Monday, 15 October 2018


Onwards and to infinite and somewhat further, would be were I am now. So much is going on and then there is work getting in the way.  Must admit work is rewarding at the moment. We have some large projects to start and one to finish. I do miss the small jobs, those clients who have a desire for a world award winning design on a small budget. Once they are happy and we launch the website, we hear very little from them again. They are a challenge. 

Derek has had some praise for his summing up of work to be done on a really exciting website. I for one, gave him some encouragement and it has gone to his head. His reply was, 'They are, as we speak, preparing an alter...' Just shows, one must have the foresight when to praise and when not to.

Best selling SUV in Europe
The Middle Smiths will hopefully collect their new car today - Renault Captur!  I know, but it is the European in them. Our preference in cars is wide and varied. Some will like VW, others like Ford, Citroen and yes, Renault. We will wait and see how this Captur lives up to expectations. Talking of cars, Susan has taken a fancy to the Volvo XC40, quite expensive. It is the same price as an Audi Q3 but seems quite small inside. I do feel the VW T-Roc or the Seat Alteca are good value for money cars. 

I have learnt over the years that it is best to go with what they like, keeping your opinions to yourself.  This does save an incredible amount of discussion. Her needs are simple, it must be a premier brand and it must be easy to get in and out. The Polo is amazing but for one wee fault, you need to pull yourself out the car and after a long trip, this is proving to be an irritation. 

It is rumoured that a very good friend of mine, is quite critical of this bohemia style of writing, that is all my own. As I say, it is only a rumour and I would like to remind her of my considerable range of camera lenses. Also, there is a facility to comment, all comments are welcome and depending on my mood, might be read. 

T's and C's - All blogs are now being proof read by a person of qualification. All comments are moderated by the writer. No animals were harmed in the making of these T's and C's. Please do not print this article as it might be changed, making you copy out of date. Also consider the trees. 

If life is the flower then love is the honey. (Unknown).

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

This day someone has a birthday.

Gary is coming up to a momentous age, an age when you realise you do not know everything and your children think they know far more than you do. Youth has its advantages but it is wasted on the young. Interestingly in 1978 Lego launched its first castle and gave us the icon is Lego mini figure. The first superman movie came out and the Sex Pistols ripped through an American tour and broke up. Gary was quite oblivious to all this, as his main aim in life was to eat, sleep and poo. 

He only truly got out that habit when I bought him his first Psion handheld computer. Life moved on at a pace for him after that, he saw the first CD's and then the DVD. Laptops emerged and mobile phone can out and over the years have become mini computers, replacing in some cases, the need for a computer. Rumour has it that he now has 2 mobile phones and has been seen using them simultaneously. He also makes his bed in the morning!

He is what one would call a modern man. Married with the standard 1.78 children, actually has 3, but has vowed that is enough. Before his midlife crisis he owned a house, complete with mortgage and 2 cars. Top paying job with shares in the company and rides a bicycle very quickly. Now he has a new adventure, complete with teenagers and dreams, I quite envy him and his journey.

Talking of times when one is born, Susan was born in 1962. The time between the banning of the book, Lady Chatterley's Lover and the Beatles. I was born in 1951, really the start of the Cold War. Others born then were Robin Williams, the great actor. Sting, part of the band the Police and least we forget, Luciano Pavarotti was becoming one of the best tenors the world has ever heard. 

Happy Birthday to all those born on the 9th October 1978

Thursday, 4 October 2018


 Robert has a theory that seat belts cause deaths. Since the introduction of seat belts the death toll from road accidents have increased year on year. Can not really argue that, as it is true Airbags are another example of more deaths. The figure show an alarming number of people lost their lives wearing seat belts and having airbags in their cars. Makes one think, maybe the safer we think our cars are the faster we drive. I, for one, would definitely not drive fast in a car that is not safe. Let's just say, on this occasion I think the boy is right.

With Robert working at the university, brings to mind a story I read about freshers week. One of the stalls at a university was there to support sex workers. The Sex Workers' Outreach Project (Swop) was included in the event for new students at the University of Brighton last week. The university has insisted it is not promoting prostitution after a sex workers' support group was given a stall at its freshers' fair. That is stretching it a little, freshers week is about events for new students. Well they do say university makes one think laterally, seems quite obvious to have a stall in a lateral sense that is. 

Artemis said that Michael is a warrior and a leader! I find that hard to believe, leader maybe but warrior? I know the boy and he has not got an aggressive cell in his body. Artemis, you might know her, she was a Goddess of the hunt, daughter of Zeus, and twin sister of Apollo. I am sure you know the family. Artemis supported the RNLI in its campaign to raise funds for those in peril on the sea. It seems her beloved Achilles Archibald Homer was going over on the ferry to Greece at the time. She so wanted him to go to Italy. 

Sons, they are the opposite to daughters. I have one, Angela, so have in depth knowledge of this special child and the species as a whole. We find we love them so much it is quite scary. They will tell you they know most things and have a far better understanding about everything, even you. 

The Middle Smiths are slowing taking to their new life in the UK and I do admire Gary and Claudia for the strength and determination to overcome all the silly obstacles the British authorities throw in their way. Looking at their responsibilities, I know they will not give up under the weight of them, they will be strengthened by them. Their current task is looking for a house and a car, big decisions and I am sure much discussion.