Monday, 28 February 2011

‘Again’ just a small word.

Imagine this, a man has just made love to his special woman, the love of his life, his very existence and she rolls over and whispers 'Again'


Now we know where Dickens got his inspiration from. 'Please sir, may I have some more' and why he beat the poor child.

Just writing this makes me break out into a cold sweat. Enough I say, let the cards fall where they will, I am not a gambling man and lady luck can make her own way.

I have been looking for a pair of glasses, those glasses with a mirror attached, so you can see who is behind you. This is a 'must have' item for all young boys who need to see if an assassin is behind them. A perfect gift for Travis and Daniel. All those of Middle Earth who have a heart, look diligently and find this essential item of for survival.

Michael is back from Austria, full of wonderful adventures and photos, where are the photos? I am beginning to think they are part of the dream.

Middle Earth opens it’s first Mansion

The Middle Smiths are moving, I know they do this often, new house is not completed yet, so they are off to stay with Claudia's family. I believe the floor is not laid yet, they are funny about having a floor. Gary is loading his Landy with bric a brac and the odd small items while Mark is using Claudia's 20 ton truck to move the bigger pieces of furniture. Such well practised harmony in moving, has made a chore become a well honed symphony of relocation. Brono will be waiting on the other side, with the cold beer and chilled Italian wine to comfort these brave, modern men and their machines doing what they know best, and hopefully coming out unscathed.

Michael is stuck in France, broken coach, Mum is thinking of going to fetch him. I instilled a little faith and have stayed her departure for a few hours. Gary has issued Michael with an ultimatum, send the photos of your skiing or get your backside kicked. One loving brother to another brings out such animosity and affection, beats me.

Mika and Daniel of Middle Smiths are having a joint birthday party while the moving is taking place, such management from Claudosa showing why she is the Don of Claudosa. I wonder if that should be Doness?

Well I ramble on while Libya burns and the west gets closer to controlling the oil of the Middle East, for the west read America.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

24 Days Thursday 23rd

Life in the off line lane is like a box of chocolates, full of pleasant surprises. Worked on and have progress, will send the link to all soon.

People take their baggage to their children when they get divorced, hurting the children and themselves. Today I saw a little girl, loved by her parents but feeling left out in the overall scheme of life, grappling for the right answers. Robert took her to Connextion, a child care agency, to talk to some one neutral and ask them for direction, what to do when your parents say this and the alternative is obey or leave home. A tough decision for a 14 year old to make. I spoke to the parents, both very upset about what their daughter was up to, confused and not knowing where to turn, they also needed some advice. Hopefully Connection were able to help tonight and with a little understanding they will see a way forward. Children are precious gifts we must nurture and guide. We have no book on what is right or wrong but only our experience and love.

Talking of little girls, I notice that Mika of Middle Smiths is having her Birthday tomorrow and not to be outdone Gussell is turning 51 today. From all in Middle Earth we wish them a very happy birthday. Let the Crème Soda shots run in Mika's case and the Red Wine to flow in Russell's case. I will raise a glass on honour of this occasion.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

25 Days Tuesday 22nd

I have found that the internet has only so much information to offer. This particular website requires product images, product description and nutritional information. Here is the rub, many manufacturers only have sample information. Take Steers Salad Dressing as an example and you will see what I mean.

Now I want to move onto world affairs. People uprising in Libya and Yemen against the dictators that rule their countries. Seemingly well-orchestrated demonstrations from people who have been ruthlessly suppressed for decades. Who is behind this need for change, who has given oppressed people the courage to face their worsted fears and take to the streets against the hard regimes'? I do not believe they all had a sense of injustice at the same moment as Egypt. There is someone behind this and I wonder at their motive. Is this another grand scheme to get control of their oil? Sometimes seemingly complicated events are traced back to the most fundamental basics.

It is 2 am and as usual when Susan is away, I wake in the middle of the night with my head full of ideas. I generally do some writing. The characters of my story, seem to come alive in my dreams and if I do not write down what they have to say, I will have forgotten it by morning. Michael generously handed his cold to me before going skiing and I fear it might get into my chest if I do not look after myself, so goodnight Middle Earth.

28/27/26 Days Monday 21.02.2011

I know it is a fair amount of days that have passed. Saturday saw me write the most illuminating blog ever. Saturday saw me wanting to throw my laptop off a 30 storey building as it crashed. Sunday saw a partial repair and then another crash saw it bundled off to the wheelie bin. I bring you the joys of modern writing. I am now going to invest in a new laptop for all my writing and these occasional blogs.

Just to bring you up to speed on the progress for the last few days. I do not know if you remember but I was having trouble getting information, well that situation, I am sorry to say, has not improved. I am now going to see if I can solicit this information from any European country.

News on Michael in Austria.

'Old Mother Frost who has not been in form recently, will be more willing to work on Monday: The day will be very cloudy with occasional snowfall. We can therefore count on a few centimetres of fresh snow on our pistes and slopes.'

snow conditions







20 cm

45 cm

60 cm



20 cm

45 cm

60 cm

Sea level


850 m


1571 m


This is the official report, Austrian style. Will know more later tonight.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Day 29 Friday 18th

Going well and have completed the task I set for today. Information highway letting me down a little but will preserver. On day 20, I will send you the link to my test server and the password to be able to see the site as it develops from there.

Value your freedom. A man had an idea, an idea for a film and took it to the bank to see if he could get funds to produce his film. The authorities heard about his idea and have jailed him for 6 years. They have also forbade him from making another film for 20 years, talking to the press for 20 years and in 20 years he can apply for a passport. He only had an idea? It was a non political idea.

Michael leaves tonight for Austria and a week of skiing. Merlin has convinced the banks to part with Euros‘, many Euros‘, this is her baby and he needs Euros‘.

Michael has asked me to pass on this comment to all those loyal readers of Readers Digest, no the blog.
‘I will be thinking of you all, sometimes, but will have fun.’
We can only wait for Facebook and the inevitable up to no good photos, that I am sure will make them sequel with joy and the rest of us in Middle Earth cry.

The link to where he will be is: Radstadt. Viva La France.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

30 Days has been decided, so 30 days it will be.

I have 30 days left to deliver the ultimate website, I will keep you posted to what the run down is like. Today I have worked diligently and uploaded a very good website, even though I say so myself. 30days and 30 blogs will see this venture through, fail or succeed you will be with me.
Some comments from the blogs, raise a few points which I am happy to expand upon.
Gussell closed his beloved deli, leaving a few of us a little stranded, if that is the right word, no more that exotic little stop with all those tantalising treats and sins. Back to Simba Chips, Cola and Cadbury flake. Middle Earth is a lessor place for this sad lose. But in the immortal words of Gussell.
‘ I will arise again stronger and better’ His words not mine. Noble words of wisdom, he never ceases to amaze me with his wit and genius.
Gary of Middle Smiths wrote: ‘
Yay, the blog is back! Missed it these last few days... As with cricket, rugby and most sports and general stuff Accounting was invented in the UK and perfected in Africa! Look upon us with envy.’
Well all I can say is that Brontophobia is the fear of storms. The storm of such illuminating comments. A storm of comments is the same as Christmas. Someone is there who feels I deserve a wee comment. That is like nectar for the gods. Gussell and Gary, my thanks.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Life in Georgedale without a Deli

Gussells Italian Deli has closed for business. This fine proprietor of Italian Cuisine has closed his anchor store in the main street of Georgedale. Loyal customers have reported that Gussell would not sell his favourite treats. Rather then sell a good slice of Parma Ham he put it in his mouth and declared that he had no Parma ham left. A man of principle and integrity, truly a son of the noble family of Claudosa. After much deliberation Gussell has closed the Deli and now is concentrating on stocking his home larder with all those tantalizing hams, olives and cheese he was forced to sell.
Life deals such cruel blows and Gussell seems to be on the receiving. He has Great Expectation, putting in place a plan of outsourcing, off shoring and sorting out his portfolia, he has become accustom to his face, a little smile and a heavy foot.
Talking of a heavy foot, Gussell warns all those Alfa Romeo drivers that those cars are not accustomed to going 250,000 kilometres with out replacing their clutch and electrics. In, out for all those miles/kilometres does those Alfa clutches untold damage and the manufacturers have cautioned that the Italian foot is a lot lighter than those size 13 boots. More of a delicate touch is needed.
Dan the Man had a good party, Crème Soda shots, Cola Punch and Pringles lifted the party to great heights and after celebrating late into the afternoon, Claudia of Middle Smiths, formerly of the Claudosa Era, put them to bed. Quite right too.
Life here goes on for all those who need to know. Robert is in love with Summer, Michaels goes on his ski trip on Friday and Merlin and I look forward to a long sleep in on Saturday and Sunday for two weeks. Lily has painted another masterpiece, I know such talent and from Townsville where the creator of Wikipedia was born. See attached sample.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunshine and thawing.

We woke to sunshine, I know not something unusual for those living in the southern part of Middle Earth but here in the north it is a warming sight. The last week has been cold, windy and wet. Many a walk with Samuel led to a soaking. Watching Robert just hit a perfect shot onto the green, I remember last week, see previous, and marvel at the small joy of warm weather, sun giving the illusion of the coming summer. There is a small caution, the temperature is hovering just above 6 deg C, but lets pretend.

I waffle on, what was I going to say? I was going to comment on just how little time we put into sending out an email, letter or text. I received an email from Gary of Middle Smiths, father of Danial of Middle Smiths who has just had a birthday.

“Happy Birthday Dan the Man, now you are getting older you can Sort it out Yourself, leave Dad out of it.”

The email was well thought out, a reconciliation of an account. He took time over the verbs, nouns and layout. He achieved a masterful balance of credits and debits. All culminating into the grand ending, totalling the lefts and rights to form a neutral balance of accounting. I go further, a masterpiece, art in the accounting. That boy knows how to add.

Everything is so dangerous

Human beings are born with only two inbuilt fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears are abnormal and have to be learned. In saying that I must admit to a small fear of my own, Ophidiophobia. Yes I saw that, they all end in phobia, but this is genuine and here in the UK we do not, do snakes. I also have a major fear of heights, just saying that makes the hairs on my neck standing up. The London Eye leaves me in a cold sweat and as for those rides at Thorpe Park, I would rather stick pins in my eyes.

Enough of me, human beings are only born with two inbuilt fears: loud noises and the fear of falling. All the rest we acquire through time. Think on this when your child does not want to do something you think will be fun, but to him could be a fear waiting to manifest itself. For those that do not ever comment on any of my blogs, you may have a fear called Commephobia. Why do I blog? I have been asked that question before but if you have an incredible idle 5 minutes just scroll down through previous blogs, it might be less painful than sticking pins in your eyes. Remember, every thing is so dangerous that nothing is really frightening.

Cats in the Cradle. To my nearest and dearest, Google it and listen to those words. We all grow up the way life lets us, sometimes we need to break the mould, some do and get together then. You will understand if you listen to the song.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Mournful Sound of the Bagpipes

Middle Earth played host to a lone piper, piping his lament and it brought back bitter sweet memories of a beach we all knew and loved. A beach Granny June always said was her home. A beach where Baxter took his first dive as a 8 week old puppy. We had just picked him up and decided to introduce him to the sea, a place where he visited twice a day before we moved to England. Susan wanted to have a quick dip in the tidal pool and I was watching Baxter B Jones. In that instant I took my eye off him he dived in after Susan. This natural instinct to rescue anyone he loved from drowning stayed with him all his life. Leaving many an arm or head bitten and bleeding. What a dog, what a hero. If I ever have the opportunity I would like to get a lone piper to play a lament at that beach, not only for Baxter, but Jess, Mark, Gary, Angela and not forgetting Granny June. Orange Rocks beach will live with us forever, many a grand child will be told the story of an amazing dog and my truly amazing family.

Tonight we have roast leg of Lamb, roasted potatoes and carrots with a very creamy cauliflower, broccoli and cheese sauce. This will be followed by the most amazing Victoria sponge, risen and chilled. Al I need now is a glass of wine and a good story, that way I am not left out.

The Dandy Pamagor

Pamagor’s antics, have reared their dandy head again. This time attacking the Powder Puff girl’s post box. Photo attached. Claiming it is a small house for squirrels. And there is a webcam inside which, interferes with the privacy of the squirrel family. Poppycock, all the squirrels have already been eaten in Ozdale. Is there no end to this unsubstantiated innuendo. Enough I say, get thee hence troublesome Pamagor.

I am sitting at Robert’s golf lessons and it is a blustery day. High winds buffer the car as I watch those wee white balls being blown off course. Why oh why do golfers insist on trying to hit a small ball long distances while battling to stand upright against the strong wind? Just watched another one, which started straight, curves over the trees and into the scrub beyond, golf ball manufacturers dream. Welcome to a Saturday in my life.

It is Michael's birthday and poor guy is working. Anyway he was lucky enough to receive a skim board, bag for said board and wax, also for said board. He is a happy fellow, now it is only up to the weather to warm up a little and your next blog will be from the beach.

Tomorrow is Mags birthday, we have bought her a hanging basket with tomato seed already to plant. This is a hanging tomato which looks really interesting. You know she gave the Faydales her Christmas presents back as she did not like them, this time I would be happy to be given this tomato basket back, we live in hope but with it coming from mummy’s little darling, Merlin, it will probably be retained.

Getting back to the golfers. All kitted out with woolly jumpers, weather proof jackets and beanies. All weather trousers and pink cheeks marching forcefully towards the next hole, totally intent on hitting the next shot straight and true. Dream on, the wind will put pay to any drive you throw at it. Mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun, more like mad golfers go out in the brewing storm. That 19th hole will be most welcome.

My thoughts are with you all this weekend, think of me tomorrow when the birthday girl comes, not to stay I hasten to add. Goodluck Faydales with your present, better still buy something you need and then when it is returned it will be useful.

Friday, 4 February 2011

A blank screen!

I seem to be looking at a blank screen, a crossroad, where do I go from here? Do I have I the energy? Do I have the energy again? I have been there so many times.
I stare at the blank screen, I want to write, writing I know, keeps me sane but what do I say? This long road to completing something that others enjoy is what makes me preserver. I tend to start thinking outside the bubble, laterally and the more I do it, the better I get. But, and there is a but, who invented the blank screen?
I have great expectations, dreams and without those we are mere animals. Follow your dreams with your heart, common sense will stop you, so take what ever it takes to go on and that dream will unfold. Too many days staring at a blank screen teachers you the value of a quest. So be like The Never Ending Story, fight the nothingness with honour and might, ask those you love to help you, but ultimately only you can stop the nothingness. Only you can call out to Athrea to fight on, the nothingness is your dreams, your fantasy, fight for your right to dream and for every child’s right to dream.

Tropical Cyclone YASI

Now a category 3 and hopefully very little tide surge for Townsville. Angela will be happy and Matt has been told to sort out the garden before the 'powder puff' girls get home. Keppel will also be grateful as she is not accustomed to fetching logs, more the telly-tubby type of dog. Watching the ABC News was enlightening – they all speak Australian English, I have a translator on my computer so was able to get away with not having sub titles. The cyclone moved in during the night as Australia slept, all cosy in the shopping malls, Angela unfortunately was with the in-laws and could not take advantage of the excellent opportunity to shop 24/7. I do believe she will regret this after a session with the ladies that 'do tea'.

Middle Earth does not experience storms of that intensity, snow, wind and rain in moderation on the other hand is allowed and encouraged. Long ago when Middle Earth was still unknown to the cosmic galaxy, a great leader heard of a cyclone approaching from the north, Category 5 was the feeling and he immediately banned all cyclones. This bold step has saved countless lives and damage over the years, maybe Australia should look at passing some form of legislation to that effect.

The Farming Village

Some of us live in an urban environment. Closed, secular communities where most people watch their back all the time. Corporate ladders to be climbed, such a cold, cut throat world. Friends and family are happy to cut off those that they should be supporting. The Rural environment is the total opposite. They look after their own. There is just so much of the cake and they tend to keep that cake in house, and they always look to their community before looking outside. I am always amazed at the feeble excuses that friend and Family give when they get a gardener from somewhere else, ignoring their gardener neighbour who lives next door. Make sure you spend that extra few pence on hired mourners.

I suppose if there is a moral to this story it is that we should look to our immediate family and friends and how we can support them.

Susan asked me today if I had found out if Matt was alright after the Cyclone Yasi? Well I was a little dumbfound, is Matt OK, of course he is. Brave men and action hero's are just part of the criteria that Angela would need to love someone. Tomorrow I write for Gussell. As custodian of the archives of Middle Earth it falls upon me to give guidance, poor Gussell.