Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mother Natures holding her grip on Winter

March saw a Indian summer for most of the UK with our day temp being in the higher teens but along came April and the cold, windy weather systems engulfed us. Wind, snow and single figure temp figures made April honest again. This could be an interesting summer!
Saturday's, alas always sees Susan and I setting off for our weekly run on Branksome promenade. Today was no different, but with the weather being damp to put it mildly, we put on sensible running gear. You know the thing about running in the rain is not the wet puddles or your legs getting colder, rain stinging your face, it is that continual drips of rain that runs down the back of your neck that seem to invite the devil dancing on your grave, real shivers. I do not wear expensive running clothes, Tracky longs, cross trainers and a t shirt with a long sleeves jumper in odd weather, mostly all the time. In the middle of summer I might change the tracky longs for running shorts but other than that I look like a homeless tramp type of runner, funny that. Anyway Susan ran to day and I looked after Samuel, Merlin Entertainment Golfing umbrella kept me dry and I can quite honestly say I enjoy the leisurely pace.
I spoke to Russell yesterday and he was having cold, rainy and windy weather as well, he was home alone for the long weekend as his extended family were all away, shame he did sound a little down. Maybe someone should give him a call and cheer him up. Out forecast predicts more of the same for the next week or so, when will it stop? The wettest drought we have ever had. Enough I say, I am sounding like a true Brit, always talking about the weather!!
Gary,s company set up a replica of the Paris North station (Gard Du Nord) in Johannesburg. I have put a few images on the Joburgsetco Facebook page. I was really amazed at the attention to detail, down to a train dining carriage with a full dining room inside, Paris styled cafe and all the signage and clock looking very authentic. Type in and all will be revealed.
Merlin is loving her Panda, full of Italian passion and zeal. Mighty acceleration and frugale fuel consumption bringing a smile to anyone driving or being honoured enough to drive, will appreciate. Her only complaint is that it is forever telling her when to change gears, little Panda do not mess with this lady, changing gears is her decision. I must say this little Italian masterpiece coloured in white with black trim lives up to the name Panda. Top speed of 112 mph and average fuel consumption of 54 mpg, it brings back the joys of motoring and the open road. That is about 5lt/100 Kms. A trip to Durban from Johannesburg using about 30 ltrs. 
Must go , all for now, enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Story of my Writing

Michael and Susan have both asked me if I wanted them to take Robert to golf and give me a break. I told them that it is my time to blog, write, it heals the stress and strains of life for me, not that life is that bad, pretty good actually but in saying that I thought I would try and describe why I need to write.

The heart and soul of the story is the heart and soul every writer puts in to the story. Spend a little time writing a story and you will know something you might not have known.

Writing lifts me and I suppose the best way to describe it is that for all my truest hopes and desires for my writing is that, what I find, I never knew. It always comes as a shock, a surprise. It is new.

We could never know what we are going to do before we have done it and in that sense we discover what we did not know.

There are things in my life I will see, there are stories I will hear. If I do not write them down, not paint that pictures, it will not be seen, not be told.

Tell me your stories, I will learn something new, not only the story but more about you. If you never tell the stories, no one will know you and more importantly your children will not have that piece of you they can always go back too. Facebook it, blog it, email it but write it.

Create characters for your friends, family, and other people who appear in your life, someone will emerge as a hero and lift us when we think of them.

Granny June sent us a letter at least once a month, hand written, it told so much more than just the written word, I maybe replied to every second one and she always thanked me, pity the letters have stopped now but I promised her I would always write from my heart and this is one promise I will keep.

I hope this goes some way to explain why I sometimes bore you, lift you or make you laugh, they all do the same to me.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend

A quiet weekend for us, the weather not that great but did manage to clear the garage out, 4 trips to the tip took all the junk and not so junk, but in the way rubbish and now we have a huge garage to fill in the near future.

Merlin took us off to a garage to buy a car. Photo attached. Some say the car was designed by Merlin herself and others have heard the Stig is getting one before her, I say that this concept car has the added attraction of being sophisticated, dynamic and exciting. All this is cloaked in a stylish yet friendly new design and one of the most Turbo powered economical engines available today. German developed with Italian designing enhances the overall appeal. Due to be released in a weeks time, Merlin will take delivery a week after that.

It is now Monday and we have eaten our body weight in Easter Eggs and Hot Cross buns, it is time to take Sam for a walk and Susan to the shoe shop to buy some motoring shoes which will double as work shoes as well.

Claudia ran 10km in 1 hr. and 15 min, no doubt also to work off the melted chocolates left in the South African sun for children who are not impressed. Susan and I ran to the blue house and back along the promenade yesterday and that took us 45 min. Another great sporting weekend behind us. Happy Easter.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Big Freeze blows down from the North

Snow returns to Scotland dispelling any idea that the spring is with us. Last week saw temperatures soaring to 23 deg C and Britain starting to believe that there is such a thing called Global Warming. Mother Natures has the laugh and we wait for the Easter freeze that looks likely to blow in tomorrow and stay for Easter.

On a warmer note:
The Home Office says new laws to allow the monitoring of all emails, texts and web use in the UK will be brought in "as soon as parliamentary time allows".
I do believe the Big Brother State that George Orwell predicted is looking to becoming a reality. My gut feeling is that it will not happen in the near future but will slowly worm it way into the statue books almost like a computer virus, one day we will wake up to the fact that everything we do is being monitored, maybe Google does that already?

Must do some work but will end on this interesting note. My grandson Benjamin was asked if he would like to start Golf lesson? His joy can be seen in the photograph.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Golf - How young do you start?

Watching the junior class getting instruction on how to hold the golf club and I can see the impatient's to get to the fun part, whacking that little white ball. One little guy watches on, probably not 3 yet or only just, has a very little club in his hand and while the others go off to see how the coach does his swing he takes to the practise tee. Still a little unsteady on his feet he finally manages to get the ball to stay on the tee, the smile tells it all, this is the big time. Quick look to see if anyone is watching he steadies himself, looks to the 150 m board and takes an almighty swing, you can just imagine that ball sailing past the board into infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear.

Reality, he misses completely and the momentum keeps him going, all the way around and then down he goes, onto his bum. Now to this budding golfer that means naught, up he gets and the process starts again. On the forth attempt he manages to just nick it and the ball rolls two or three feet away. Triumph, his face tells the story as he looks around to see if anyone saw and then in true form, he has watched the older men, he takes a huge drink from his 2 litre bottle of juice. From where I am the bottle almost takes him to his hips and I very much doubt if he could have picked it up if it was full. Oh the rigours of a young mans golf practise. Enough of this fickle game, must move on to important matter.

Have you seen the new Facebook page for Joburgsetco web page, if not check it out on should get you there. Remember to become a friend or write a short comment, really is a great site we already have 5 likes and three friends. Latest news letter is featured as well which you can read the full version on the Joburgsetco news page with photos of the launch of the New BMW 3 Series and also features the amazing wall of screens at Suncity for the Standard Bank managers conference. Give it a try you know you want to.

I am enjoying a coke and a aero chocolate while writing, Susan and I had our first serious run this morning and I am topping up my carbs, that's my story anyway. The simple pleasure of a sweet chocolate and the fizzy cool coke makes perfect partners. Easter is around the corner, Susan and the boys are on holiday for the next week or so and this is the last time Michael will be a school boy on holiday, later this year he is on to university leaving Robert to fill the house for the next two years. Life moves on and we will win the lottery and retire when he leaves the house. Travel the world in a mobile home, drink fine wine and write a little, heaven.

Susan took the photograph of Sam trying his fierce stance. Enjoy your weekend and the coming Easter weekend.