Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bank Holiday

Well it has been and gone, I have not heard from Tamacgor S Bald for a while so I would imagine he is enjoying the wines of Margaret River. 
Michael is in Vietnam and has left Saigon and is on his way to Mui Ne by coach. Actually he is probably there already as they are 6 hours ahead of us. These time zones can get one a little confused. 
Over the weekend we found a very interesting Coffee shop and garden centre in Lychett Matravis called The Barn. We had afternoon cream teas and then wandered around the French Antique shop and the garden center.  Firstly the coffee was good and full of flavour, I actually had a Bacon and Brie panini and it was Susan who had the Scone, clotted cream and jam, all very tasty. I have included a shot of a novel way of using an old wardrobe, using old pots etc can make quite an interesting eclectic mix in a crowded garden.Easy to do, just visit a tip and pick up some old pots etc and you are away. 
Not heard from anyone lately so I am assured they are all well and getting on with their lives.
Oh our sweet peas are starting and we will be eating lovely fresh peas soon, will also be great in a salad. Our garden has not changed much, plants are starting to fill out and new shoots and flowers everywhere. I will leave it for another month then send you an up to date photo, just for your records.
Took Sam to the beach for a walk today and the attached image shows a big storm approaching, the quiet before the storm added an interesting feel of stolen time before the rain, but it never arrived. 
Comments as usual are welcome.
All for now, speak soon.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Second leg of Australian Adventure

Pamagor has confirmed he will be known as Tamacgor S Bald from this day on. He has just sent me his latest news on his adventures in Australia and included this notice from The Sydney Morning Herald. Tamacgor? I suspect he has been on the wine again, he does love a bottle of Merlot and has been known to have another. Did anyone notice the typo in the Notice?

Extract from the Second Leg:

I started this morning early with a boat ride over the Horizontal falls, they do say it is southern hemisphere's biggest tides surge. I was ill so it was a relief to put my feet back on dry soil, must of been those oysters. You know how much I wanted to see the maritime war grave, well it was a very pleasant walk, just a bunch of old wrecked planes really. Davey, my tour guide had some seriously laced coffee, which we sat and sipped while watching the sea slowly come in with the tide. That is when we decided to change our travel plans and head to Margaret River, wine growing region of repute, Broome can wait for another time. Planes leaves in 30 minutes so will catch up soon...Tamacgor S Bald.
I have left all the rambling as he does go on a bit, all about what he was wearing, not really relevant.
Michael leaves for Vietnam today, 5 weeks with a bunch of other students from the Uni and I wish him Bon Voyage and hope he has a good time. Lord knows what he will do in the jungle for 5 weeks but then students will be students and someone has to visit Vietnam, if only to say it is still there.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Australia Travels

After almost a year exploring the coastline of Britain and South Africa, historian and archaeologist Pamagor is traveling Australia's spectacular coastline - its people, their history, and its many natural wonders that has drawn him to this beautiful continent.
Pamagor is dressed by fashion designer Mark Russell, he is showcasing all the latest that this inspiring designer has to offer as he explores the coast of Australia.
Pamagor is also going to be changing his name by deed poll in Australia, it is just cheaper there and he can add a nick name, all the rage in OZ. Davey, Benji to name just a few.
While there he hopes to catch up with his old friend Geoff, professional traveler and avid mobile home enthusiast. Pamagor is a little worried he is getting too close to the natives in the outback.

First Leg of the Journey.

Flying from Brisbane to Derby, courtesy of Bald Travel, a small travel agency in Perth, run by Ben, Ang, Lily and David. He stopped over just long enough to see the Prison Baob Tree then on by helicopter to the pristine Kimberley of Western Australia. He was able to buy a ‘CHLODEN Merlot Tote’ Lovebag for $164.95. 

Fully equipped he walked in primeval tracks along the legendary Dinosaur Coast. I must mention that he has a cleverly fashioned hat with French Beaujolais wine bottle corks attached with ultra thin nylon to keep the flies away. No wine was wasted in the making of this extraordinary hat.

Exhausted he is now recovering in his hotel and preparing for his next leg of his journey.
‘There is so much sand between places it is like a desert.’ Wise words indeed.

I leave him pondering his change of name and will catch up with him on the next leg of his adventure to Broome.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Stellars Sea Eagle

Giving in its purest form expects nothing in return.
Susan spent some time at Warwick Castle in her travels with Merlin and came upon a Stellars Sea Eagle in the grounds of the Castle. It did look a little hungry so a baby chicken was just the treat it would appreciate. What an incredible bird, weighs 18 kilograms. I do see a glimmer of panic in her smile but all went well and the bird is now part of the attraction at Warwick Castle.
Incidentally they also stayed in tents for the night, called Glamping as you can see from the lush interior of those humble tents and a very reasonable overnight price of about £ 250.00. That does included breakfast.
So in saying 'Giving in its purest form expects nothing in return' Susan got to feed the bird and hold it, that is something.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Being small can be Confusing

Life is never easy for those small and young. Reminds me of Baxter when he was just 8 weeks old.