Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Autumn

It is September in Poole, Acorns dripping, birches inheriting the last light while the Ash tree looks cold. I see a falling star, is it a meteorite? No, instead I walk through damp leaves, the spent growth of autumn, imagining a hero on some muddy field, his gift like a slingshot whirled for the desperate. Rain comes down through the Oaks, its low conductive voices mutter about let-downs and erosions. The colours of autumn paint the glory of the trees, pastels, the true hue of nature. 

This is a reminder of my youth, when I followed my mother in her celebration of life, always stumbling behind, trying to keep up and sometimes she would pick me up and say, never give up, and I would take longer strides, now I walk and feel she is always behind me, watching my steps and she does not stumble. The Captain knows what I am talking about.
Tonight we silently say thank you to the summer and welcome the winter, we do not do hot days well but we are masters at strolling in the cold. We welcome the holiday makers departure and the beachside to ourselves.
Came across this flower in the summer and forgot to share it with you. 
Aquilegia alpine, common name Columbine, which is Latin for Doves. We can copy what nature shows but never in the quantity and splendour, I really love the illusion of  5 doves around the flower.

Robert started his last year of schooling, it feels just like yesterday he walked into his first year and now time has caught up and he is studying his last at Poole High, then it is off to Uni and the world.
Thank you for all your comments and encouragement, does make it worthwhile. This blog inspired by Seamus Healey and the immortal Granny June. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ashes Cricket

It has been a long day at the Ashes Cricket, he was clean shaven this morning. The trumpeter has now gone to playing the evening revel. It's time to go to the beach, coffee and a doughnut while that mad dog frolics in the water.
Susan wrote:
My September Mantra is …
In September I will know that the only limits are the ones I imagine there to be … so I will imagine there are none.
I will be all spontaneous (particularly between 3 and 4 pm on Tuesdays) and surprise everyone (especially myself).
I will learn a new word every day (and possibly even make some up) and then I will use them impressively and impromptually.
I will be brave and bold and sometimes barefoot.
I will be spur of the moment and drop of the hat and fly the seat of my pants.
I will be in the moment whenever I can … yes September, you will be all the things I want and more!

Sound just like her and I have sympathy for her co workers, hopefully they do not end up in tears. Her new word was 'Muchly' Oh well they will start coming.

Gary and Mika are training their rabbit Flopsy for the next Hare and Rabbit Olympia 2014 - I fear more tears as Dad will have to get up early, one thing is good when it gets bigger he can ride his bicycle and it can hop along with him.
Michael has finished his work with the RNLI and came out the best in the country, all cheers for Michael.
Robert is in the slow process of taking over the CEO position at Staples, he is currently on the tills. Nothing like ambition.