Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Our Comfort Zones

We all quite happy working within our capabilities, our comfort zone but it is a good thing for all of us to every now and then push the boundaries and move out our comfort zone. I find myself doing this more often then not lately, it is an OMG type of experience but very rewarding. My latest is to put together an Application for the iPad, an App as you know it. I have created web friendly applications for a number of events but to create an App that is downloaded onto an iPad is way out my comfort zone. 
This is for a company called JoyGlobal and I was lucky enough to get the job from Gary via Joburgsetco, that boy must have some faith in me or just love me enough to stick his head out and say I can do it. Well the next two to three weeks will either estrange our relationship or surprise even me. I sincerely hope it is the latter, so hold thumbs fellow blog readers and if you know something about Apps please pass it on I have a feeling I might need it.
Enough begging, I have started running again and feel so much better for it. I had a little flu which I have moaned about in a previous blog and that has finally gone but it left me lazy, full of aches and pains and just not my normal self, solution excursus. I must admit I am really enjoying it. Poole park has excercise areas evenly spaces around the park, a good jog between stations and then 12 reps on the different machine and then jog to the next. A total of almost 3 kms and 6 excsercise areas (each has 4 or 5 machines) taking about 35 minutes. 
We are finally getting some sunshine and I intend buying a new lawnmower and doing some gardening this weekend, fresh air, manual labour and finally a tidy garden for the summer will be alright, thank you.
Angela should be sort of settled in her new home in Perth, that’s where the Great White Sharks live, and can now spend some time at the beach with Lily and Beno, hope it went well Angela.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Yes I can be seen in the BBC video of the Torch Relay, 8000 miles, 8000 Torch Relay Runners and I watched one of the hand overs in Poole. I am the tall athletic looking gentleman on the left, blue shirt and chinos, can not miss me. I have always said that the olympics is the biggest waste of money this world ever invented but they really are putting on a show that has no budget limit. Just at a rough guess I would say there was 10 police on motorbikes, out riders, 9 police cars, mainly X5 BMW, 3 buses and loads of support vehicles. If the torch relay gets any change from £8 m, I will be surprised.

13072012263BMW are the official partners, one of them, they had the new 3 series following the torch bearers so BBC coverage for 8000 miles every inch of the way you see this 3 series from the front, great advertising.

Changing the subject, as you know it has been raining here for the last two months and is set to be very wet until september, something to do with the Gulf stream bringing wet weather from Mexico over the Atlantic to this muddy isle. Today is no exception, flood warning and heavy rain again but Merlin did point out the the clouds seem to be hanging around lately, so perceptive .that girl, I do agree the clouds are hanging in the sky, that is what clouds do when they not racing by in a storm.

Michael and Charlotta are off to the Grand Canaria islands for a weeks holiday, all the drama of the passport not arriving in time, then the visa would definitely not get processed in time. All has come together at the last minute, Michael picked his visa up yesterday and now is packing for the evening flight out of Gatwick - have fun kids and relax, you have a whole week there.

Finally I must thank all those who sang, sent cards, SMS, jibjab and came around for my birthday. I have loads of booze, cheese, a very good fruit cake which is part of my 5 a day and a coffee grinder. The only present missing is a good salami but with Gary now an Italian it could be on its way.

Just to let you know Gary is now known as Lancia, Italian for Gary, Lancia al Portatore is the full version. So Lancia al portatore will be having his name change ceremony in December. Farewell Gary, hello Lancia. Bruno Canosa is setting it all up with the help of Claudosa and the rest of the mafia family.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

This Muddy Island

They have forecast rain until September, this weekend floods challenge the South West and Northern Scotland, putting a damper on the ODI against Australia and the Grand Prix at Silverstone. I am now sitting at golf with the rain pouring down and some strangely fanatical golfers manly fighting through the weather to hit that little white ball as far as they can. Do they really enjoy it? Robert is under cover for his lesson so he should be dry.
I read a thought provoking story ‘A good friend’ recently and still wonder why when two people coming from the same environment and background turn out so different. Is it the adding of a partner or is it just different roads they take? Maybe we should let them have their space and hopefully life will have its own way of sorting it out. It is very hard to watch someone you love dancing to a different tune.
Russell has been staying at his game reserve over the last few weeks and loving it, long time in coming, makes the success so much sweeter. I have seen an out of focus shot of buffalo and cannot wait for some in focus photographs of the Lodge and Reserve.
We have found a new breakfast venue, Weatherspoon Pubs, serve an amazing breakfast at a reasonable price and we can all catch up. It is the one time when we all get together without telly or computers and just chat. There is the added beauty in that you can substitute your coffee for a pint, now that is what I call a good start to the day. Full English for £2.99, bargain. When you here again we will spoil you to breakfast at ‘Spoons’. Maybe we stay for lunch while gradually working our way through the vast selection of guest ale’s on offer.
Well the hour is over and Robert is dashing through the rain to the car, enjoy your weekend in Durban, hope your move goes well Angela, moving from Townsville to Perth this weekend. Happy birthday Matthew Charles Dickens, hopefully we will catch up over the weekend.