Monday, 27 October 2014

The Take Off and Landing of Everything.

I am taken with the title from Elbows latest album 'The Take Off and Landing of Everything'
People can be The Take Off and Landing of Everything, sometimes. It does contain so many things, everything in fact but not for all and not all the time.
We might think we are The Take Off and Landing of Everything all the time, to those who we love, but alas, we can not be and never will be all the time. As a family we are sometime that special person, not only to those closest to us but to all who know us. It is no shame to not be The Take Off and Landing of Everything, sometimes or even all the time.
Michael and Danni are in South Africa, visiting Pretoria first and now are in Capetown, they are getting about, but that is what Michael does, he makes it happen. I did say that the Cape is very windy and from the latest text it seems to be living up to its reputation. 
Robert is loving uni, changed his course but the details are rather sketchy, I would probably not know how to spell the new one let alone pronounce it.
Mark is getting married next week and I would like to leave him with these words.
Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. 
I hope they have the wedding of their dreams and it is a start, let it be a long and happy partnership. 
Hopefully have some photos to share for the next blog.
Spoken about the boys but what about Angela, Lily, Captian Ben and David, I am sure they are all growing up proper, even allowing for Captian Ben's unruly hair. 
Do you know I have not spoken about Alexander, Gary and Claudia have named their new addition Alexander. The most incredible thing is they already know he will be a good pianist, yes it all came from the scan, those scans are just so amazing. The doctor could tell just by looking at the scan. Angela knows the marvels of the scan prediction, the doctor told her that her boy would be an adventurer and so they called him David, all in honour of the greatest explorer of all time, Davy Crocket, king of the wild frontier. Marvellous what scanners can do today.
Susan and I went to the supermarket and bought sweets and chocolates for trick or treat (Hallowean) as well as the normal food, we will be cooking for dinner. Much to our amazement it is only next Friday. Is it not great to be so far ahead of what will be coming we are ready a week in advance. Talking of advance, our clocks go back 1 hour tonight, pain as we have to adjust all the old time pieces but essentially tomorrow morning we will wake at our normal 6:30 only to discover it is 5:30. We live in such exciting times. What to do with the extra hour? For those in South Africa, please allow for the 2 hours time difference as when you are all excited and eager to speak to us first thing in the morning, we will be asleep, calm and steady approach is what is called for.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Fishermen escape with their lives.

Four fishermen almost drowned when the boat they fish in sunk. Shortly before 5am on Friday Gary Grunter, Michael Salmon, Mark Marlin and Robert Ragfish set out to board their fishing boat only to discover it had sunk. Well sunk up to the bow line. Coastguard and Fire and Rescue are giving emotional support to the families. The Coastguard spokesman Mark Sardine, Cookie to his friends, praised the Fire and Rescue Service for their quick response and Robert Ragfish, who is studying Fish Social Science at the University of Fissex, for alerting the others before they tried to board. His wife Helen Sardine, Lady Helen to her friends, in turn praised Mark for his professional response.
‘If Mr Ragfish had not alerted the other who knows what would have happen, just think if they climbed aboard the sunken vessel and tried to set out to sea.’
On closer investigation your reporter has discovered the boat sunk in November last year after breaking free of its moorings. Just shows how close death is to those who are not alert to where there boat is and how much water covers it. 
The local authority are launching an investigation to this “near miss’.
I spoke to the officer from Health and Safety, Sally Mender, who confirmed that they have a regulation in place the warns people not to board a sunken vessel. Sally Mender is also launching and investigation on this near miss.
Russell Lodge has kindly offered to take the survivors in at his hotel until suitable accommodation can be found.
Local MP Angela Angelfish is going to bring up the matter in parliament and also has instructed her colleagues to file a motion to tighten up the regulations of boarding a vessel that has already sunk. Ms Angelfish stated. ‘This costs the NHS millions of pounds treating those effected by this near miss’.
Finally Susan Tuna, Mother Dearest Darling to Robert Ragfish, praised the University and tutors, but has forbidden him from boarding a sunken vessel in the future. 

Well to sum up, mother do know best.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

We are consumed by our phones.

We’re so consumed by our phones and social networks, that sometimes we forget to live. True and a sad reflection on us, but, there are places you can go to where there is no signal and that is hilarious. People walking around with their phone held up to the heavens willing 1 bar to show itself. Desperate, not in touch with the rest of the world, no control in a otherwise controlled network society. Mark Zuckerberg, I have a message, 'Social Networking' is in fact 'Anti Social Networking'. People with more than 250 'friends' on Facebook have no real friends, they too caught up with answering their virtual friends they forget to live.
Enough Social media bashing, the people have spoken and I have listened. I sound like a politician, come elections time and they promise the world, come governing time the put up the taxes.
Susan is away catching some sun in Spain and Robert has settled in to his university with one big moan, washing his clothes.
"Clothes washing I feel will be the bane of my existence at uni as it's is horribly complicated, 1 wash has cost me £10 which is insane!"

Now he understands that you need to hung your clothes up and not use the house as your wardrobe, expensive lesson but had to be learnt.
Michael is still working hard and then when he has some time off it is up to Bristol, Why Bristol you may very well ask, what is wrong with Poole?
Gary had his birthday last week and I did wish him well, as I know you all would. Happy Birthday Gary Pants, welcome to an era of being someone who is in his middle ages.
It is definitely autumn here, as you can see from the photo of a clear blue sky, and today marks the first day of taking Sam to the beach with the temperature dropping below 10 deg C, that with the light breeze did bring home the fact that Christmas is only 2 months away and with it those gloriously crisp cold winter days.
All for now.