Sunday, 28 July 2013

Relaxing hell out of the weekend.

We always say we are just going to relax this coming weekend but there is always something to do, walk the dog, shopping, going for coffee and generally fitting some house work in at the same time. It is now just before 5 Sunday afternoon and we have just started relaxing hell out of the weekend. Rain it did this weekend, as Obi One Kanobi would say, we really needed the rain, the vegetation here is so accustomed to regular rain, that 2 weeks of 25+ deg C changed the whole colour of the grass, more like the South African lawns in the winter. Dry and lifeless, but it has now rained, so hopefully things will be back to normal.
Michael is doing well at the RNLI and Robert has got his first job, well part time as he still has another year to go at school and then 3 to 4 years at Uni, but still a job is a job and he will be earning some real money for a change. Susan is ironing and watching a romantic movie on television, also being just the best as always.
Robert and I were talking about the hidden meaning of so many words we use. Imagine if you will, an overseas student, crash course in English and over hears a conversation between two Brits.
"Did you hear about that accident on the M4? Well the man lost a gear, in the accident that caused, he lost his two children as well, awful."
The overseas student might be wondering why they are not looking for the lost children and gear. As I said, the other meaning of a simple looking word. I am lost, you lost me, I lost my wallet, I lost my father, I lost my dog. Now the last one, is he just lost or died? Never really know do we. 
Did you know that there is 1.2 billion messages posted on the Internet everyday, they call that a social society, we do stay in touch more, it is instant, but have you not longed for a letter, a real letter coming through the post, handwritten, now that is so personal. I am just as much to blame as the rest of us by blogging and not printing off a Chronicle once in a while and sending it via snail mail to all those I love. Maybe someday, someone will do that and we will all wait with eager anticipations for the postman to ring.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Ashes and the Drama

The 2nd test, drama, action and the quiet times. Australia have beaten us for many years but the shoe is on the other foot at the moment and I am enjoying it. The first test could have gone any way but this one is developing into a good win. Never say die, that is what I am weary of, the Australia will not lie down and die. Tomorrow will tell us all. We must remember that this is essentially a 10 match series, 5 here and 5 in Australia. This is going to a tension filled summer. Enough of cricket it is getting like the saga of the weeds in Poole Park. I know you all are longing to hear about the weeds but there are those of you who have heard it all before. 
Susan is still living at the beach, so is half the country. Good summer weather here and we all all swimming. 
Angela is now in a new home and we all wait to see what this mansion looks like. A word of advise to Angela, do not surpass the Middle Smiths, firstly because they are related to the Mafia and secondly their children have finally made good friends where they live and the dogs know their turf. Let them rest a while in their home before they put it on the market again.
Talking of dogs, have you seen those unfortunate dogs being dragged along when they try to sniff at something. Well the humble friend of ours has different ways of reading the news, that small patch of grass is the daily news, a lamp post the latest headlines, you would not like your newspaper taken away from you, just as you started reading it. They see the world through smells and the odd taste which they flick up to the back of their throat to analysis. Let your best friend take in the latest gossip and that will repay him a little, for all the undying love he has given you.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Orange Day Marches and my Birthday

Woke to what looked like a warm sunny day with the prospect of a trip to National Trust "Monticute Mansion" and surrounding gardens near Yeovil. They have the most extraordinary wobbly hedge, image attached. 
Now lets talk about the presents, Michael and Robert gave me a bar stool for the garage, Susan gave me a Gazebo, a place to write without the sun spoiling my experience. It is almost a conservatory and fits just snugly against the front door so giving us an extension on the living room as well. Susie Pie is so clever.
Talking of someone clever, this was on one of my cards.
Dear Pops!
Hope you have a wonderful day which will be a lasting memory (for when you become more forgetful). Old age grants you the ability to say what you like with no consequences , so take advantage.
That is a fact, talking about facts, did you know that Fact No. 119 states.
It is estimated that a quarter of life's pleasurable moments involve cheese and wine in some capacity. Well everyone I saw gave me cheese and wine yesterday, thus leading to more than a quarter of life's pleasurable moments, if I have anything to do with it.

England are playing Australia in the Ashes and Australia are slowly getting the upper hand. I think this will be a tense after match discussion by Andy Flower and his team. Unfortunately when you only have 310 runs ahead on the board, it is a game Australian would win on most days.
The day has got hotter and is now at that sticky stage when all your clothes seem to cling, I know there has been the odd comment that summer will never come, it has arrived and we are not really ready.
Angela and Matt have moved to another house, they have another addition to the family coming quite soon and they need the space. Oh to be young and mobile, I am looking forward to the photos of the new house when they become available. It is better to have moved now then closer to the time. I just hope they keep their moving boxes as they will need them again soon.
Just to get back to my birthday, it ended with our good friends the Cooks bringing some wine and cheese and staying for a finger supper and enjoying a bottle or two of fine wine. Birthday cake was a Victoria sponge with cream and strawberries.

Thank you everyone for the messages and the Facebook greeting, those who missed getting hold of me, I know you thought of me so I love you all.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer, Birthdays and moe

 When you go to Asda supermarket to get a quick pint of milk you pay £1.50 for parking, the pint of milk costs 86p? I still see so many people shopping there and I must be missing something. Life goes on, Susan and I went to the RNLI for a quiet pint and also picked up Michael. I must say for a charity they are very posh. Massive buildings and loads of rescue craft all resting in case of a shipping disaster. Well from the number of craft I estimate it could be a very big shipping accident. Maybe 3 cruise liners colliding in the English channel, full of American tourists. What fun those volunteer life guards would have. They would be modern day heros and I do not think that will ever happen.
Asked Robert where Michael was and his answer " God knows." My reply was simple " He is not telling." Such a simple question, so packed full of pithole.
Matthew Charles Dickens has had a birthday and we all remembered but all forgot to send him an email. Matthew if you are reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  but the Ashes stay here. I  must admit I am looking forward to watching Michael Clark bat, he is one of the best in the world. Talking of Birthdays, Matthew Smith has just turned 21, what a milestone, he has turned out to be a great guy by all accounts. HAPPY BRITHDAY MATTHEW.
Susan is at the beach again, not again you say but this time she has taken time off from her busy workload and has travelled in seek of the sun. Well it is better then her getting home very late and then moaning about her lateness, as though it was our fault. Bless her she tries to please everyone.
I have had my first swim of the summer, 29 deg C and the water was so tempting, went to the beach to see Susan and it was packed, could not find her so had a swim and I must admit it was refreshing,  something like Clifton - Capetown without the wind. I will swim again, just not too soon. Freeze the brass balls off a monkey!

Opened a naughty Claret tonight from Bordeaux and it reminds me of that song. "The dreams which are killing me are the best I ever had." As Angela says, hey Ho let's live for today. That is something that brings me to my next subject, food, pizza and I have popped a pizza in the oven but I must Sugo to that restaurant in Bryanston everyone talks about. I am of the belief their Pizza's are again to remember that song, you know the one above, sing with me. Tally Ho fellow readers of this blogosphere, I must return to the bell that alerts me my food needs to come out the oven. We are having Nandos French frays, salad, pizza and omelettes for tea and that bottle of Claret of course.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

ICC One day International

Have you seen those beautiful photographs of Claudia, Mika and Daniel? I have attached one but if you want to see anymore you better get Photo Stream and ask Gary to share with you.
At the moment I am sitting watching the most noblest of sports. Michael Holden in his Caribbean accent commented that we have just had the middle of the official summer but we have not had a summer since 2009. Rain delayed and we are down to a 20 over game, this will see who is the 50 overs - One Day International champion?  Funny old game cricket but still one of the most absorbing games to watch. Where in the world would you play a game for 5 days and not get a result, beautiful. One wicket down and 13.2 overs to go. I will carry on once we have our next rain break, but if that happens I believe it will be a draw. 39/1.
Chris Tredwell in as our spinner, 7 from the over. Good over. 
Ravi Bopara in at the other end with a little dark clouds in the distance? Bopara gets Dhawan 21 runs off 34 balls. Indian now 50/2 at 8.2 overs. Four balls to go and we have a wide. 3 runs from the over, good over and Ravi is back. 
Well we back and we lost. We were there for the final but I see tears with the Ashes coming up. Still the best game to watch.
Summer is finally playing its trump card and today, 6 days after the final, we are spring cleaning. That is what we do when the sun comes out. Cut the lawn, trimmed the bushes and cleared out the garage. Robert did help, he cleaned his Apollo mountain bike and that is a first. We gave it to him on his birthday just under two years ago and he has finally washed it. I must admit it does look very clean!
With the sun I become a sun widow, Susan off to the beach for most of the afternoon, comes home burnt, happy and wary. She was talking off taking herself off to the Mediterranean in search of sun, so we will not lose her for the short term.
Where are the blogs you might say, here just a little tardy. Cricket, Tennis and the latest Game of Thrones does mess with my writing. Talking of TV did you see the last episode in the series Downton Addey? The nice guy killed off, what are they thinking. If you can see the series, do.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weeds and Cars

Well, well, well, another blog and I am off and running. Some of us said that the weeds had been done  before, well I must say they are back. This time they have matured quite well, it is the same when you cut the grass, it grows back stronger. The Poole Borough Council in all its wisdom used water tractors to harvest the weeds last year, have just started the same process again this year. True, I have the images to prove it. They are a little Delboys type machines and look very like un - tractor like tractors. We pay our Rates and Taxes and we get this! I must go back to my previous blog and impart some words of wisdom to our over paid council officials. Drain the lake, spray the weeds with roundup and let it do its work. You will have a clean lake and next year it will be the same. How much did you say he earned?
Then this over paid council worker employed his cousins from Wales and we have the water tractor. I know you will say I am moaning but sometimes we have to hold those people who spend our money too account. I ask you, look at the water tractor. That is what they are throwing at the weeds, do they not know they do re grow! 
Enough I hear you say. 
I must admit that is too much already. Take heart gentle reader I will stop. 
And now I must digest. Angela has decided to change her Q5 for a more Eco friendly car, she has commissioned a very trendily couple to test drive this beautifully crafted motorcar and will be installing  another two seats for Ben and the bump. I jest not, see the photo that was spied by the Wikileaks camera crew.