Thursday, 1 January 2015

Reflections of the Year

As the first day of 2015 draws to its inevitable end, I look forward to 2015. We are planning some time off, but, where did the last year go?
In short, 2014 started with Gary and family here for the New Year and then they were gone, such a short time over too fast. Feb brought huge storms to battering our coast. Drenching rains that fell for what seemed a life time with no shape nor form. Howling winds taxed the bravest of trees and branches, waking to black skies segregated by lightning. Our world under attack. But like all storms they pass and we clear up the broken.
March we planted our garden. From a gravel pit to lawn, flower beds and a garden bench took just 2 weeks and loads of fun. Best bit of work we did the whole year. April disappeared and May saw us bid farewell to Michael in his 5 week trip to Vietnam. June saw the first visit by a hedgehog to our new garden. If we planted the garden for that moment it would have been worth every minute. July, my birthday weekend at Warwick Castle staying in the Hilton Hotel really highlighted this otherwise quiet month. I also thought I found God but Susan quite rightly pointed out that the car needed a polish, so God was lost again. And the Polish polished the car. August we visited Athelhampton Estate and Gardens where that iconic photo of Susan was taken. Yep Angela we will take you there one day. I know if I really looked through my mail and iPhoto, events happened but all too fast the end of the year announced its coming with Christmas decorations and special prices.
Alex was born in December, my family has done away with the modern 1.47 children and doubled their quota. Hopefully I now have my full quota of of grandchildren from Gary and Angela. Well this reflection did have its moments, hopefully I will enjoy this coming year at a slower pace, have time to stand and stare, listen to the wind and do some travelling.