Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Life and its chance

We all have those times when we are disappointed, left at a loss, unable to take command. Life deals these cards and we all wonder, why us? Be it the loss of a friend, a hope for event which does not come off or a dream not realised. When it happens to someone you hold dear it leaves you at a loss for words, the right words, we resort to the old cliques, sorry to hear your news etc. Through all this we really feel for them and our lack of ability to say those words of comfort deepens the injustice of the situation. We want to put it right but life dictates the rules. 

On a gentler note, Susan is driving a Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 l. I know we all think of the 735i BMW and the engine blowup but things have moved on and we all are tempered to life's melancholy.
Susan describes the car;
'Solid, easy, comfortable and somewhat uneventful. Robert was upset that we didn't push it but it was too easy to attract too many points on one's license and who knows, maybe loose it altogether.'

87 mph and then it was as Buzz Light Year said, To infinity and beyond. I hear some of my boys echoing that thought.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

BST – British Summer Time

Today our clocks went back by 1 hour; my body clock will take a while to catch up. It was amazing to see all the modern gizmo's changing their clocks automatically. I remember in the past, having to go around the house to find all the time displays and changing them manually. We must be 1 hour behind SA and 9 behind Oz, anyway we cannot win this race so we can only deal with it.

Talking of winning, England did not and Vettel did. Both very disappointing results but the best on the day triumphed. They now join SA and Aus on the next plane out of there and back to an English summer of cricket, for England that is, while giving the other two a welcome rest for a month or two. As for the Grand Prix, Massa has lost his touch, since the part of Rubins engine hit him on the head he has just been a road block, all that today and he comes 11th. I do think we have a clear leader at the minute and then three very good cars following, namely McLaren, Renault, Ferrari and hopefully the Brawn MB, although the Sauber and Williams are looking strong. I will stick my neck out and say the World Champion will be Vettel and Red Bull will take the Constructors title, second is a four horse race. Alonso, Hamilton, Button and Webber with Rosberg and Petrov in with a chance. We can only hope the Red Bull of Vettel suffers engine failure more often than not.

My back is mending fast and today Robert and I did some gardening, the start of spring, lawn mowing and weed pulling. I also sprinkled some fertilizing for the lawn and Robert cleaned the patio and path of the long winter's leaves and weeds. Not sure if that is grammatically correct but then I do not suppose all my blogs are. Susan has started Gym again and I am sure will be lean and fit very soon. Michael and Robert continue to do well at school. Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II grows more handsome by the day – too pretty to be a dog.

That website, I was meant to let you know when we launched it, is live. Have I told you before, if not the address is www.omagesd.com, have a browse and tell me what does not work for you. Robert says it is not clear enough, he prefers the BBC type site. I do see many sites returning to the old table layout and must admit, if done properly, gives clear navigation to what is on the site. Any thoughts let me know.

All for today, enjoy what is left of Sunday is anything is left, thinking of Aus.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Time Zones

Theoretically, the world should be divided into 24 main time zones in which each zone differs from the last by one hour. As time has gone on, things have changed. Time zones are irregular and affected by political, geographical and social changes. Daylight saving casts further confusion to what should be a very simple task. Our clocks go back by 1 hour on Saturday night. When we awake on Sunday morning we will be able to sleep in for another hour. Bliss. All the clocks will have to be turn an hour forward, mobile phones, microwaves and all those older electrical appliances will have to be changed. That will happen over the next 2 or 3 months as we come across yet another forgotten appliance we never thought we had.

This is really to let you all know; you are now either 1 hour or somewhere between 1 and 10 hours ahead of us. That will be of some comfort to the Australian and South African cricket teams flying home to those they hold dear. This world cup has thrown us some surprises. I still predict an Indian, English final. If England were strong enough to retain the Ashes then a mere One day International World Cup should be a walk in the park. Tomorrow might deal a different hand. New Zealand wins by 49 runs, still hard to believe. Kallis did do well in this World Cup, he must be 40 already and still bowling and batting well. Those boere are made of stern stuff.

Tomorrow we will see what those magnificent men in their flying machines have done over the winter. Australian GP, my money is on MW but let us not forget JB or Rosberg. Alonso is a fighter and that Cape kid Hamilton could last the whole race. Vettel hopefully, does not do well, which will lead to him throwing his Germanic Lego blocks out the cot, he is quick.

Enjoy your weekend. Thank you for your kind comments with regards to my back. Yes it is mended with only a slight discomfort with my left hip but I am sure that will resolve itself in time. They say it is a nerve that has been trapped, trapped where, if only I could find it and release it.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Love, what is it?

When you fall in love it is like a temporary madness, it erupts like an earth quake and then subsides and then you have to make a decision. You have to work out if your roots have become so entwined, it is inconceivable and you have to part.

Because, this is what love is. Love is not something that leaves you breathless, it is not excitement, it is not a desire to make love every second of the day and it is not lying awake at night, imagining your lover is kissing every part of your body.

That is just being 'in love', any of us can convince ourselves we are 'in love'. Love itself is what is left over when being 'in love' has burnt away. Doesn't sound very exciting but it is.

Have you asked yourself the question, do you love your wife? If you do, then pick a flower on your way home every now and again. If she is cold, wrap her in a warm jumper. It is what love is. It is a friend, a lover and someone who will be there for you.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

When not to murder someone

I read somewhere that you should not murder someone who is about to commit suicide. Also Twitter has 190 million users who all twit an average of 35 characters per twit. Twitter has a maximum of 140 characters per twit who twits. Is this not another form of text messaging? I hear Bill Gates and John Job, that Dark Apple side fellow, sobbing uncontrollably.

Words of wisdom, never murder someone who is about to commit suicide. Never knowingly knock a Badger down in your oversized, over price, 4X4 recreation vehicle. The reason why I say that is, the inventor of the Beetle, Professor Volkswagen, was heard to say; Never murder someone who is about to commit suicide, let them buy a Beetle first.

That my friends is 144 words and so much more than those Twit's who Twit.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Analysing Life

I am filled with dread at the thought that today's capacity to choose might already be forfeit to yesterday's misfortune. Maybe I fall within that genre. Life is filled with so much of a gamble; it almost negates nature's evolution.

This life dealt me a cruel blow just two week ago. I bent down to pick up a box of Chocolate Raisins and Michael's golf bag toppled towards my head, thinking quickly I moved out of disaster. That is when I experienced the most excruciating, heart stopping pain, starting from the middle of my back and paralysing my legs. I was stuck in the garage at 9ish in the morning and I could not move. Survival mode kicks in and I slowly straightened, again the pain was mind boggling. My legs would not respond and I was now light headed, my brain moved my arms to the counter top to stay up right. DO NOT LAUGH.

That was on the 8th and I now have movement in all areas but it has been a long battle. Never again will I pooh, pooh someone who says they have done their back and are walking around like a ninety year old. DO NOT LAUGH.

I must say that the encouraging comments on my blog kept me going, such eloquent mastery of words Thank you followers of Middle Earth, it is in times of extreme need that I realise the value of this social network, Middle Earth's blog. As no one realised I was off air I was encouraged to move through the pain and agony to a more just and healthier world.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Does the tail wag the dog?

With 24 hour news and more newspapers coming out everyday, we as a nation are searching and wanting more and more front page news. At least that is the impression the press seem to think we want. That is easily fixed, throw in a few lies, innuendos, misquotes and the story explodes on the front page again.
Our press create news daily that is fiction, letting the reporters add and embellish until it is so far from the truth that we have forgotten the original news flash, produced by the need for news and playing us for the fool.
A case in point is the news that Prince Andrew was meeting the wrong people. All taken out of context.
I see politicians grovelling to news interviews, who do not listen.
‘The public are entitled to an answer.’ Should read, my producer wants a story.
The press, of this modern world we live in, have far too much power. It is time that we had a factual account of the news, more importantly we need that factual account on all national news forum. No comment needed, leave that to us.
Let Reuters be our news source for the future.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Choral Music

Composer, philosopher, teacher and Hungarian national icon - Zoltan Kodaly was one of the most important figures in the history of 20th century choral music.
I am trying to listen to this on my laptop but I think the volume of my hearing, through the passage of time I must add, has turned itself down a little. Could be wax in my ears. Getting older has advantages and disadvantages, goes with out saying. I will have it no other way.
This has been a journey for me and exhausted as I am, this is all I have to say.
Where are the monstrous men with chests like barrels and moustaches like the wings of eagles who strode across my childhood gaze? GEORGE ORWELL

The Mighty Cold

The UK has a nasty cold virus going around. Not Swine, no not Asian, this one has no name. It starts with a slightly sore throat, sniff nose and a little ache in your head. We all soldier on, because during the day it seems to abate. It is in the dead of night that we feel proper poorly, not a cold to play with. Enough, this is a trial we must endure, get on with it and if you get enough sleep you will feel better in the morning. Michael started before Austria; I followed with Robert shortly after and now Susan is pretending.

Gussell of Georgedale sent me an interesting article written by Trevor Emanuel. I thought he was the Minister of Finance, maybe in the last government, before Jacob that is. He berates someone I have never heard of for being racialist. I did not really read it properly but seem to get the impression the alleged racialist had made some derogatory remarks about coloureds. The importance of this statement by Trevor cannot be underestimated; he came through the long struggle for independence. By him putting pen to paper he can make a difference. Making people think before this escalates into a racialist fuelled killing spree. When the Boer is being attacked on a regular basis and if this does not stop it will migrate to other population groups and anarchy will eventually be the law. Granny June admired Trevor and that is good enough for me. I assume he still has the respect of the common man in the street which adds credence to his article. I can not really comment on the current situation in South Africa, it has been almost 12 years since I lived there, so I will stop now and hopefully will get some educated comment from all those who are in the know - as such.

I see they are launching a newer version of the iPad, ten times faster and now has a camera. Also Apple is bringing out a new iPhone 5. Also ten time faster, with a better camera. To top it all the new Apple Mac Pro with i5 processor, ten times faster is also being launched as we speak. I tell you all this as Gary of Middle Smiths will update, that goes without saying, this should cost him £2011.00. Ouch, that is a lot of money in any currency, keeping up with technology is expensive and he has to be seen with the latest, not because he is a Yuppie but his industry expects it of him. I am sure he will be able to claim it as expenses, so hold off with those donations.

Why is it that Apple is always ten times faster, faster than fast. I really do not believe they are really that good, the dark side must be embraced with caution.


Friday, 4 March 2011

14 Days Thursday 3rd

I am guilty of promising something and not delivering. Yesterday I promised a preview of the event of 14 days hence. Today I fall proud to the semolina syndrome. Claudia of Middle Smiths knows this process well. If you overcook semolina it becomes concrete, not the ideal slipper. Now you may be a little curious.

Talking of being curious? We believe that everything in the Universe is interesting if looked at closely enough, for long enough, or from the right angle. They say we have three primal instincts, namely food, sex and shelter, in that order. I believe we have a forth, curiosity.

Some of us are so driven by curiosity it becomes a fierce compulsion and unlike the other three instincts, it is what makes us human. Human as opposed to lesser humans, I could name quite a number but this is written in the most honourable of intentions and they are part human, more is the pity. Curiosity, comes completely standard in children under seven, that is when adults, in the form of teachers, governments and the idiotic bye laws of some over zealous health and safety officer, kills most of their natural curiosity. Those that escape this terrible punishment become great artists, scientists and explorers. The rest of us make do with television, gossip, news and sports results.

That was until a little while ago. Along came the ultimate pioneer, Bill Gates, and now we can all satisfy our curiosity. Seemingly pure information grew by an astonishing rate, surpassing all our wildest dreams. Then those children, deprived of all natural curiosity learnt how to master the computer, youthful curiosity knows no bounds and the seemingly complex operations are simplified. Leaving adults deprived of natural curiosity for so long, struggling to understand the simple basics.

You also have those, I term lesser humans, joining this information highway of freedom and spoiling it for the rest of us. Hackers, viruses and spam attacked and attacked until we started imposing rules and regulations, but thankfully the best parts of our new world still evoke our curiosity.


Sleep well Middle Earth.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

14 Days Wednesday 2nd

Another frustrating day of this and that but all very important to the overall scheme of things. Tomorrow is the preview which you will be able to see.

A blog is about what has happened and what should of happened. I find a blog is about some place you escape to, a stolen moment for selfish reasons. My escape is to write. A glass of wine and a quiet few minutes is all I need to get those fiddly things off my chest.

A beetle is a Gazelle in the eyes of its mother.

Robert has been pushing the limits of my patience, 14 year olds tend to do that, but it is still hard to decide when to pull him back or let your faith in him come through. Difficult choice, does a 14 year old have any boundaries? My gut instinct screams bring him in.

For those wondering about the photos from the skiing trip, well I join you in this frustrating wait. Did they ever get to Austria or was it a stop at Brighton for a little pebble beach and 24 hour parties?

The big event today is Angela and Matthew's wedding anniversary. The Australian one, maybe not but I am sure you will all join me in wishing them many more years of love, friendship and waking in the morning next to someone you love. Talking of someone we all love, Mark has been spending time surfing off Veges pier, waves of 2m, he is training for the next cycle tour of Gauteng. Such dedication, so competitive and this is all to sculpture his perfect body. Mark believes in body beautiful and I have heard he has found a new spray on tan which is the real thing. He is such a Koo girl, did I spell that correctly?

I have said much but in the overall scheme of life it is enough.



Wednesday, 2 March 2011

15 days Monday 1st

In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, a book which transformed our understanding of how life on Earth developed - but ever since then, scientists have wondered whether humans were resourceful enough to remove themselves from the grip of natural selection.

Evolution is still strong, and with the latest research results proves, we are still evolving.

The most obvious example of this is lactose, the sugar in milk. Some 10,000 years ago, before humans started farming, no one could digest this beyond a few years of age. But today, the rate of lactose tolerance differs from region to region. In Ireland, 99% of the people are lactose tolerant, this is completely opposite to those living in India, with very little dairy farming, the figure is less than 5%.

Some people have three children, others have five, but some have none, so natural selection may be working in a different way. Technology may have limited the impact of natural evolution of our lives, natural predation and disease are negated, but that does not mean humans have stopped evolving.

Far from it, in a world of globalisation, the direction of our future evolution is likely to be driven as much by us, as by nature. It may be less dependent on how the world changes us, but ever more so on, our growing ability to change the world.

A very clever man pointed out to me that there are more forces at play in the world than we sometimes imagine. It is keeping those other players happy that makes this world we live in more manageable. This is a part of our evolution, our way of adapting to change. Evolution is happening now and we just can not see it because it takes generations to happen.

This blog has been inspired by Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pamagor Skiing?

Gussell of Georgedale wanted to know if Pamagor was skiing as well. As well as what Merlin would ask? I have conceded that she who must be obeyed is right, skiing with Michael. Poole High School has a Health and Safety Policy, anything that might lead the teachers astray is not allowed. Health and Safety says so. Miss Benjimen Whenever was most put out, but NO, Pamagor did not ski with the teachers.

This brings up an interesting point. Can you really have your way with a teacher? This argument was developed with the Darwin theory and later Aristotle had a good stab at this complex motion. If you ask a student the answer will always be NO. Teachers are from Mars, Men are from Earth, Women are from Heaven and dogs just like bones. This does prove the exception to the rule that you can not move too often. House Prices vs Middle Smiths (2001). House of Lords.

I proved the theory, Mark, Gary and Angela are testimony to the fact the teachers are human, loving people. It is only their students who find them strange.

Merlin always castigates me, good word that 'castigates', something like Keet. Did you know that Keet's are baby Middle Smith Plovers. Yes it is true and Wikipedia will vouch for this astonishing revelation. Milly murdered one and Gary had to explain to the gorgeous Mika that it was a Plover baby and they do not count.

'Look at its feathers'. Gary, being so understanding.
'There are none'. Replied Mika.
'That is why they do not count, they are not really birds yet. Something like your mother's herb garden, if the plants just come up and are covered with weeds, we dig it over and start again.'
'Are Keets like weeds?.'

Only Gary can answer that.

Getting back to the original question, Is Pamagor skiing?.
Some say Pamagor dancers like an Egyptian. No Pamagor is more like the Jamaican bobsled team. Dancing like a Jamaican. Cool Rider.