Saturday, 28 December 2013


Well we started with rain, hail and wind then it was Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to all those I have missed. We had a full day planned, first the boys opened there presents from Santa and then it was wrap up warm and we went for our annual walk on the beach, also takes care of Sam for the day. We were lucky as the rain held off and we all enjoyed the walk. 
Opening presents between phones calls to all we could get hold of and to those we missed, we did not forget you and I hope you enjoyed your day. Presents, some very useful, some will be going back as they too big, too small or we have one already. Well half the fun is the sales on Boxing Day and returns are all part of the fun of the festive season. 
Lunch was the traditional fare, turkey, gammon, beef and all the trimmings, see attached photo of the Xmas specials broad. Too much to eat, in actual fact much too much. We finished it off with Christmas pudding and cream and chocolate rolls.
Robert, has come of age, well thought out presents surprising us all with his thought and generosity, Michael went for the fun and spirit of Christmas while Susan and I went more traditional, socks, denims, smelly soaps and shirts. I did buy Susan a new electronic toothbrush. You will be am amazed at what these modern day teeth cleaning appliances can do. No let's not go into that, this is an afternoon blog and children could be reading. 
One little cloud that hung over the festive celebrations was that Susan had lost Roberts present. Well that did have us looking all over the house, we did find another present that we forgot all about and some me will be happy this Christmas. Anyway back to Roberts presents, it turns out Susan had asked Michael to wrap some presents and he faced with a pile of wrapping forgot to put names on and when we opened the presents that had no names on, Robert opened his lost Christmas jeans and bulldog perfume. Happy days.
That and with the very Christmas 'Christmas Tales of New York' gently bringing cheer in the background, I took myself off to bed, exhausted, fulfilled and content.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

The rare time when both boys were walking with me in Poole Park and we were wondering if it will snow this Christmas, that is all I need, a little snow! Starts me off, sets the theme, helps my Christmas spirit, every year I dream, hoping things will change. To end all the crying, shouting and the dying. Also an end to small children who are cold and hungry. It’s Christmas, we’ve got to remember.
Every single day but one and every night should, I believe, be the same as Christmas Eve. Nights should all be warm, days should all slow down. The children should all be warm and full, but this is a pipe dream so if only some are better off next Christmas we will have made a start.

Christmas Eve, what wonder awaits us all. I would imagine a few turkeys would rather it not be Christmas so soon but I hope your turkey is soft! succulent and tender. We must respect the bird for what it has given us and take special care when roasting. Always remember turkey sandwiches are so good on Boxing Day.

Susan went to lunch in London yesterday and we had one of the most horrendous storms while she was away. The upshot of it all was that we drove to Brockenhurst last night to pick her up from the station. Some tree had fallen across the lines so the train was cancelled to Poole. The boys and I battled through torrential rain, flooded roads and fallen trees to get to the centre of the New Forest, and low and behold we found a great Italian restaurant right next to the station. Pasta and pizza settled our jangled nerves and we happily chatted until her train arrived. Most pleasant evening and such a good thing from what could have been a disaster.

Well I have managed to wrap all my presents and bought all the food for the Christmas and Boxing Day fest, many bottle of wine are now happily awaiting that pop of the cork and then all I can say is let the celebrations begin.

To all my readers, casual and some far away, Merry Christmas, I hope you receive all you wanted and some. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Captain Ben

David has been around for a while and by now you are feeling a little left out, never, your Mum is always there, a little occupied at the minute but she wants you to know that one day when you are sailing the open sea, she will be saying;
Captain Ben stop your roaming
Captain Ben, leave the sea
Captain Ben, when the tide turns
Come home safe to us
As you sail across the sea
All our love is there beside you
In Capri or Amsterdam
Honolulu or Siam
To the harbour of your home
We send our love to guide you
As we call across the sea
Come home.
(I must credit Petula Clark 1963 for this inspiration)
The silly season is on us, Christmas parties the whole of next week, London, Ringwood, Lulworth and Ashley Cross bring there own company and experiences. I believe in Christmas and this is the time we can enjoy the time of our lives. 
Well that is all I have time for but do not be strangers, comments on where you will be over this Christmas Season are what it is all about.  

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The times we live in

Let no man say that the years do not fly by, just the other day we saw a great man walk to freedom, today we mourne his parting. He designed the foundations but with such a short life to live he could not make sure those foundations were true. Many have followed him and many have profited by his greatness, no one was true to his beliefs.
Angela has had a bouncy boy, David, all so exciting and for the Captain Ben and the Princess Lily it must have been quite a shock. 
'Mummy went to Coles and bought us David.' If only was that easy. Welcome to this world David Gary Dickens, Ben be gentle, he is only little.
He will build friendships through out his life and someone once said.
'This bond we lightly call friendship, it grows like the mist and holds like steel.' David just remember we are your friends, now you do not know it but in time you will value that friendship. 
It is times like this that I think of that pioneer of a brother of mine, trying to tame the world around him and I do believe in his time we will say he was a good man, no more can we ask of him. Happy Christmas Rus if we do not exchange pleasantries on the day. We always think of you and your generous self, do not forget we do love you. 
This Christmas for us will be special, we are going to have a Christmas like no other, Michael back from Uni, Robert has been given the day off from Staples and then we look forward to the Middle Smiths visiting over the Hogmanay period of our festive season. 
Yes we are finally moved in to this modern house but, yes there is a but, it is a box. A very well constructed box but a box none the less. Talk of battery hens, they do get there pound per square foot when building these estates. The Panda would have a hard time getting into the garage, that's says it all.
Robert is taking Sam for a walk, nothing strange about that you might say but Robert has never taken Sam for a walk. The thing is the dog does Poo and Robert has an ad version to picking up Poo. So we will wait to see if this is going to be a regular walk or a one off.
Speak soon.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Day 42 left to Christmas

I am sure Santa is hard at work building toys by the millions, as all the toys throughout the world are very much the same, I know he has subcontracted a vast majority of the manufacturing and distribution. It is those presents we make ourselves that sometimes are more enduring. Last year Angela did a Calendar and that has been the centre of our lives for the year. Who I must ask is doing this years Calendar? If that be me then I will gladly take on the task. 
Poppy day 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we will stand silent for 2 minutes to remember those who have given their today for our tomorrow. That most fragile petal of the Poppy carries such a heavy burden. The whole solemn day is marked by parades,  church services and rounded off by the Queen laying a wreath at the Cenotaph.  We had breakfast at our local pub and even in the small borough of Broadstone the road was closed for a Remembrance day march. Quite rightly so, if it is only one day we remember them then make it something to remember. I was quite intrigued that all the veterans placed a lot of emphasis on those who did not come back as opposed to what they did in the war.

Getting onto another subject altogether - I said about a year ago that the laptop as we know it has only been around a mere 30 years ago and I fear it is reaching its sell by date. This is not proving to be the case, Macbook Air is doing very well even though the new iPad is an iPad Air, Macbook Air without the keyboard. Watch this space as the world evolves but sometimes it does buck the trends.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Moving Home and those lost bits

Well we are finally in our new house, 90% unpacked and settling in. Moving, packing and then unpacking is an experience I do not want to get use to. Where is the remote? Normal question in any established house but when you want to know which box it was tucked into at the last minute, presents a challenge. We started out by labelling all the boxes but the temptation to tuck those small objects that have nothing to do with Cookery books over whelms the hardest of us.
We still have some boxes in the garage to unpack but they can wait, the uncluttered theme works for us and maybe those boxes will go to the tip someday, unopened and forgotten. I am still hunting for two items, a star screwdriver and my kitchen scissors. We had 3 star screwdriver and 2 pairs of scissors, disappeared, lost, maybe I should check those unwanted boxes in the garage one more time.

Let me tell you a little about the house, big lounge (UK standards), three bedroom, no maybe two and a half but with Michael at Uni and Robert going in 10 months time we have ample room. How cool is the kitchen, the draws and cupboard doors close themselves! Almost, you just give it a push and it will complete the task, bit disconcerting to begin with as I wanted to close it properly and it was already closed.
Gas hob and electric fan assisted oven complete the cooking process rather well. Decor is dark grey marble top with white cupboards and a light grey floor. Reminds me a bit of Shireesa Court, our town house in Swaziland. Must get a dish and fill it with mini chocolate to really round it off. Do not get too excited the climate is very different.
Out the back we have a conservatory, we have put the dining room table there and are going to get a garden type 2 seater sofa to lounge in the sun on.
A very short walk from the house is Canford Heath, a Nature Reserve with plenty of lovely walks and great views, just the type of adventure land young children and dogs would explore. With luck and good weather we might have a few grandchildren to explore with soon.

Friday, 8 November 2013

A Storm in a teacup

We were given storm alerts from those weathermen who forecast the weather, the storm came and went and we missed it but not so some other unfortunate souls. During the night a town councillor was tragically squashed by a falling house. 108 year old Ms Wormwood was going about her daily business of casting spells when the aforementioned house fell from the sky leaving nothing more than her ruby slippers on show. Police say they are questioning a 23 year old woman about the incident but have also detained a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion. Insiders blame the recent cyclone that swept through for the falling house, however locals report that several thugs, possibly from Wool, were seen running away from the scene at 4am this morning, when St Jude was at her most rambunctious. In other news a gardner has reported that a pot plant toppled over leaving a devastating mess on the patio..

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Birthdays have their own challenges

All the sounds of the earth are like music. To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualise, then plan, believe, act! It is not for man to rest in absolute contentment. He is born to hopes and aspirations as the sparks fly upward, so the arrow will fly through the air and leave no trace. With your dreams, visualisation, plan and action you will leave a trace. This last week Gary might have taken a few moments to reflect just this. 

I always tend to reflect on my life, when another birthday comes around. Would I change anything if I had my time again, yes, I would have taken a university degree in history and literature. It is debatable whether I would have been clever enough to pass but that is something I have always regretted. The rest I have put down to experience, I suppose a combination of all life’s experiences, all the choices made, remembering past images. The emotional highs and everything in between. 

Lastly life is not about money or fame, more a balance of all, for some, just living brings all the above, while others have to compromise. Different instincts travel with them through life's journey. As I have always said ' Some dance to another beat.'

House hunting is still on going, most do not want children or dogs. To finish off Susan and I went for a run on Saturday morning, on the horizon was a deep, dark storm heading our way, as you can see from the attached image. This time we were fortunate to be just ahead of the storm, that strangely quiet, warm period of time before the heavens are about to open. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Every Picture tells story

We all watched  Startrek, the quest to go where no man has  been, I have , but sometimes where you came from, is so ingrained in your very soul that there  is no getting away from that automatic reach for the Bokomo Weetabix for your breakfast  Your urge to check the weather in St Michaels, there is no one there any more but they where and that is what makes this urge all that greater. The day passes and when you are shopping for dinner you instinctively drop a South African white and red in your basket.
This  is not done by instinct, but to stay connected. The bottle of red Australian wine that appears in your basket is not by design or accident but that connections that flows through you without you knowing. Family and children are there, be it Australia or South Africa, and I cannot forget.
We are moving, our landlord has got some family problems and needs the house back, so we are looking for a new house, exciting times and not before time.
Every picture does tell a story, take the top one as an example. That screw kept for sometime we might need it, those old course papers which might be useful for someone in the future? My favourite, the inside of a cream cheese tub with a recipe we will never make. Waste not want not, the old expression rears its head again. Getting back to that screw, I have a feeling there is a screw lose somewhere, maybe even lost, I will have a think on this, maybe that screw has a home.

Now onto the most important news of all, Gary Smith is having a birthday, yes I know, not another one, seems to have 2 or 3 a year. He said to me the other day that he was looking for a small boat, as he has moved near a dam and wanted to take the family on a water adventure. As you can see he has been doing his homework and now it is just about the finer points. It seems the Sunseeker has come up trumps. Will the internet work? Is there a cellar for the wine? Complex questions that need to be answered. I do believe it has a gas fuelled pizza oven for those odd days you would want a Italian open sandwich. Happy Birthday Pants, may the joys of youth surround you and the fortunes of happiness engulf you. Can someone tell me how he will get it there?
I have opened a bottle of Pinotage tonight because at my age you do not let an opportunity to go by, who knows, you can not be too careful, tomorrow is a long way away.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Walking Sam

Somedays I wonder where to take Sam for a walk. The beach is always an option but the countryside does beckon? Sometimes I just want to go somewhere I can sit and be still. let my mind find it own answers to what ever problem or challenge disturbs it. 
Taking Sam to the beach on rainy days is the obvious solution, that way he stays clean but on those few days when the sun is shining and the breeze is gentle, Wareham Forest is our getaway location. 
When you walk through a forest with Sam you tend to let your mind drift, you reflect on your path taken and there I realised, that surviving and living your life takes courage. The ambitions and dreams you're strive for require courage and risk taking. Makes me think of the tortoise, it only makes progress when it sticks out it's head. 
Michael has bought another car to get around Bristol. Now that he is staying in a house quite far from the University, he really needed a car to combat those mad drivers. A little advise to anyone wanting to travel in Bristol, take care, ignore the blaring hooters and make sure you know where you going. 

This is a time of change, moving house being the top of our agenda. We are looking for a 3/4 bedroom house, quite central, with a garden. This might seem easy but over here most landlords do not want dogs or children. What a reflection on our society? Talking of moving, Gary has just sold his house and has rented a castle until they build their new home. Angela and Matt moved just a few months ago to a 6 bedroom mansion as Angela is expecting the pitter patter of little feet again. This Christmas will be a challenge for Santa.
Before Christmas we must not forget, Gary will be having another birthday on the 9th, I trust I join everyone in wishing him a Happy Birthday, hopefully he will have some healing water from the grapes to take him into his next year.

We went to a party at Longthorns Farm, they know how to put on a party, a local photographer caught Michael partaking in what is known as a stubby, look like a beer to me.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Autumn

It is September in Poole, Acorns dripping, birches inheriting the last light while the Ash tree looks cold. I see a falling star, is it a meteorite? No, instead I walk through damp leaves, the spent growth of autumn, imagining a hero on some muddy field, his gift like a slingshot whirled for the desperate. Rain comes down through the Oaks, its low conductive voices mutter about let-downs and erosions. The colours of autumn paint the glory of the trees, pastels, the true hue of nature. 

This is a reminder of my youth, when I followed my mother in her celebration of life, always stumbling behind, trying to keep up and sometimes she would pick me up and say, never give up, and I would take longer strides, now I walk and feel she is always behind me, watching my steps and she does not stumble. The Captain knows what I am talking about.
Tonight we silently say thank you to the summer and welcome the winter, we do not do hot days well but we are masters at strolling in the cold. We welcome the holiday makers departure and the beachside to ourselves.
Came across this flower in the summer and forgot to share it with you. 
Aquilegia alpine, common name Columbine, which is Latin for Doves. We can copy what nature shows but never in the quantity and splendour, I really love the illusion of  5 doves around the flower.

Robert started his last year of schooling, it feels just like yesterday he walked into his first year and now time has caught up and he is studying his last at Poole High, then it is off to Uni and the world.
Thank you for all your comments and encouragement, does make it worthwhile. This blog inspired by Seamus Healey and the immortal Granny June. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ashes Cricket

It has been a long day at the Ashes Cricket, he was clean shaven this morning. The trumpeter has now gone to playing the evening revel. It's time to go to the beach, coffee and a doughnut while that mad dog frolics in the water.
Susan wrote:
My September Mantra is …
In September I will know that the only limits are the ones I imagine there to be … so I will imagine there are none.
I will be all spontaneous (particularly between 3 and 4 pm on Tuesdays) and surprise everyone (especially myself).
I will learn a new word every day (and possibly even make some up) and then I will use them impressively and impromptually.
I will be brave and bold and sometimes barefoot.
I will be spur of the moment and drop of the hat and fly the seat of my pants.
I will be in the moment whenever I can … yes September, you will be all the things I want and more!

Sound just like her and I have sympathy for her co workers, hopefully they do not end up in tears. Her new word was 'Muchly' Oh well they will start coming.

Gary and Mika are training their rabbit Flopsy for the next Hare and Rabbit Olympia 2014 - I fear more tears as Dad will have to get up early, one thing is good when it gets bigger he can ride his bicycle and it can hop along with him.
Michael has finished his work with the RNLI and came out the best in the country, all cheers for Michael.
Robert is in the slow process of taking over the CEO position at Staples, he is currently on the tills. Nothing like ambition.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Toilet Attack

A luxury toilet recently installed by Gary is controlled by a smartphone app, now new information has come too light that it is vulnerable to attack. Retailing for R57315.99, the Satis toilet includes automatic flushing, bidet spray, music and fragrance release.
The toilet, manufactured by Japanese firm Lixil, is controlled via an Android app called My Satis.
But a hardware flaw means any phone with the app could activate any of the toilets. The toilet uses bluetooth to receive instructions via the app, but the Pin code for every model is hardwired to be four zeros (0000), meaning that it cannot be reset and can be activated by any phone with the My Satis app. An attacker could simply download the My Satis application and use it to cause the toilet to repeatedly flush, raising the water usage and therefore utility cost to its owner, an attackers could cause the unit to unexpectedly open/close the lid, activate bidet or air-dry functions, causing discomfort or distress to the user.
Gary did point out that the limited range of bluetooth means that anyone wishing to carry out such an attack would need to be fairly close to the toilet itself.

"It's easy to see how a practical joker might be able to trick his neighbours into thinking his toilet is possessed as it squirts water and blows warm air unexpectedly on their intended victim, but it's hard to imagine how serious hardened cybercriminals would be interested in this security hole," he told the Blogger.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Relaxing hell out of the weekend.

We always say we are just going to relax this coming weekend but there is always something to do, walk the dog, shopping, going for coffee and generally fitting some house work in at the same time. It is now just before 5 Sunday afternoon and we have just started relaxing hell out of the weekend. Rain it did this weekend, as Obi One Kanobi would say, we really needed the rain, the vegetation here is so accustomed to regular rain, that 2 weeks of 25+ deg C changed the whole colour of the grass, more like the South African lawns in the winter. Dry and lifeless, but it has now rained, so hopefully things will be back to normal.
Michael is doing well at the RNLI and Robert has got his first job, well part time as he still has another year to go at school and then 3 to 4 years at Uni, but still a job is a job and he will be earning some real money for a change. Susan is ironing and watching a romantic movie on television, also being just the best as always.
Robert and I were talking about the hidden meaning of so many words we use. Imagine if you will, an overseas student, crash course in English and over hears a conversation between two Brits.
"Did you hear about that accident on the M4? Well the man lost a gear, in the accident that caused, he lost his two children as well, awful."
The overseas student might be wondering why they are not looking for the lost children and gear. As I said, the other meaning of a simple looking word. I am lost, you lost me, I lost my wallet, I lost my father, I lost my dog. Now the last one, is he just lost or died? Never really know do we. 
Did you know that there is 1.2 billion messages posted on the Internet everyday, they call that a social society, we do stay in touch more, it is instant, but have you not longed for a letter, a real letter coming through the post, handwritten, now that is so personal. I am just as much to blame as the rest of us by blogging and not printing off a Chronicle once in a while and sending it via snail mail to all those I love. Maybe someday, someone will do that and we will all wait with eager anticipations for the postman to ring.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Ashes and the Drama

The 2nd test, drama, action and the quiet times. Australia have beaten us for many years but the shoe is on the other foot at the moment and I am enjoying it. The first test could have gone any way but this one is developing into a good win. Never say die, that is what I am weary of, the Australia will not lie down and die. Tomorrow will tell us all. We must remember that this is essentially a 10 match series, 5 here and 5 in Australia. This is going to a tension filled summer. Enough of cricket it is getting like the saga of the weeds in Poole Park. I know you all are longing to hear about the weeds but there are those of you who have heard it all before. 
Susan is still living at the beach, so is half the country. Good summer weather here and we all all swimming. 
Angela is now in a new home and we all wait to see what this mansion looks like. A word of advise to Angela, do not surpass the Middle Smiths, firstly because they are related to the Mafia and secondly their children have finally made good friends where they live and the dogs know their turf. Let them rest a while in their home before they put it on the market again.
Talking of dogs, have you seen those unfortunate dogs being dragged along when they try to sniff at something. Well the humble friend of ours has different ways of reading the news, that small patch of grass is the daily news, a lamp post the latest headlines, you would not like your newspaper taken away from you, just as you started reading it. They see the world through smells and the odd taste which they flick up to the back of their throat to analysis. Let your best friend take in the latest gossip and that will repay him a little, for all the undying love he has given you.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Orange Day Marches and my Birthday

Woke to what looked like a warm sunny day with the prospect of a trip to National Trust "Monticute Mansion" and surrounding gardens near Yeovil. They have the most extraordinary wobbly hedge, image attached. 
Now lets talk about the presents, Michael and Robert gave me a bar stool for the garage, Susan gave me a Gazebo, a place to write without the sun spoiling my experience. It is almost a conservatory and fits just snugly against the front door so giving us an extension on the living room as well. Susie Pie is so clever.
Talking of someone clever, this was on one of my cards.
Dear Pops!
Hope you have a wonderful day which will be a lasting memory (for when you become more forgetful). Old age grants you the ability to say what you like with no consequences , so take advantage.
That is a fact, talking about facts, did you know that Fact No. 119 states.
It is estimated that a quarter of life's pleasurable moments involve cheese and wine in some capacity. Well everyone I saw gave me cheese and wine yesterday, thus leading to more than a quarter of life's pleasurable moments, if I have anything to do with it.

England are playing Australia in the Ashes and Australia are slowly getting the upper hand. I think this will be a tense after match discussion by Andy Flower and his team. Unfortunately when you only have 310 runs ahead on the board, it is a game Australian would win on most days.
The day has got hotter and is now at that sticky stage when all your clothes seem to cling, I know there has been the odd comment that summer will never come, it has arrived and we are not really ready.
Angela and Matt have moved to another house, they have another addition to the family coming quite soon and they need the space. Oh to be young and mobile, I am looking forward to the photos of the new house when they become available. It is better to have moved now then closer to the time. I just hope they keep their moving boxes as they will need them again soon.
Just to get back to my birthday, it ended with our good friends the Cooks bringing some wine and cheese and staying for a finger supper and enjoying a bottle or two of fine wine. Birthday cake was a Victoria sponge with cream and strawberries.

Thank you everyone for the messages and the Facebook greeting, those who missed getting hold of me, I know you thought of me so I love you all.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer, Birthdays and moe

 When you go to Asda supermarket to get a quick pint of milk you pay £1.50 for parking, the pint of milk costs 86p? I still see so many people shopping there and I must be missing something. Life goes on, Susan and I went to the RNLI for a quiet pint and also picked up Michael. I must say for a charity they are very posh. Massive buildings and loads of rescue craft all resting in case of a shipping disaster. Well from the number of craft I estimate it could be a very big shipping accident. Maybe 3 cruise liners colliding in the English channel, full of American tourists. What fun those volunteer life guards would have. They would be modern day heros and I do not think that will ever happen.
Asked Robert where Michael was and his answer " God knows." My reply was simple " He is not telling." Such a simple question, so packed full of pithole.
Matthew Charles Dickens has had a birthday and we all remembered but all forgot to send him an email. Matthew if you are reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  but the Ashes stay here. I  must admit I am looking forward to watching Michael Clark bat, he is one of the best in the world. Talking of Birthdays, Matthew Smith has just turned 21, what a milestone, he has turned out to be a great guy by all accounts. HAPPY BRITHDAY MATTHEW.
Susan is at the beach again, not again you say but this time she has taken time off from her busy workload and has travelled in seek of the sun. Well it is better then her getting home very late and then moaning about her lateness, as though it was our fault. Bless her she tries to please everyone.
I have had my first swim of the summer, 29 deg C and the water was so tempting, went to the beach to see Susan and it was packed, could not find her so had a swim and I must admit it was refreshing,  something like Clifton - Capetown without the wind. I will swim again, just not too soon. Freeze the brass balls off a monkey!

Opened a naughty Claret tonight from Bordeaux and it reminds me of that song. "The dreams which are killing me are the best I ever had." As Angela says, hey Ho let's live for today. That is something that brings me to my next subject, food, pizza and I have popped a pizza in the oven but I must Sugo to that restaurant in Bryanston everyone talks about. I am of the belief their Pizza's are again to remember that song, you know the one above, sing with me. Tally Ho fellow readers of this blogosphere, I must return to the bell that alerts me my food needs to come out the oven. We are having Nandos French frays, salad, pizza and omelettes for tea and that bottle of Claret of course.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

ICC One day International

Have you seen those beautiful photographs of Claudia, Mika and Daniel? I have attached one but if you want to see anymore you better get Photo Stream and ask Gary to share with you.
At the moment I am sitting watching the most noblest of sports. Michael Holden in his Caribbean accent commented that we have just had the middle of the official summer but we have not had a summer since 2009. Rain delayed and we are down to a 20 over game, this will see who is the 50 overs - One Day International champion?  Funny old game cricket but still one of the most absorbing games to watch. Where in the world would you play a game for 5 days and not get a result, beautiful. One wicket down and 13.2 overs to go. I will carry on once we have our next rain break, but if that happens I believe it will be a draw. 39/1.
Chris Tredwell in as our spinner, 7 from the over. Good over. 
Ravi Bopara in at the other end with a little dark clouds in the distance? Bopara gets Dhawan 21 runs off 34 balls. Indian now 50/2 at 8.2 overs. Four balls to go and we have a wide. 3 runs from the over, good over and Ravi is back. 
Well we back and we lost. We were there for the final but I see tears with the Ashes coming up. Still the best game to watch.
Summer is finally playing its trump card and today, 6 days after the final, we are spring cleaning. That is what we do when the sun comes out. Cut the lawn, trimmed the bushes and cleared out the garage. Robert did help, he cleaned his Apollo mountain bike and that is a first. We gave it to him on his birthday just under two years ago and he has finally washed it. I must admit it does look very clean!
With the sun I become a sun widow, Susan off to the beach for most of the afternoon, comes home burnt, happy and wary. She was talking off taking herself off to the Mediterranean in search of sun, so we will not lose her for the short term.
Where are the blogs you might say, here just a little tardy. Cricket, Tennis and the latest Game of Thrones does mess with my writing. Talking of TV did you see the last episode in the series Downton Addey? The nice guy killed off, what are they thinking. If you can see the series, do.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weeds and Cars

Well, well, well, another blog and I am off and running. Some of us said that the weeds had been done  before, well I must say they are back. This time they have matured quite well, it is the same when you cut the grass, it grows back stronger. The Poole Borough Council in all its wisdom used water tractors to harvest the weeds last year, have just started the same process again this year. True, I have the images to prove it. They are a little Delboys type machines and look very like un - tractor like tractors. We pay our Rates and Taxes and we get this! I must go back to my previous blog and impart some words of wisdom to our over paid council officials. Drain the lake, spray the weeds with roundup and let it do its work. You will have a clean lake and next year it will be the same. How much did you say he earned?
Then this over paid council worker employed his cousins from Wales and we have the water tractor. I know you will say I am moaning but sometimes we have to hold those people who spend our money too account. I ask you, look at the water tractor. That is what they are throwing at the weeds, do they not know they do re grow! 
Enough I hear you say. 
I must admit that is too much already. Take heart gentle reader I will stop. 
And now I must digest. Angela has decided to change her Q5 for a more Eco friendly car, she has commissioned a very trendily couple to test drive this beautifully crafted motorcar and will be installing  another two seats for Ben and the bump. I jest not, see the photo that was spied by the Wikileaks camera crew. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Harbour Heights

We are at friends of Susan's 50th Birthday party and is such an eye opener, this is the people of Poole. I know some and others by sight but what a world. CEO for the company who manufacture the helicopter that fly the queen around. The most amazing talent, male or female, gracing the room. We overlook the harbour, Brownsea Island in the distance and the evening closing down. A room full of people with money too impress, all paying over the odds for the simple fare. There reason I am not there is, I can not hear anyone talk to me, music too loud. What lovely people, some genuine and others hoping to be noticed. I have put a mark on my new black and white shirt,  blame it on my need for food. I wonder what light snack would cost here because I am seriously hunger. Time  passes and we live in our worlds of hope. I have asked at the restaurant for a menu, well room service can help but the kitchen is closed, they do live in a different world.
That was my rambling on after too much wine and no food, I actually uploaded this blog last night but took it down first thing this morning, as not even I could understand it.
Well let me be the first to let you in to the breaking news. 
Robert Bruce Smith and Michael Glen Smith are now British Citizens. They are Poms for those who are in doubt as to there status.
Angela is going to have a baby, I am sure she has done this before but they are having fun so I say let them enjoy life while they are young.
Mark Harold Smith has just become engaged to Claire Barclay, we wish him all the happiness that marriage can bring.
Now that I have dropped all the latest news I will leave you to reflect and hopefully see a few comments.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Sale of Goods Act 1979

A man has been warned after he dialled 999 to complain about a prostitute's looks after meeting her. The Police said they were contacted by the caller who said he "wished to report her for breaching the Sale of Goods Act". The force said the call was received, complaining that the woman was not as attractive as she had claimed. Officers have now sent the man a letter warning him about wasting police time. 
The Sale of Goods Act 1979 gives consumers legal rights, stipulating goods which are sold must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and must match the seller's description. Clearly she did not.
I said yesterday that I was taking in the air, well I feel I took too much of that air and now have that hint of a cold coming on. At the time England was playing Sri Lanka, England went on to lose that match which was a pity but Sri Lanka had a batting power play they enjoyed. Today South Africa are playing the West Indies. Dale Steyn vs Chris Gayle, 4 off the first ball. Again I say this could end in tears. For who I do not know at the minute, but al will be in your news tomorrow. The ICC trophy has given us some amazing cricket. My money is on India against the other team in the final. It is astonishing how the average cricketers hair style has evolved. Chris Gayle with long dread locks and Tsotsobe with no hair at all, funny that when you consider Shane Warne and his blond spike. England and it's governing of the colonies has a bit to answer for.
News on the pigeons. I have installed a pigeon stopper, allowing the smaller birds to get the food but the pigeons are not allowed any purchase in the feeder. You will be happy to know it seems to be working. I will keep you updated, in other words watch this space.
Did you all see Captain Ben smiling for the camera in some crocodile infested woods in Australia. No, well if you look carefully I have included that time stopping moment in the photograph. Enjoy your weekend and remember, I love you all.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Taking in the Air

LIt is just after 5:30pm and I am sitting outside taking in the air. That is my view. It has been a funny day with crazy photos coming through of stands built upside down and others been flat packed to darkest Africa. All in all a challenge to bring out the best in what I have. Two articles written and one accepted for publication, also a funny day in that respect. Normally two articles written and none even get a reply!
I have foiled those pigeons and there eating of the food I put out for the robins, blue tits and finches. I still leave food on the bird table which the pigeons are welcome to but the smaller birds do need a little help in this clement weather. Talking of clement weather, the Poppy's and Roses have all flowered and the gale force winds and rain has made short work of us being able to enjoy the display, if it is not one thing then it is another, I sometimes despair at ever being able to just let nature take its course in a gentle way that allows us the time to contemplate, surrounded by natural colour and heady perfumes of summer. I fear it will be a long summer with many disappointments on this muddy island I call home.
Tonight I will be serving omelettes, chips and salad for dinner, actually it is not dinner by supper, dinner evokes the memories of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and all the extras. Now that is something to contemplate, when last did you have a rare joint of scotch fillet cooked gently on the BBQ and enjoyed with new potatoes and a fresh salad? This weekend shows signs of good weather and I think I will visit my local butcher and we will enjoy that noblest of meals. 
England scored 297 / 7 against Sri Lanka, Ravi Bopara hitting 33 off 13 balls and now Sri Lanka are 41 / 1. Still a while to go, SA not doing to we'll but there is hope as Steyn and De Villiers are fit and ready for the next game. Australia are giving their best, on and off the field. David Warner has thrown in a bouncer for Australia, must admit Joe Root is so young and needs to be brought back to earth. Wig what can you expect!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer time and the weather is easy

I have a few minutes before I need to put the dinner in the oven and I am sitting watching the champions trophy ( Cricket ) South Africa playing Pakistan and it will all end in tears for one of the sides. Actually by the time you read this it will be all over and it could just be that there are some moist eyes in the house. I must say that Lonwabo Tsotsobe is a almighty warrior, he can throw a spear a reasonable distance. Sorry Robert is that a little racial? Seriously he would make a great Zulu fighter. There is nothing but Kungfu fighting, also a great song, written by Chaka for his Japanese friends. That Duminy, no not the chaplain from your local church but that little short hair, dark glasses, spin bowler from South Africa has just claimed another wicket. I can see this all ending in tears. 
Russell is back, went on a little cruise around the Mediterranean and now back to reality, such a good song. Welcome back wee Russell, take some time to move gently into your working life again and remember those Mediterranean girls are all flirts.
Angela is going to have another we bairn, I would love to be a fly on the wall when Lily found out, not another I can hear her say.  
" I have just learnt to cope with Captain Ben, what are they up too?"
Well the Smith/ Dickens genes are going to flourish throughout the universe. Long live the genes. Michael did comments that this puts a visit by the Dickens out another few years but I say lets the children enjoy themselves. Great news princess.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer weekend

The sun comes out and the typical Brit forgets how to dress, I know I have blogged this before but the amount of flesh I have seen today is unhealthy. I am on the front pouch waiting for the Robins to come to the feeding tray and the BBQ is all cooked. First one for the summer, may it be a good summer, if not for my sake but the rest of the family, who take delight in the sun.
Lily Florence had another birthday on Monday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY. The years fly by and my grandchildren grow strong and tall, it is all in the genes and through them we will live on. Hope you had a great day Lily Florence.
Robert and I went for a walk in Tilbury forest with Sam today, image attached, and the most absent was the sound of the birds. Forget where have all the flowers gone, where are all the birds? There are more birds in my garden then in that vast forest. I suppose as we cultivate more land and destroy more natural habitat for the birds they will migrate to the towns and houses. A survey was done to determine the amount of houses that put out food for the wild birds, 42% of all the UK households said they feed the birds. Mary Poppins had a lot to do with that. 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

You think you have seen it all

I know sometimes you think you have seen it all then something happens that defies the odds. Gary has bought a pair of ultra chic shoes, photograph attached. When all the world is buying Toms so allowing a little black child of Africa the chance to experience the comfort of a fine pair of Toms, Gary changes direction and gets a sensible pair of shoes. His shoes made from real leather, light weight with a touch and close fastening. He opted for a tan pair in size 9. Now he can be seen walking on air, no more feet ache, a inspiration to all those over 30. Next will be Matt and then Pamagor will find a pink pair and a new fashion wave will go viral.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A blog again

Sam always follows me into the garage when I go out for a quiet pipe, yes I know it is not PC to smoke but as I light up my pipe he walks away, clever dog. I have been smoking a eCig, trying to stop a habit of a lifetime but they say it is very PC to smoke an eCig. Is it a eCig or an eCig? A before e except after c! The problem with the smoking is the same as the song. 
" The dreams which will kill me are the best I have ever had."
Back to reality, has anyone heard from Russell, that boy is so Pamagor he just does not know it. Ever since he went to Sugo Russo he has clammed up, maybe the fish was off? I came across a message on Facebook, "Hello Bro." Is all it said. I miss him too but when he stays off line how does one communicate?
Talking of communication, the humble telephone is destined to be replaced by a type of mobile phone with limited capabilities and only BT or Virgin Apps. I want a telephone that does what it say on the box, phoning. Cheap and always has a signal, fixed signal. The landline has been the only phone you have been able lot depend on all these years and now digital things take over and we are left walking around the house looking for the best signal! No I say, keep the humble landline and when the mother earth has had enough of our destruction, it will still be there to say goodbye to our loved ones and then we can turn off the lights. We are a international people who profess to love our children and then destroy their future.
I took Sam for a walk to the beach today and a good walk it was but, there is always a but, Robert was at the beach and I walk right passed him and did not see him. He saw Sam and then that was that. He was with a GIRL, strange that he is self conscious being around a girl but then maybe he did not want to see his father taking the dog for a walk while trying to impress his bella of the ball! The cad had a hidden addenda. 
All for now, Salmon Wellington, new potatoes and vegetable for us tonight.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Poole Lake and the Weed invasion

Poole Lake is slowly being strangled by a weed growing in the water. Every year the council tries new way to combat this weed, blue dye to keep the sun light out, water tractor that harvests it and bales of hay dotted all over the lake. Well the blue dye turned the water and the swans blue but did little else. The water tractor only encouraged the weed to grow back fuller and denser, when you cut the grass it comes back better than before! The bales of hay are an old farmers trick but you need almost a full lake of hay to help. This year, as you can see by the photograph, the weed is back, in actual fact it never left. The mind boggles as to what the clever council will do this year.
If I was asked, I would use the water tractor once a month and cut the weed back, it is great for the children to watch and shows council workers in the water and not in their trucks drinking tea. Great fun and they will be able to make vast amounts of compost from all the weed. Also the Swans and Canadian Geese love the effect the tractor has on the water as it digs up the weed, bringing all manner of edibles to the surface.
There is another way but not really eco friendly. Drain the lake completely, spray it with weed killer, Roundup will do just fine as it dissipates once it has gone through the plant. Then just let it fill from the rain again, we have enough of that, and they do drain the lake every now and again. The fish I hear you say, well they go into the sea when it is drained or stay in small puddles until the lake fills again. Something to think about anyway. 
My neck is not stiff today in case you wondered.

Upton Country House

Well I woke up this morning with a stiff neck! Where did that come from, maybe too much television. Talkng of TV this weekend is a Bank holiday weekend for us and also the official start of summer. Getting back to TV, we have a Grande Prix and a 5 day cricket test, so bring on the couch potato in me.
Anyway my stiff neck, as there is no one at home to feel sorry for me I decided to take Sam to Upton House for a quiet stroll through the gardens and woods. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of flowers, so attached is a collection of what I saw. The problem with taking photographs of flowers is that they will not stand still in the wind.
The House and all the gardens was a favourite place for my Mother.
"Not to be stormed even in deaths confusion, rememberer, then, for she too is a winner of wars. Enduring like a tree under the curious stars." Rest easy Mum.
Come to think of it, she would have known what to do with a stiff neck.
This day, many years ago, they baked the first Eccles Cakes in Yorkshire. The reason why I tell you this is that people are warming their Eccles cakes in the microwave and they explode. So a word of advise, stick to the oven and avoid a nasty mess.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Tablet covers

I have a iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note and both have the manufacturers case. If I was reviewing these two products I would have to say the Samsung is far better than the Apple. My complaint with the Apple is that it does not lock when configuring it into a typing position. The Samsung has a clever magnet that sticks to the back of the case giving you a good typing position. The Samsung also opens  with ease as opposed to the Apple which has a fiddly cover that does not overlap at all so you have to put your fingernail under it to open. Apple have always seem to put a extreme amount of thought into their products but fall down on this one.

I am writing a children's book and finding it really hard going, are there any children out there that can help? Not something I would normally do but have been commissioned, so money is in the offering someway down the line. Actually Lady Mally Ann of Longthorns Estate asked me to write a short story. So if you have a flop, email the Lady in question.
Susan and I went for a normal run along the beach today and summer is hinting at a return, sun and a llittle wind made for a good, motivated run. I was so fired up I cut the lawn on our return while Susan went to her Body Balance class. I think a type of yoga session, certainly does no harm. As the years come and go so does the ability to move your joints as you once did. Hey Ho it is good to be alive.
I write this blog from the beach hut on Branksome beach, cooler now with a coud cover it is still good to justo sit and watch the sea.
As you can see by the photo it is not that warm and the breeze has picked up a little more. I did think of having a BBQ but the forecast has warned of rain late afternoon and into the night. From the looks of the clouds over the Purbecks, this time I think they are right.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Breaking News

Robert has bought a pair of shoes that are called Toms, they undertake to give a pair of shoes to an African child for every pair bought here. These canvas slipons cost £45 and are just the most sort after fashion accessory available.
This is a worthy cause and should be taken up by those who have for those who have not in Africa.

Bank Holiday weekend 2nd attempt

Trying to blog in the sun and can not quite see all the words as the reflection shines down. As someone I know say Hey-ho lets just get on with it.
In a world gone wrong with new, new, new, we are all sucked into the wish to have everything that we can afford and still some. Take the range of Audi Q series. Q2, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8 and early next year the Q4 will complete the line up, I must say they are still lacking a Q1. I wonder if our grandchildren will have en  ough fossil fuels to be able to drive  the vast range of vehicles we are developing. Like the child that has an iPhone, iPad and laptop said 'I am bored.' Go outside and play, maybe we need to give outside a difference name. 'Why don't you go and iplay with the enviroment.' Outside apps can include iGrass (something to iplay on). iPath, something to walk on, choose your distance and see if you can succeed. The possiblities are endless and I am sure someone will or has come up with this idea already. These are all free apps and do not require a password or login account. That is maybe where we go wrong, make mummies little darling login in before they go and play iOutside.
In a break from tradition, we did not go to breakfast at Wetherspoons inn this morning but had breakfast at home, I enjoyed it but it did lack that mass prepared food taste and Susan was not really sure if it was the right thing to do, it was up to her to cook! Tonight we are going to have a wee pint and then some supper at the above mentioned pub to make up for our morning break.
The image depicts our garden awash with Bluebells that bring colour and herald the start of summer.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Time and Karma

"When a bird is alive it eats ants, when the bird is dead the ant eat it. One tree can make a million matchsticks but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees." Circumstances can change at anytime.
We have started feeding the birds in our garden as the winter has been long and cold, most birds would have laid their eggs and they would have hatched by now, too cold no food so help is needed. At the minute we have half a dozen Robins, some sparrows, all look the same so not sure how many and a pair of pigeons. We had one seagull but he or she did not like the available cuisine on offer and has not been back. There is a quiet pleasure in seeing birds feeding in your garden, you take a certain amount of ownership and satisfaction in this small contribution.Changing the subject, last night I had a very good bottle of wine from Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc and very fruity with a smooth strawberry flavour touching the back of your throat. No I am not being pretentious or toff, try it if it is available where you are and let me know. I remember Russell coming over and buying a wee bottle of French wine from the boudioux region, paid a small fortune but it also had a touch of strawberry.
Tonight we have Cajun chicken, roast potato wedges and a vegetable stir fry, all complimented by a very good bottle of Blossom Hill Merlot, life is worth living at times like this. This is a bank holiday weekend so it is time to celebrate and live this precious time we have to the full.
Sorry this iPad is out of juice and so is the Samsung Galaxy, will have to sign out now and resort to a pen and paper for the next chapter of this exciting blog......

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just a hint of Summer

Those long nights have left us now and the sun risers earlier each day, behind dark clouds but enough to waken me before 6. With the coming of summer, I always feel a few years younger, in my body that is, my mind is always amazed at the 60 year old staring back at me from the morning mirror. 
Soon they will say I am slowing with age, my steps are slightly slower. My face is a well-written page and time alone was the pen. 
Well my trials of life are not done. My pen is agile and my mind young. Summer will oil those stiff joints and the warmth of the sun ease those lazy muscles. The sunshine brings out the child in us all and I am hoping on a long warm season, rays tanning the body and sea water cleaning the soul. I jest not and have attached a photo I took yesterday at Sandbanks just before it rained.
From all accounts Captain Ben is well again after a time of feeling poorly, gave us all a little scare and the photograph of him going home was a welcome relief. 'Sail on Captain Ben' 
Michael is on his way back to Uni for his last exams and then it is back to work for the RNLI for the summer. Good organisation to work for and will give his CV real street creed. 
This is the last weekend Sam is welcome on all the beaches, from the 1st May certain bathing beaches are off limits but we still have all the way from Sandbanks to the Haven Hotel, if you look at the photo, it is to the left of that concrete path, to the right will be a no go zone until 1st Sept. Now how do I go about teaching Sam that to the right he is not welcome?
Our garden is awash with blue bells and a few red roses, which all lift the spirits. 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Doors and Reviews

Russell reviews Sugo Russo, rave review with top marks for food, service and the outstanding quality of the front staff, could not praise the manager enough, predicts this to be one of the busiest resturants in the near future. Months not years was his exact words. So readers if you are in the area go to Sugo Russo and be entralled. Russell was also impressed with the quality of the singing by all the staff. Gary has introduced a motivation song to be sung whenever he or Claudia arrive or leave. A old, traditional song called "How great thou art." Word has it that he first introduced it at JSC, must be quite a emotional experience when all 60 odd staff sing this rousing hymn.
Talk about every little helps, Tesco mobile phone department gave me a ring the other day to sell me insurance for Robert's iPhone. £7.99 per month but there are certian conditions. Not covered if you drop it, lose it or if it is stolen. Makes one wonder what it is covered for? I suppose their catch line, "every little helps" goes to how much profit they make! As can be seen from the attached photograph, such a lovely word, much better than pic, image, shot.
Anyway to get back to the attached photograph, it is the gate that Matt built while he and Angela stayed here for a while in 2006. Built too last, what gate will last 6 years, taking the daily pounding of Robert going through slamming it shut and Sam forcing his way through before the gate is fully open, not forgetting the harsh weather thrown at it everyday for the last 6 years. This gate has, outstanding quality and I must congratulate myself on arranging their marriage, without me they would never be married today, who says arranged marriages are out of fashion.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Home and away

Robert is home for the Easter holidays and Michael is back at Uni, next week Robert is back at school and Michael is home for two weeks, all the time Susan and I are almost living a life of just a couple. Robert spends most of his time in his room playing computer games and visiting friends and when Michael gets home he is either working or out with Charlotta. Well at least they have a home to come back to, even if it is just to sleep, they do a lot of that as well.
I drove the iPanda today, just a quick trip to Aldi for some antipasti for our evening meal and was quite surprised to realise we have had the car for over a year. Susan has been clocking up the miles, so easily done in the comfort and splendour of this fine Italian automobile, 3450 miles. By any standard that would make it a nearly new car. I remember Gary telling me he does about 50,000 miles a year in his car and they have a second car. This is when you realise that England is a very small island.
Susan and I normally go to a coffee shop at least once over the course of a weekend and we have decided to start rating them. More for our own forgetful minds then anything else. We have frequented about a dozen over the years and with time we are getting braver and venturing further to satisfy our caffeine cravings. Maybe Sugo Russo! Maybe not, too far for a weekend. Has anyone been to have a little dicki dob yet. Russell I know you want to, let us all know through the comments section. 
We have reached double figures, 12.5 deg C today but that Russian wind continues to blow and the rain falls so easily I am doubtful of any type of spring.
I said goodbye to my Apple MacBook on Thursday, very sad, it is just such a good laptop, although 6 years old still fast and reliable. I bought it for £325 and sold it for £280. Off it went to a new home in Bridport, the new owner did say I can visit if I wanted to but I think it is better to put it behind me and get on with my life, might take a little time but I must be brave. OK maybe one trip in a month or two just to see how it is getting on.
Sold my iPad as well, another good price, just on £200 for a 3 year old 1st generation, 16 gb. Not bad but we now have the iPad 4 so have not missed it at all. Marvellous machines, I write this blog sitting comfortably in the lounge. 
Enough about me, time to open that soft bottle of red wine I have been longing for the whole weekend. 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Iron Lady passes away

This week we have been through a bit of a minefield of news. Margaret Thatcher passed away after a stroke in her bed at the Ritz? Her bed? I must ask the question, why the Ritz? This seems to be one of those facts the journalists seem to be ignoring. An aging ex polictian dies alone in her bed at the Ritz? I do not really care if you liked her or not, she was the best man for the job and england needed someone strong at a time when we were the laughing stock of the world.
Robert asked me what I thought about the death of Margeret Thatcher and said I thought she had probarly come to the end of a good life and could just see Dennis, her husband who died 10 years ago, asking her at the pearly gates.
'What took you so long dear.'
He was onced asked why he does not express his views in public as often as the press would want?
'The press think I am a fool, I do not want to confirm the fact.' Was his reply.
I hope he is there for her and their love affair will last.
Now, Kim Jong Um, mentally retarded leader of North Korea wanting to take on the rest ofthe world? Now that is someone who needs a slap. Nothing good will come of this until the rest of the world unite and sort him out. At best, a bit of posturing, at worst a few hundred thousand people killed , all by someone who can not wipe his own nose properly. Give me strenght, I really thought we had gone beyond strating peacock.
Thanks for all the comments, till anon.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Charities, big business

Latest figures from the Department of Trade and Industry has confirmed that only 10% to 12% of the monies collected by charities actually gets to the people they are collection for. This is big business, without the need to pay any tax, billions collected every year and if one looks at the size of the head offices and well paid staff you can understand why we have so many. We have at least 5 requests for donations a week. Be it your old cloths, jeweller or a monthly cash donation they all want something for nothing. Take a charity that raises £234m, their gross profit, tax free, £211m. As I said 'Big Business'. Now to get on to something more beneficial to me and my family, Charity begins at home.
'You have spoken and we have listened', no more taking the charity bosses to pieces. Yes I do listen.
Easter weekend and Robert away in Paris and Michael down from Uni for the weekend has flown bye. The weather did not really give us hope for a warm weekend but we have to stay positive.
Good Friday, early run on the beach, cut the lawn and vacuumed the house, all by 11am. What to do next? Upton House, Woodlands walk and then we realised how little a borough council planner plans. They have cut out all the undergrowth, I suppose to allow light to reach the woodlands floor. It has opened up the forest but seems to have lost all the character which the overgrown forest offered. The good thing is, due to the lack of common sense in the council, no thought would have gone into future maintenance and nature will reclaim its own.
Easter has come and gone, Susan will be back at work tomorrow, the sun will come out and the first quarter of this new year is history. Spring is officially here, our clock went forward an hour so we are technically now an hour ahead of the rest of the world, those who do not tamper with their clocks that is. All seems like a lot of work but a little quark that we will always treasure, most clocks change by themselves but there is the odd clock, like the microwave oven, that will run an hour behind for the next 6 months.
Today we are having the traditional pork pie. Chopped juicy tomatoes, mature cheddar cheese and Gruyere cheese baked with eggs and cream, layered over a tomato sauce in a crisp pastry.
"You have gone mad, a Pork Pie is the result of a 200 odd years tradition in making pies. The uncured meat of a Melton pie is grey in colour when cooked; the meat is chopped, rather than minced. The pie is made with a hand-formed crust – this style of production gives the pie a slightly irregular shape after baking. As the pies are baked free-standing, the sides bow out, they are not vertical like mould-baked pies." I hear you say and I must bow too your knowledge, of course you are right, you may not know it, my thanks for correcting my obvious oversight.
Pamagor will be here in the next week. Believed to have been in South Africa looking after Madiba and also seen in North Korea evaluating the sanity of Um, slightly retarded leader of that country. We live in strange times, interesting but not as serious the important fact that there is a drop in the number of bees in the world and that figure is decreasing year on year. This is important.

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Empire strikes back

Those colonials have been at it again, stealing babies! Twenty years of government approved baby snatching. You might think this is a story from those Arabic State but no, the British Empire, actually it is Australia.
'Prime Minister Julia Gillard has issued an apology to people affected by Australia's forced adoption policy between the 1950s and 1970s.'
Julia said, 'Tens of thousands of babies of unmarried, mostly teenage mothers, were thought to have been taken by the state and given to childless married couples.'
This is an era of apologies, David Cameron did it in Ireland, many South Africans have been down that route but it does bring it home when we consider what we did in service of the British Empire and those not qualified to govern did just that.
This is still going on, much more subtlety but going on none the less. BBC interviewer Kate Hummable asking women of the nomadic tribes in the desert, what there home life is all about and what the sex is about. Why? Just for a story, a petty gain for the interviewer but if the men hear about it the woman will be beaten, even ostracised, in some cases killed. One day the MP for the BBC will probably apologies. What the cost?
Saying that there are too many people on this world of ours and as my mum always said, 'Man will devour all, even himself in the end'. Maybe those in the desert with their ancient family ways and practises will survive us all.
Spoke to Mark and he is doing well, good to hear from him and also know he is slowly getting to grips with modern technology, Skype and Samsung Galaxy Tablet, it is like magic.
Had dinner with the Fay's last night and was pleased to see Jessica with her boyfriend. He is taller than her, good breeding there! Peter is now working for that favourite of all companies, Tesco.
Great photograph Angela sent of Matt trying to fly.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Not quite Spring

The greatest gift in life is to see life as the greatest gift, heard it on the way to the beach. Sometimes it is good to walk the dog in the rain and wind. Would not have heard the radio, let alone the quote.
It has rained for 40 days and not too sure how many nights but now it is time to cease. Let that sun shine, wind drop and temperature double. Cabin fever is starting to get to me, Sam is the same, todays walk was a chore, even for him.
Weekend does not hold out much hope of any of the above happening but there is a Grand Prix and the cricket is on in New Zealand so we must be thankful for that.
I have just ordered this very practical case for my iPad, £11.50, as you can see it almost takes the need for a laptop away. I predict that in the next 5 years the tablet with a case including keyboard will take over from the much loved Laptops. Microsoft make a really good looking tablet called the Surface and its case has a a very thin keyboard built in. Do not rush out to buy one as yet, wait for the Professional model , it will have a better operating system. Although a bit pricy at £429.00 it will still be worth it.
Has anyone eaten at Sugo Rosso yet, we need a food review and some photos to bring my readers up to date. Angela what about getting your friend in SA to sneak around and have a meal, incognito as such. You can then pick up the tab, all in the name of public news and we can all relax or worry as the case may be. While your friend is about it maybe a trip with Russell's new business, 'Wet and Wild.' I know but I am not saying anything.
All for now, will write over the weekend. Thanks for all those comments of delight, keep them coming.