Monday, 30 May 2011

Secret Massage

All in the interests of work, I went to Alex de Fraitas for the Portuguese translation of an ancient document for Indiana Jones SD, in Lansdowne. Sitting quietly waiting for Alex to serve her last customer, a very good looking girl walked in and asked if I knew Pamagor? Well when one is put on the spot, one does extraordinary things.
'I have been known to know him sometimes.' I said on the spur of the moment. Well what would you do if a good looking girl asked you that question? I know there are my most loved women and girls out there who are giggling at my male weakness, but all she did was give me a card!! Honestly, I was still reading what was on the card and she was gone. I have attached the card in the spirit of transparency.
Indiana Jones SD and The Dark Lord, helped by Muscle Woman, make compelling argument on the merits of Portuguese translations and the quest for that Omagesd ancient papyrus. Ask Indiana or the Dark Lord if you do not believe me. The Dark Lord can be found in the clouds and Indiana is fighting his 10,000 inbox's on his PC.
Gary of Middle Smiths was seen cooking Pizza late last night before Claudia arrived home after showing off her wares to the African public, earning pasta bowls of money at a fare. The Family are the most important part of this exceptional woman life, love her to bits, Gary of Middle Smiths does as well but he is the brother of Angela of Dicasmithi, now that is something special.

All for now citizens of Middle Earth, may the spirit of Pamagor be with you.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Dicasmithi’s were seen reading this blog

After months of trying to get some news from The Dicasmithis they have been logged in, in the last few weeks. Angela of the Dicasmithis is a teacher, we all know that, but she is now going to specialise in Computer Technology and Religious Education. Feeling strongly about how children approach this relationship, Angela goes with the conviction that you need a little moral fibre before opening the very uninhibited world of cyberspace.

Talking of wonderful worlds, did we? Mika Mouse of Middle Smiths must be the most sophisticated child I have ever met. As a little girl her mother, Claudia of Middle Smiths, gave her olives to snack on. I know most little girls would have purity or maybe Boudoir biscuits but Mika loved olives and I would just like to say I have just eaten a sundried tomato in olive oil and it was totally exquisite. I followed that with a stuffed green olive with a feta cheese and those flavours combined to make the average steak a boring alternative. Now Lily Florence of Dicasmithi, insist on olives and sundried tomatoes in future. Wean your Mummy off Purity and let's celebrate the natural vegetables and fruits the land has to offer.

Well Chelsea Garden Show is finished and the Royal Agricultural Society are very pleased with the turnout, we have been worried about Gussell and Pamagor, guess what they were not at Chelsea. No those fuchsias were actually grown by some Yorkshire traffic warden. Just for your information, Fuchsias are widely-cultivated tropical plant or bush. Flowers: purplish, reddish, or white, drooping. Sounds like a combined description of the two of them. I will be contacting Markus of Ketteringdale to check if everything is above board and kosher.

Michael has bought £600 surf board, lost all hope of getting any waves in the UK he has bought this board to paddle to where there are waves. It is called a SUP and is a paddle board. Yes you can stand on it and paddle to the waves. You might think I am joking so I have attached the photograph.

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Girls I love

Angela of Dicasmithi which is closer to Kingdom Of Paramithi because the Kingdom of Parasmithi also has red cars, Claudia of Middle Smiths formally of the Claudosa era, Mika of Middle Smiths, Lily Florence of Dicasmithi which is closer to Kingdom Of Paramithi because the Kingdom of Parasmithi also has red cars, are all the girls I am allowed to love before Merlin beats me. I know it is not the boy thing to love girls but I do, most I contributed to their very existence. Claudia, brave girl, joined our family and hopefully has never regretted a day in this magically world of Middle Earth. Girl's life is one of those special gifts, like a box of chocolate, full of dreams. I hope you all are happy bunnies, forget for a moment the parents, brothers, grandparents, uncles and dancing teachers, think on the life you have before you and how you will take such delight in conquering it. I love you all.

Has anyone heard from Gussell of Georgedale, Pamagor has also gone a missing?? No, they could not be together! Two handsome, fine studs exploring life. Gussell dresses so manly, down to the levis and boxers while Pamagor makes so many dress statements I lose track. I refuse to believe that Gussell would take off for a romantic weekend with Pamagor. Pamagor is persona non grata in Dicasmithi, after the Gold Coast Meter Girls debacle and Gussell did close the only Deli on Georgedale? Maybe they have eloped!!! Tony of Thorndale will be upset. Tony has just moved into Thorndale and is rearing battery pigs for salami. Fine gentleman, that he is.

With this frightening news I hope you enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

That shy flower who missed Chelsea

Not all flowers will see themselves at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show. You can see from the photograph, that wee blossom was overlooked. The Matriarch loved this time of the year, Chelsea and all its grand gardens, flowers and landscaping. I celebrate my love for her.

The Madness Part 2

You might think I have forgotten but contrary to popular beliefs I am not senile as yet. My Grandfather, on my Father's side, was one of those people who howled at the moon. No do not dismiss him for that small flaw; he was a child of the orphan migration. William Smith, named by his adopting family, did not know the name he was born with; in South Africa they would adopt these children from England and give them their family names. William married my grandmother; also an orphan from England, in 1909 and he went to work with the railways. My grandmother was left at home, happy I hope, in her house, children and married bliss.

Nothing could be further from the truth. William was a man who took his frustrations out on his wife, many a violent beating took place until my father said enough, at that stage a 15 year, and he took a beating for disagreeing with his father. At 15 he left home and set about finding a place to live, a job and peace. He never ever spoke to his father again. Just before he died, he spoke to his mother, time had hardened her opinion of him and it was not the best of telephone conversations. I cannot pass an unbiased judgement but it was my father and I cannot understand how someone who gave birth to her child, nurtured that wee boy and finally, when he was at the end of his life, shunned him?

We have the people below to thank for all of us being here:

'The Children's Friend Society was founded in London in 1830, as "The Society for the Suppression of Juvenile Vagrancy, through the reformation and emigration of children". The first group of children was sent to the Cape Colony in South Africa in 1833 and did not stop until 1960, Nine years after I was born and 32 years after my father was born. Did they do the right thing?

Tonight I celebrated my love for food, Merlin brought home eggs from her fellow work colleges and being true to the British way they are the most nurtured chicken ever. Those conscientious wives even go so far as to dating the eggs when laid (see photo). I used the leftover chicken from last night’s roast chicken, fried with garlic, bacon, chilli and red sweet pepper, left to simmer for 10 minutes in 200ml of chicken stock while the pasta was cooking. Just before the pasta was ready I tossed in a cup of frozen peas and drained the pasta. Now the exciting bit, specially dated eggs (2), dollop of olive oil and crushed black pepper, mixed and then mixed with the pasta and peas, finally added to the chicken mix, and we all ate a hearty supper.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Madness is here!

This is the time for the madness, is the madness affecting you. I do believe that the change in seasons does contribute to people moods, I had a Grandfather, on my fathers side, who almost howled at the moon. In the changing season he would be even more difficult than normal. More on this later, I am the only living relative that probably knows of this strange, sad man.
More on Indiana Jones SD and the Crusades of the Last Robertson. Indiana and I cheated of product from Robertsons tackled this dynasty and with the help of Muscle Woman, have restored the right for all free men to acquire what they want, when we want, to where we want. Gary of Middle Smiths has been battling the clouds and from all accounts is winning, Indiana Jone SD works along side our fearless Dark Lord in his quest to have the calendar he want, when he wants and from who he wants. Noble quests and these will go down in the annuals of history for all our children. Back to Indiana Jones SD, in search of the DRC, he has had many a battle with petty, really petty, almost like liberians and there evil mission to keep books away from man. Indiana with the help of three email accounts and the calming influence of a quiet whiskey has lightened the madness and is a happy man. Some will know what I go on about, some might not, but go on I do.
I have it on good authority that Pamagor maybe Muscle Woman and the Dark Lord has left him there as a sleeper agent Provo other.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Then take me through the smoke of my mind

Life comes with ruins, like a little leaf, foggy but frozen in time, far past the frozen leaves. My time will come when I travel those endless roads. Until then I will be running passed frightened trees, out to the windy beach with sea sand clinging to my toes and haunted by dogs that follow regardless. All my memory diving beneath the waves, letting me forget about tomorrow until today.

On to something different, I am busy with a good number of other fine people getting an export business on its feet. We have an Indiana Jones traveller who has secured a couple of a million rand's worth of orders, all we have to do is fill the containers and send it to the DRC. Sounds simple but because it is so different, the suppliers are hesitant, not trusting to go where no one else has been. With the Dark Lord and the clouds we will send those containers on the adventure of our lives. Proving through the internet we have made the world here and now.

The brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the fitter it becomes. I really believe that and know my brain is fitter by the whole exercise. Never believe you cannot do something, like a marathon runner who trains and trains until he achieves his perfect time. He may not have been an athlete before he started but with the right exercise is running free. The brain will do the same, try it, something you think you could never do.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gold Coast Bikini Maids

Pamagor probably travelled to South Africa because of the fiasco in Australia. He was caught wearing a golden bikini. The story goes that he was looking for adventure and saw an advert for a Gold Coast Meter Maid. Fresh from Birmingham and looking for adventure he applied and was picked to be a Gold Coast meter maid. It was reported by the Gold Coast Gazette that he was an excellent Meter Maid and also raised an enormous amount of money in the happier section of the community, until someone realised his 38dd sized breasts were fake, such a poser. If only he had controlled himself and gone for a neat, pert 36B!!
Maybe Lily Florence could let us know all about these Gold Coast Meter Maids, I hear they wear golden bikinis and pay the expired meters before the actual traffic police arrive to write a ticket.
 Mofmof - new buzz word - Minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour.
Michael and Robert are currently writing their respective exams. Michael is doing AS levels, those you write the year before A levels and Robert is starting his GCSE exams so the house is constantly full of studiuos scholars, what little darlings they are.

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Are we having meat for supper?

Yes I answered, a fowl was found dead at Tesco just after 4 this afternoon, the fowl is currently roasting in the oven. Two lamb chops, found close by, are being grilled. Fowl play is suspected, the fowl was murdered. A jam doughnut has been taken into custard.

So you think that is mad, think on the bunny huggers and the dear runners, the farmers who have 50 to 60 deer graze the grass, grown for their heifers and you will understand why Bambi may not be the most endearing creature around. In the rural areas they are getting to be a major problem. Mally of Musmead Manor has been seen telling off those pesky Sika Deer (Cervus nippon, also known as the Spotted Deer or the Japanese Deer). I do believe the Sika deer's days of over indulgence are nearing the end.

Changing the subject but I do wonder why all conductors seem to be having bad hair days every time they conduct?

Pamagor has a pair of deer in the garden of his Cornish home, they can be seen all year round as they happily eat the balanced diet only Pamagor would give. I know this sounds strange but rumour has it that he is quite fond of venison, maybe the deer are like his chicken, fit for purpose.

Today I travelled the clouds in search of DNS's and mails, what will this ever changing world bring tomorrow. I do wonder how we will synchronise our calendars through Cloud Google? Maybe the Dark Lord will enlighten us. The only known expert in that field and we must ask the question? Can we trust him after the bites becoming pips, leopards biting apples may solve the uncertainty and shut the gate on this whole soft small matter.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

If I ruled the world

I would give every Polar Bear an American to eat everyday. They are remarkable creatures to live in the frozen Arctic. Sadly global warming is destroying their habitat and leaving them seriously endangered. They are born deaf and blind beneath the snow, eventually they grow into the most powerful of all four-legged animals. Using their incredible sense of smell to track their prey. Polar bears spend most of their lives alone, wandering over the vast frozen waste of ice in search of prey such as seals, walruses and even Americans. They are good swimmers and have been spotted far out at sea, dodging those Americans Cowboys. Why do the Americans get to me?

I have taken the opportunity to have a Cadbury Ice Cream cone tonight. Michael and Robert elected to have the yoghurt, Tesco finest, so leaving the cone for me. Marvellous, sweet, creamy and full of caramel. I have attached the evidence.

Did anyone see the article on the 1 um sized bug that they found had go to space and come back alive. Not inside the shuttle, outside. They called it the space bear and it seems to be off the radar at the moment. Is this a conspiracy? Americans again or is it those dull librarians, a hated race of silences. Under those disturbed personalities lie suppressed, deprived desires. I must admit they do sound very appealing.

Electricity and Gas are due to go up by 35% next year, yea I see that happening. But they will increase and we will all become more cost conscience, reports are that in SA the increase will be much more than that. Is it just me or are the powers that be grooming us to the fact that the price will jump and then when it does we are already accepting it?

Pamagor was Seen.

Gary of Middle Smiths and Gussell of Georgedale queuing to cast their vote in the South African elections both reported to have seen Pamagor. Does this make the elections null and void? Does this elusive friend of Gussell know no bounds in his cadness, outback mentality and Oxford education, while struggling to find his identity has, to put it mildly, has upset his hormones and put his menopause back a year or two.

If daffodils are difficult to grow they will be welcome on my lawn. So many little weeds struggling to destroy my lawn and my B&Q £9.99 lawnmower really fights the good fight. The problem with weeds is that they grow faster than the grass, anyway enough of my gardening woes.

If I ruled the world everyday would be like a few days before Christmas, those magic days when you are frantically searching for those last presents, hoping the ones you have bought will be appreciated as much as you would like them too. This is a time when given is better than receiving. Happy Christmas.



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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

If I ruled the world

Robert offered this:

I would give Gary Las Vegas, he would know what to do to fix it and then make loads of money. Daniel deserves it a bigger playground and the place is made for Mika. Night life to sample, dancehalls and fashion shows are a daily event. Claudia has roots there, all Italians do, so will just muscle into the family business and the Claudosa family would join them as they already have a small mansion on the hill.

That is how he sees the job done and a better place is born.

The Middle Smiths have a long history of moving and this is just another step, moving countries knowing the sun still rises in the east.

Pamagor has just signed a long term lease on an apartment in Las Vegas, a little 5 bedroom penthouse with a casino in the basement and a fashion boutique on the first floor, something like Friends without Ross. Pamagor was reported to be seen standing in the queue to vote in the South African elections, dressed in blue jeans with studs on the pockets and a Hawaiian styled African blouse. His tartan Tam o' Shanter with a purple toorie (pom pom) covering some of his blue dyed hair, Nike trainers with the Nike logo in purple and African beads. Does this mean he is from South Africa or an imposter?

Dusty Springfield sang that song, 'You do not have to say you love me just because you can.' Great song but it would help.

Monday, 16 May 2011

If I ruled the world

Everyday would be summer. No I would leave Mother Nature to sort that detail out. I would start with Markus, he would have a farm, a motocross track and 100 acres of tomatoes. That would fill his day and at the end of the day he can have fun teaching Travis how to ride.

Pamagor has just come out, HE, that's right, HE who wears tops from Marks and Spencer, matching beige slacks, red, patent leather boots and a burgundy waistcoat. I will get the full picture by Wednesday and give you a full report. In the mean time I have a photo taken by an undercover, no let me rephrase that, under table reporter with a disposable camera.

More on If I ruled the world tomorrow. Merlin wants the Legoland theme parks to be the leading theme park resort choice for families with young children.

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The English love of a picnic

There was an Irishman who was more of a wiseman than his fellow men. He stated that even if your father was tall, you have to do all the growing to get as tall yourself. Wise words indeed.
He tells the story of visiting London and walking in Hyde park. All around him people were taking out their picnic things, blankets to sit on, folding chairs, folding tables, table cloths and baskets full of delicious food. As he watched the sky darkened and a thunder storm drenched everyone. After running for shelter under a bridge, he looked back and to his astonishment realised all the English were staying put.
It was almost as if the English were saying to the heavens.
"No matter what you do we are having our picnic, we will be about an hour and a half then we will go inside again, for now we will picnic."
It is like the holidaymakers that come down to our beaches during half term and building castles, walking around with a bikini on and slowly turning blue. Talking of the beach, I took Sam for a walk this morning, very flat - see photograph. Click it to open.
Pamagor has Irish roots, more from the Irish whiskey then actually dependence. Angela wants to know who Pamagor is? That is the thousand dollar question, maybe some research of previous blogs will shed a little light on this cad. Good luck.

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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Pamagor goes potty

What a car, true sculptured lines of beauty. You long to team up with Pamagor and travel the high roads and the B roads, those bounded by ancient hedgerows, that make driving this car so freeing. Pamagor has always driven this MGB GT, and wonders why anyone would want to drive anything else. I know someone who has a Land Rover, old but what character, why drive in Africa if you can not drive in the vehicle original designed to conquer that savage and magnificent land. Pamagor was last seen at Audi Centre Townsville, 15-17 Bowen Road, Townsville, QLD, 4812! Why or should I say when? Rumour has it that Pamagor has bought a small detached, wooden house in Dicasmithi, near the Kingdom of Parasmithi. One can only marvel at the brazenness of Pamagor, friend of Gussell and as we can see also drives a red car.
Michael is fine, according to the doctor after dislocating his shoulder, to get back to cricket, surfing, skim boarding and writing his first A level exams. He has split ranks and got himself a Blackberry curve, he is serious and this tells us there is life after the iPhone. I for one still wonder why those who have such amazing phones find it hard to send a few low resolution photographs? Maybe they do not have cameras attached to their smart communication devises?
Merlin is taking Denmark by storm and Poole is in limbo, lost without the direction of this talented darling.
Pamagor goes potty and plants red geraniums into five cream patio pots. Such fun in Dicasmithi and a detached, grand house grand house to top it all. Gary has a new office complex and I have included a photograph. Sometimes picture speak louder then words. What a corporate office. It is a little secretive but I am sure many important thing are done there.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

We say goodbye to our loved ones – Denmark all the richer

Susan is off to Billund, that is in Denmark, I do believe there are quite a few Danish Tarts living there and the home of Legoland. The Merlin English Rose will be appearing at the Legoland residence. Merlin is just like to rest of us, a seasoned traveller, that she is, all the packing was done at the last minute and the tickets booked very near to the departure time. Did you like the Irish touch?

This is travel, this is the fun and this is what those who LOVE travel, thrive on. That final boarding pass in your hand and an hour to sit back and relax, heaven. Me time, adventure time, travel time, look important, feeling smug. I would travel everyday, if only I did not have to get on a cattle truck to do it. Bring on the cruise liners and 10 day to South Africa. Gussell, now you understand, Angela take heart, there are cruise liners that go to Dicasmithi.

Angela of Ozdale soon to be Dicasmithi. They are moving from Ozdale to Dicasmithi which is closer to Kingdom Of Paramithi because the Kingdom of Parasmithi also has red cars.

Angela of soon to be Dicasmithi sent me this story.

Lily fell off the jungle gym today and hurt her right little ankle. (That's not the funny part) Anyway, the day goes on and she's being really precious about it and complains about her "Owie" constantly. She was putting weight on it every now and then when she forgot about it so I knew it was ok. So then this evening, I go off to Pilates and I come home to see Lily in bed, bathed, cleaned and smelling delicious, but with the bandage on the wrong foot! She proceeds to hold up her little ankle for my examination and pronounces it is "Owie". I glance back at Matt in a fit of giggles to see if he's realized that he's bandaged the wrong foot! He was flummoxed! Hilarious! Lily didn't seem to mind and that her Owie had magically transferred from the right to the left ankle. Either way, the left one was definitely the sore one now!!!!! So funny! Little cherub!

I did not edit a word, honest, she wrote it all herself, my little girl. I must say that Matthew and Angela have not only got a jungle gym, they also have a Theme Park, complete with very scary animals and loads of water.

Pamagor drives a MGB GT with spoked wheels, white scarf and red leather jeans - topless, with the top down, travels the Outback with joy.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Time passing

I shook my fist in rage,
Cursing my sadness, call it my madness.
The raging surge, embittered, passing through; Borrowing time.
The taste of lust is bitter, like glitter in a stolen sky.
Midnight the sky is dark, moon the only light.
Tomorrow I see a tree coloured mountain, with no time.

Gary of Middle Smiths issues these two warnings.
Beware the Hacker! In this day of peer to peer computing make sure you include special characters in your passwords. - gone are the days when 'dantheman' is a suitable password.
The B Class will be gone by Christmas, Ozdale have raised the stacks - more on this breaking news soon. (Q5 or i7, Apple or Audi?)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wine, the joy of it

They always say that wine gets better with age, the older I get the more I like it. Taking that the funny side is a smile, I really do. I have just bought a bottle of Blossom Hill Red, soft and fruity. It is an amazing red, almost like drinking from the juice of the ripe, red grapes. None of those berries after taste, good full flavoured, red wine. Blossom Hill Californian Red, remember the name and when you see a bottle give it a good home.

Was that picture Lily drew not amazing? Genius, we can only hope she survives the rigours of school and goes on to do art, the painting and the knowledge of the great masters. I have numerous grandchildren and only one seems to have the artistic flair, are there any other budding artists among my numerous pride.

Angela of Ozdale phoned us this morning while we were doing Michaels paper round, that's another story, and announced that they were having a BBQ. They were having broccoli on the BBQ, yes broccoli, call me silly but this world has changed somewhat since the last time I looked. Gone are the days when the noble Australian will have half a carcass of some edible animal. Matthew, distant relation of Charles, always consider, it takes men to have girls. Boys just happen and quite rightly so, boys stick together. From the feel of Gary of Middle Smiths last internet links he sent through extolling the virtues of internet shopping, discount Viagra is a route to consider. Gary would be able to help you there, networking is so important in this global crisis we are in.

Rain comes at last

Just after 9 last night the heavens opened up, with Donner and Blitzen. We normally have an average rainfall of 170mm in April, about the same in May; to date 7 mm. Low rainfalls to say the least. Most of us live in an urban environment and think little of whether we are having sufficient rain or not. Bring on the sun over the weekends and we are happy, little realising the humble farmer who has just planted his wheat and maize, also the rape is nearing its seeding stage, critical for the plant to get all the water it needs.

I must apologies to anyone who has commented over the last 24 hours. I am sitting at golf waiting for Robert's golf to end and there is no signal here, so cannot go online to check. Will 'blog' replies tonight.

Every time I get an email from Gary of the Middle Smiths, he is sitting in his Braai room enjoying his first beer and catching up on his previously ignored mail. I do get the feeling they are enjoying their new home and it must have a good feel, comfy, relaxed, maybe I will have to take my words back wrt him selling it as soon as he gets a good offer. I sense it will have to be very substantial sum to tease them to move soon.

Lily of Ozdale has just completed a new artwork; I will be framing it and leaving it to one of my children with instructions that they leave it to their children. By then it will be a master piece of incredible value. Angela of Ozdale did have to wash the dog off after Lily finished, as she had started her new master piece on the dog!! Angela, get the artist some paper!!!

I do wonder what Travis would make of his cousin, word has it that little Trav is quite an artist in his own right, must I say it again. Markus get the boy some paper and paint!!

In parting I will leave you with this one thought: When you look at the moon, someone is out there is in the fells and fens, the valleys and the glens.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Yes or No

The referendum has come and gone, to decide if you want 'first past the post' – current system – or alternative vote(AV), where the guy that loses can still come first. A bit like running a race and coming first but your style was not that great so we are awarding the first place to the third placed runner. Most of the Liberal Democrat’s and the Labour Party wanted AV and they did not get it (rightly so). The party in power won with the NO vote. My feeling is ‘Do not try and fix something that is not broken’.

I have confirmed that Gary of Middle Smiths, married to Claudia formally of the Claudosa Era, has bought a B Grade Mercedes Benz. I have included the photographic evidence and I am not responsible for any outrage that may occur. Sorry but I must remain impartial due to my gout. Gussell will be pleased as he is the ultimate fan of the Benz and he has said that they both have merit.

I am in the process of finishing off a web site in French, that’s right, French and now go onto Portuguese. I do wonder why the Tower of Babel happened. Alex from Angola now living in Bournemouth has kindly offered her services in the Portuguese translations, we are smoking. She owns a lovely restaurant ‘Alex’s Good Foods’ in Boscombe and I will be eating Good Food for the next two months while we go over the translations, someone must keep the economy alive. Prego steaks come to mind.

On that tantalising note I leave you with this one thought. The shepherd, even when he becomes a gentleman, smells of lamb.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All flesh is grass

It is almost true. Grass is the staple diet of nearly all human beings. Wheat, rice, barley, millet and corn are all grasses, and cattle, sheep, fowls and pigs all eat grass. We eat all the above and these animals survive mainly on grass.

The Matriarch was the best grower of any vegetation around, she believed that there is not a sprig of grass that shoots that she will not cultivate and feed.

While the whole world seems to be remembering the twin towers, I find myself remembering The Matriarch and all her good points. How she loved Pasta, dogs and her garden. Retired at 60 and was happy for another 20 years and would have enjoyed another 10 at least. Her manicured, wild garden was a celebration to all life and that is something she knew only too well. The only person I know who knew the name of everything in her garden, rare, I saw a blue tit a few days ago and was amazed.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Weekend and the holiday is almost forgotten

Evening television - NCIS, open cadavers, Diva and Abby. Yet another American police forensic series.
'Exile' on BBC 1, a gay dentist and a father struggling with Alzheimer's.

'Can you help me take his underpants off' You see they forget why they were taking their underpants off in the first place. They go to the loo and then when they are finished they cannot remember why they have the loo paper in their hands, so they just unroll it. Interesting series which brings into sharp focus the hardship that people that care for Alzheimer sufferers have to contend with.

First Rose today, first swallow a few days ago, early spring comes to show its face and then we have the start of summer. We all love a warm summer with the sun, wind and sand bringing colour to our skin and lives. That first Rose may be the start of a great summer.

Bin laden, shoot by the Americans, body taken away by the Americans and then buried at sea by the Americans? Robert theory is, that they have a body and a symbolic death, but no Bin laden, he will never dispute it for fear of giving himself away.


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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Dark Lord strikes again.

Talking of the Dark lord makes me think of summer and the fabulous BBQ's we have. All those friends and family who grace us with their presents, love the meat and all the trimmings but the real story of a BBQ is loads of left over salad and that kamikaze sausage that falls into the fire. Let us not forget that vinaigrette dressing that no one touched and the final piece of meat left to dry out and charcoal. This is the true story of a British Summer BBQ.

Back to the Dark Lord, weakened through the every lasting pressure of the media, he succumbed to the Dark Side. Now addicted, he is spreading his influence throughout the family. For business reason I have acquired an Apple Mac and a iPad but Angela of Ozdale has now bought an Apple Mac Pro, following on the heels of The Dark Lord, who acquired an i5 Apple Mac. Angela has decided to go one better, i7 Apple Mac Pro, 11 times faster, 9 times quicker, beating The Dark Lord by 1 times faster and 1 times quicker. The 100m sprint is won or lost by a fraction of a second; this race will be run again. Three competitors, one objective.