is a solution to this embarassing complaint. Weenemen designed to fit the male physic comfortably, allowing them to get on with their active lives without those small mishaps when getting excited. We expect this product to be arriving at our Middle Earth Honesty shop shortly. Mally of Musmead Manor has had confirmation from Weenemen that the shipment has been despatched and has a long shelf life. Good work Mally, when Mus gets older he too might need the comfort of this manly, discrete product.

Merlin is sunning herself at the beach and the boys are practising their golf swing as I write this blog, with its economic and medical tips and advise. Talking of weather it has quite suddenly become a little more autumnal, this mornings temperature below 10 deg C with that fresh breeze we are so use too in the cooler times. Jumpers on and mittens dusted, we will be ready for the cold snap that is bound to arrive shortly.

For those who are wondering what happened to Lizzie, no news yet but like all gathering of facts from the late 1890's, it will be a while yet. One can only wonder what that wee girl must have felt like when told, she was the daughter of the young Lord of the Manor and that her mother was one of the chamber maids. Maybe she never knew she was adopted. I am intrigued to know more about her and what became of her. Merlin has not had the right opportunity to speak to Mags, delicate topic, we do know that Feter of Faydale would be directly related to her and that then shows us a clear link between Mags, Lizzie and Feter, as Feter is Mags's wee boy. Would she have been a Robinson? As soon as I have some more facts I will pass them on. Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Mope comes to Middle Earth

Where do I begin, news is coming in through all the normal channels and from those on the ground. Mobile phones are creating their own type of news in Macebook and Mitter. I was astonished to receive a photographic image of the Mope, kissing our virgin Middle Earth soil. The less said the better. I am pleased to say the Mope was not allowed through customs and immigrations. We have enough people looking for a job here and he has not been castrated. They all know the rules, if you are a Catholic priest you will have to be castrated. No exceptions, you guys are naughty.

Now the good news, Middle Earth has won a huge contract. In partnership with Middle Smiths and that fine Italian family Canosa of Claudosa, we have secured the continuation of Middle Earth with out the need to raise tax. At the time of going to press Gary of Middle Smiths confirmed that MSD Exports will be supplying the poor people of Anotherdale with food. Bruno of Claudosa is in Italy negotiating on behalf of MSD Exports for Pasta, Olive Oil, Huge tins of chopped tomatoes, cheese and most important of all, Pinot Grigio. Bruno, father of Claudia of Middle Smiths, goes with our blessing, may the force be with you.

I have notice a few disparaging remarks as to the lack of news, just to reassure those who post comments, I love you all and long live the comments and opinions. I must, in my defence, say that all this modern news delivery is putting a heavy burden on the press room of the Middle Earth Publication department. I have now implemented a fiendish plot to stop unwanted news items, it is called Mamm Filter and has the Maac seal of approval.

Register of Important People updated: I do believe we are ready for any important thing that might befall us now.

The Matriarch – Mother of Middle Earth and Witch of All Wisdom. (Waw)
Fulia of Faydale – Member in Charge of Borough Affairs and Associations. (Baa)
Fess of Faydale – Member in Charge of the Population Register and Archivest (Pras)
Middle Smiths - Member for Anotherdale Affairs and Commerce (Maac).
Robert – Secretary of Diplomatic Peacekeeping. (Dp)
Michael – Member in Charge of Recreation. (Fun)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lizzie still not found.

This week has been enlightening to say the least. Merlin's Great Grandmother had a liaison with the Lord of the Manor. This coming together of an upper class gentleman and the chamber maid gave rise to the birth of a beautiful girl. Such was the scandal that Millie was forced to give the child away. The gentleman, then a young man and with a promising future, was persuaded to break off the relationship with Merlin's Great Grandmother Millie and was shipped off to a London University. We can only surmise that Millie was paid a hansom sum to agree.

Be that as it may, the question is, what happened to Lizzie? This unfortunate lass who was born from a badly judged relationship, was of half noble birth and as such would have had some title.
Merlin's mother Mags of Scotsdale, knows of this affair, how much we do not know. Merlin's Grandmother had a sister she never knew or did she? Claudia of Middle Smiths was over heard telling someone to keep their pecker in their pants, sound advice in the light of this tragic scandal from the late 1890's. Lizzie would be a mere memory to her descendents, but who are they and where did they end up?

We will need Fess of Faydales with the help of Fulia and Merlin to get to the bottom of this mystery. As Fess and Fulia are members of the Register of Important People they will have all the archive information and will in time come up with the answers. Merlin can try and get some more information from Mags, but since her accident her smarties are a little jumbled, so one can only hope.

Well if that is not enough news I have heard that Gary of Middle Smiths is hoping to export food to Anotherdale, over the mountains of Mountaindale into uncharted areas. He has formed a partnership with some of the natives of Southdale, one of which has been to Anotherdale and is confident of success. This new venture could bring more prosperity to Southdale, creating many new jobs and helping to fill the coffers of the Middle Smiths. The members of the Register of Important People are pleased with the vision and courage displayed by the Middle Smiths and as a result, are inviting the Middle Smiths to become members of the Register of Important People. This new post will be called Member for Anotherdale Affairs and Commerce (Maac). The abbreviation, seemingly most apt for those of the dark side.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Mika of Middle Smiths

Mika, child of God as the Russians believe and wise racoon as the Native Americans know. This is just an alternative meaning of Mika, the Middle Smiths and the Claudosa dynasty will tell you she is a child of Love. I will not go any deeper into this as I value my head and the head of my horse as well. ( did you see the Godfather? . Brave girl Claudia, escaping that chaos )

Talking of Mika Mouse of Middle Smiths, gorgeous girl that she is, I was reminded of her while watching a clip from Ferrari tube. I have attached the link below. Click here and enjoy. I have included the link below if this hyperlink does not work.

Middle Earth will just listen with you.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Redecorating and other house repairs

Ambisinistrous is the opposite of ambidextrous. It means 'no good with either hand'.

Woodwork is my most disappointing lack of achievement in my life. I have moved on from a hammer and a 6" nail to solve all wood problems, Matthew of Underdickens taught me the value of a screw and an electric screwdriver. Now when I repair a wooden object I use a 6" screw and drive it in with my 2000 watt Bosch electric screwdriver.

Bank holiday weekends in the UK tend to lean towards redecorating, redecorating? I was a bit confused when first moving over here. Redecorating meant knocking walls out, changing light fittings, buying new furniture and hanging new curtains. No my Middle Earth friends, redecorating means painting a room a different colour. The rest is major alterations and needs planning permission. Women do it as well, remarkable.

For those who are concerned about being sexually abused by a Catholic priest, I am happy to report that we have castrated all priests of Middle Earth and now their divine wisdom comes straight from The Matriarch, Mother of Middle Earth and Witch of All Wisdom. I do not foresee any more goings on in the vestry or behind the pulpit ever again. OK a little, but let's make it fun.

Talking of The Matriarch, I notice that she has put herself forward to the Register of Important People as the 'Mother of Middle Earth and Witch of All Wisdom'. Quite right too.

Update to Register of Important People.

The Matriarch – Mother of Middle Earth and Witch of All Wisdom.
Fulia of Faydale – Member in Charge of Borough Affairs and Associations.
Fess of Faydale – Member in Charge of the Population Register and Archivest
Robert – Secretary of Diplomatic Peacekeeping.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Young Storm

The rain has swept in from the north, the storm clouds had been building against the mountains of Mountaindale for the last few days. It was only a small storm, young and inexperienced but had mustered its clouds, chiding the smaller and coaxing the large until they all merged into a great cloud bank. The young storm was ready and in one last crack of thunder leap over the mountain and happily drenched everything in its path, a down pour that lasted just over an hour. The wind was breezy but not unkind but this young storm was learning, next time lightening will be thrown into the chaos and we at Middle Earth will feel the storm a little more.

Enough of the weather, I have noted the comment left by Gary of Middle Smiths and would like to say that it did not help at all. Advocating the dark side, what was he thinking? Talking of the dark side, we are replacing our Zafira this month with a small car and a family vehicle. Time moves on and we are a growing family. Normally I go out and buy what I think we need and that it that. I have done that for 40 odd years and now I am handing the batten over to Merlin and Michael. My only suggestion is that they are economical, practical and reliable. I would be inclined towards Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Saab, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Skodia or VW in the family car and the small car I am prepared to take what comes. I do draw the line at a Smart car or anything in that shape.

News from Kettingdale is all is well after the storm, Middle Smiths suffered no damage and Underdickens did not notice. Oh well it was only a young storm. What of the Georgian Smiths? Still no word.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Out with the new!!

My choice for a new laptop was gone array, again. First the notebook with the sticky space bar which I replaced with a 17" Celeron Dual Core Laptop. I hear the odd chuckle, 10" notebook to 17" laptop that was quite a replacement. Well the 17" was not up to the speed I would expect from a modern computers. Merlin concurred and back it went, the store graciously returning her hard earned money. Advised is needed on what laptop to buy. Hopefully someone from the Register of Important People will shed some light on this contentious subject. I have just one condition, no dark side. I am only comfortable with bits, apple pips are a mystery to me.

The Matriarch seems to be influencing the weather. Autumnal but a little chaos thrown in. We woke to a misty, cool day with a brisk wind from the crags of Mountaindale. Merlin predicted a grey day but dry, a little magic intervened and we were wet half way through our walk on the beach. The rest of the day oscillated between threatening sunshine and grey drizzle.

The hint of chilli that Gary of Middle Smiths refered to in one of the comments was a salad and the hint of basil refered to the bacon and muchroom pasta. Never over do the chilli and basil, chilli adds flavour and basil adds fragrance. Add these two to wine would just be silly. Really silly, but as I said in a previous blog, let us never loose silly.

The Underdickens are in the very South of Southdale enjoying a well earned holiday. Lily Florence has the sound of the waves breaking when she wakes and the cool sea air lulls her to sleep in the evening. Angela and Matthew finally set free to enjoy life without the hassle, something they are well accustomed to and appreciate. On all holidays we need the quiet times to gather our thoughts and take stock of what we have done, been through and captured.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Fulia of Faydale joins the RIP

Fulia of Faydale has been honoured for all her charitible work towards the smooth running of Middle Earth. Fulia is also the Important Person in charge of the Borough of Oakdale and has been accorded the post of Member in Charge of Middle Earth Borough Association of Important People, also CEO of Fruit Cake Makers. As an up date to the RIP I have included Fulia.

Fess of Faydale will be sending out the latest Register of Important People.

The weather is still uncertian and as such will keep us guessing, updates tomorrow.

Just a reminder for all those out there who would like to be part of the Register of Important People, apply soon. The Mapping dept of Middle Earth await the submissions for the map of Middle Earth.

Weddings at Musmead Manor

Due to the adverse weather condition in the South, Merlin and I decided to venture out to Musmead Manor and see what progress has been made to get the hay in. We are happy to report that the hay is in the barn and the Alpacos will sleep warm this winter. Alpacos are the only source of fresh milk on Middle Earth. While there, we were fortunate enough to witness a wedding in the Tipis. Great event and hopefully the rain will be kind and allow the revellers time to party. Mus shared some Alpacos ice cream with us while Mally looked after the guests. Mus of Musmead Manor has his own ice cream van and is willing to hire it out to anyone wanting an ice cream van for the day.

The map is a good reference point when hearing news for those far off Dales. Our thanks to the Mapping dept of Middle Earth for the map you have all received. I know it is not 1929 but we will endeavour to update it in the near future. In our constant striving for current news and events we ask, most humble, if you have any contribution to the map, please let us know. This could be anything from a new green house to an image of your existing house. We will include all on the map. In this time of uncertainty, People of Middle Earth, your country needs you.

Tesco South African White £3.75

On the bottle: A fruity dry white, with flavours of citrus and tropical fruit.
Colour: Lightly straw.
Smell: Hints of grape.
Taste: Smooth, very dependable dry white wine, full of clean flavours.

The weekend is upon us, thus we will be relaxing in the true sense of the word. The cricket season is over and with that, all our weekly and weekend games have come to an end. It has been a good season with all the ups and downs we have come to expect. My U17 Colts team did much better than I dreamed they would, the added bonus of many boys playing adult cricket this year and not letting their sides down. Michael played his first adult game two years ago and is now established as the opening bowler for the Saturday 4ths and Sunday 2nds, ending the season many wickets and loads of runs. More importantly, enjoying this fine old game.

The boys went back to school today and it was a little strange to see Michael stroll off in demins and a t shirt. His formal schooling done, now the A levels will challenge him that little more. Robert is happy with his selection of teachers and is looking forward to the challenge of Year 10.

Just a little news, for all amongst, who are worried about their hair. Now that the seasons are changing, It has never been easier to boost your hair colour and add volume and body. L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in 515 Chocolate Truffle has just arrived at our nearest convenience store. Talking of Feter, he is his mothers child, lovely boy, hair reminds me of Merlin's mother. There we have the rub. Feter, I know that my friend Schwarzkopt is perfecting a shampoo for brown, difficult hair. He insists it will be available in the Autumn and will be called Mother Colour Tint Permanent Creme. Hope this was helpful, if so please pass it on to anyone you think would benefit from this research. Gary of Middle Smiths, Mus of Musmead Manor and Michael of Winterdale, I will continue to search for an answer to your hair challenges, gel will have to stay your short term solution.

Of Middle Earth, I have no news. I would imagine the adverse weather conditions hanging over the mountains of Mountaindale, with its crags, cliffs and dense forest, is unsettling the South with the need to get the hay in while they still have sun and enough daylight hours to finish the task. The weather forecast warns of driving rain and gale force winds for late Sunday into the early part of next week. Mostly in the South of Middle Earth, this is worrying none the less. Batten down the hatchers and keep warn. I will keep you updated as and when I receive any news.

Map of Middle Earth - click to enlarge

Friday, 3 September 2010

Cooking the left overs

Ingredients: Chilli con corne, peas and sweet corn, spaghetti and a dry onion left over from last nights salad.
Dish: Spag Con Corne with peas and sweet corn, add a little garlic and a whole chilli, wel la, dinner for the masses.

6 weeks of summer holiday has passed in a blink of an eye. Tomorrow the boys go back to school, banishing the Xbox, Ipod, computer and mobile phone to the back burner as they embark on their new adventure of learning. Merlin is relieved, I am grateful for time passing and Sam is a sad puppy, no one will be around to play with him.

The Underdickens are in Georgedale, that is so far away we will have to catch up with them when they get back to Ozdale. Georgedale is so remote that it is not yet on the Middle Earth map. We have commissioned Google Earth to bring Georgedale into the 21st century.

The matters of Middle Earth have taken most of my time today, calls to Southdale, Musmead Manor and Ozdale only achieving one result. Middle Smith caught working. I still believe in Postman Pat and will be taking on that challenge from tomorrow.

Markus Smith remains lost in Southdale, has there been floods there? Knowing Markus he is in Pakistandale to help the poor flooded souls of Anotherdale. Playing by the Queens rules, no ball and you are rich. But we must allow for the Queens rules of, you are innocent until proved guilty, Hanse will have none of that, rightly so.

Till tomorrow my followers and citizens of Middle Earth where ever you are.