Thursday, 30 July 2015


Gazing as the sun scoured land, on concrete fields where grass grows no more. Stumbling blindly on passed withered trees, they stand and stare through eyes that neither know nor care, where the grass is gone. Old eyes in a face without hope, watched by a shivering sun. Remember how you stood so brave but now your life’s dream fade. So don't shed more tears, for those best forgotten years. 

Susan aways says to Sam when she is going out 'Come inside and talk to your Dad.' A rather interesting way of putting it, that would make me a Dog and Susan a .. well we all know the term for a female canine but I will not grace the pages of this esteemed blog with words like that. Suffice to say, I am not Sam's Dad but his carer, owner to a small degree, definitely not his master, he rarely listens to me anyway. We are friends and I am sure he is very grateful for the walks I take him for every day. Must admit it gets me out the house and away from my computer.
As I sit and write this blog a little popup has appeared at the bottom of this screen saying Complain to Blogger, bit premature as I have not published it yet! I really do think they are going a little overboard with there willingness to stop abuse. 
Susan, Sam and I have just been for our Saturday morning run along the beach and I took this photograph, I suppose just to make you all a little envious. Beautiful day really. The summer is here, nice day last week but I put on a suit and pretended it was not.

I know the beach will be crowded today as the schools have all closed for the summer holidays, yesterday we had rain most of the day. My walk with Sam resulted in a drenching for both of us, what we do for our dogs.

Read some where 'Memories made on the beach last a lifetime,' no they don't. They get forgotten in time, like all memories. How do they come up with such stupid catch line and this advertising a caravan park. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Light in our life

Much of what we see is about light. A good photographer will always take into consideration the light, so will a painter. The list goes on and on but the one thing to remember is that your eyes see light the only way we know it, where as a camera will always take light as middle grey.
Tuesday, they do come around every week.
I sit alone, happy that everyone is content. I have just watched Sam go after a Bumble Bee with such agility, I am amazed at his youthfulness after 12 years in this crazy house. Being a true gentleman, he let the bee get away but not before a stern warning. Dogs will be dogs, they ask for nothing and give their all. Granny June always said those who do not have a dog, are not to be trusted!
On a more somber note. I opened the fridge and the top shelf collapsed, bring down lord knows what, but a bottle of ale and a half bottle of vinaigrette smashed on the floor. That not complete, as the plastic bottle of milk was cut by the glass and was leaking, a can of Old Speckled Hen also sprung a leak and the chilli sauce only added to the mix. Sam fled the scene, Robert did not even come down stairs, he must of heard it.
Fear not bunny hungers, no grapes were harmed in the making of this tale. The wine was safely on the bottom shelf.

England beat Australia by 4 wickets, yes that is true and I have it on good authority that the game was played in the true spirit of cricket. Perry and Blackwell scoring well for Australia. Shivers and Greenway did as well. Boobers were bowled and full tosses were dispatched to the boundary. Bouncers, and Yorkers being the weapon of choice. For those who are in doubt about boobers, in mens cricket you have beamers, a ball aimed anywhere between the chest and the throat, boobers are therefore a logical term of the ladies that play cricket. Well the Australian men beat us in the second test, they are good. I can see why they say in Australia that men are men and the .... or is that Ireland?
Susan has Informed me that Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II must get two meals a day. Such wisdom, did you know she has just been promoted. From now on all new theme parks, hotels and developments will be done by her and John Jackson. Yes Angela even in Australia, the world is her oyster . When you next hear of a new Merlin Theme Park, Sealife Center, scary ride, she will have been responsible. They aim to be bigger that Disney. Such fun and adventure in store for this lovely lady. We are so proud of her. 

It is almost 8pm and I do believe they have the proms on Television tonight so I bid you farewell. The image is of my view while I write this blog.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The coming of age

Another weekend has flown by with not much to show for itself. Last weekend at Warwick seems to have taken the glitter off a quiet weekend, small scare with Alex but now all is well. The cricket also tends to put a damper on what otherwise would have been a good cricket weekend. Give Australia their due, they came at us with determination and skill, batting well and then totally destroying our normally weak batting line up with an air of contempt. I always thought the top 3 or 4 batmen where meant to be specialists, someone please tell our selectors that the proof is in the pudding.
I have been told that I express too much of an opinion lately, express my thoughts on how we behave, I suppose I am getting on a bit and should keep quiet and listen to the more educated views express round the table. I hear your words of wisdom and will be very careful in the future, life is so much easier when you have the wisdom of youth.
To more pressing matters, Angela seems to have been able to buy some snow and is teaching her children how to ski. That daughter of mine knows no bounds. Even Captain Ben seems comfortable on his feet. He is quite accomplished all round athlete. Reminds me a little of all my children but I dare not say that for fear of being over simplistic.
I have always believed in keeping things simple, my blogs are a reflection of what I believe and I am happy to put pen to paper and share these moments. If I can impart any wisdom then let it be this, the obvious is not that far away from your nose, your brain is not far behind.
Gary commented today on my previous blog - 'Good blog!!!! Sitting in the airport in the Fairest of all the Capes and smiling!'
We all seem to think about our family when we are sitting in an airport, seems the place you look around and see people and remember those we love and miss. Life in an airport, for those who travel often, the airport lounge is an oasis, maybe we are all a little apprehensive about the trip we are about to take. 
In parting I leave you with this photograph of the back of a van. The furthest says 'Transporter - Camper in disguise.'

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Weekend in Warwick, Warwickshire.

As my birthday was fast approaching Susan sorted out some tickets and a hotel in Warwick, for the Warwick Summer Proms. We came last year on my birthday and enjoyed it then, why not do it again. 
After a two and a bit hour drive we arrived at the Chesford Hotel in Kenilworth, just outside Warwick. Really inviting feel with its of nocks and crannies to read a book, have a glass of wine and just relax. Up to our room and it was not made up, no problem, Susan phoned down and we were upgraded to a family room with fridge and two double beds! With this upgrade we were spoilt with a bottle of red wine. That to me is an upgrade of epic proportions. While the staff moved us to the family room we took ourselves off to the terrace for coffee and a snack. Susan was taking some amazing photographs with her new camera, her subject was not that impressed, so we will never see those photographs, pity the subject was truly amazing.
We had a shower and a light snack, then off to the Proms.

We were spoilt again and sat in the VIPs area, close to the stage and closer to the wine bar, most impressed. I can only say Warwick Castle put on another amazing show, just the right amount of pomp and then the real music. This year they had a singer as well. I am sure you have all seen the video on Facebook, so will not comment furthermore, only to say she was the star of the show. Well done Geoff (MD Warwick Castle) and Sally Went, don't ask.
Say you love me. Jessica Ware. Free to download and worth a listen.
Talking of sayings, 'A man picked up a pint of beer and drank it?' That is how the pint was born. Say it with me 'A man picked up a pint of beer and drank it?' Lovely, such poetry, life and who we are in one sentence.
Robert was going to run with Susan at 8am yesterday, 'was' the optimum word!
I was watching Alex eat his first morsel of chicken on a video Gary uploaded and could not help but think he really wanted some more. Life has taught him a lesson and when he grows up he will roast a huge chicken and eat it. You can quote me. I will not be here but those words will come back to be so true. All hail Alex and the roast chicken, long may that be a goal.
Now for the big news, Susan and the boys have bought a bakery for me! A birthday present for someone who has everything. So it will be up at 5 in the morning for me to knead the dough, start the ovens and then, well who knows what 'then' will be but rest assure this will be another exciting adventure. The mighty loaf has come of age. I see loaves and rolls full of favour. One can not resist the smell of freshly baked bread on a chilly winters morning. 
So on this bombshell I say goodbye until the next blog.

After numerous complaints, I include a link to my Facebook page, where you can see the video.
To my Russian reader, calm down, I hear you. As for Louise in Norway, I will add you to my list and you can comment like the rest of my friends. Thank you for your kind words, yes my daughter does live in Australia and Captain Ben is my grandson, famous I know but my grandson none the less. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Apple Music and a Tipi

Susan asked me if I wanted to go and visit someone but I declined, and watched the news rather. The horrors of the international situation is quite soothing after the bliss of family life. Actually we are like two ships passing in the night, I have more than enough work and Susan is snowed under, 12 hour days the norm at the moment, but I am sure things will improve....
Michael and Dani are spending the weekend at Longthorns farm in a luxurious Tipi with all the mod-cons and the sounds of the wild just a sheet of canvas away. That is living on the edge. We are hoping to go and have a BBQ with them later today and at the same time see Sally and Mark, good friends of ours who own the Farm. Good for a catchup, to talk of something and nothing and enjoy the fruits of the wine masters.

Time passes and we have been to Longthorns and Susan is happy in the knowledge that those two children have not been mauled by the killer rabbits in bunny field. They did look like seasoned campers, breakfast on the BBQ and making tea in a Kelly Kettle seemed a breeze. We will wait to see the photographs, which I am sure will come out of this little adventure into camping. 
Sally and Mark have a BBQ evening most Saturday evening in season. Offering those wary camper a burger and fried onions in a bun with the bar open, which is fully stocked with all manner of beverage, alcoholic and not. Great fun for all and Sally gets to meet all her happy campers and their adorable children. Such fun.
I do wonder what attracts people to go camping in a tent, when you can just as easily get close to nature on a walk with your dog or family or both. Reminds me a little of the book Gerald Durrell wrote called 'My Family and other animals.' Really a good read and does explain the closeness we have with animals and other living things.
Matthew Dickens has a birthday this month and we must all wish him a happy 40th birthday, he will only have one 40th so it does need a certain amount of celebration. Matthew from all those who know and love you, Happy Birthday, keep those Facebook posts going and the rewards will come. 
Apple have just release Apple Music and the sales pitch goes like this. 
When you’re a member, all the music you already have lives alongside the entire Apple Music library. With so much great music to hear, it’s nice to have someone in the know helping you find exactly the right tracks. 
This is all for £ 9.99 per month. The question I ask, is it getting to the stage when we will pay for all the music but only need 0.1% of it? Will Apple control all the artists and therefore, all the music in time to come? I am quIte happy to pay for the music I enjoy, without having to pay for all the music Apple decide I need to have. I do believe this will all end in tears. Think of the day you forget to update your credit card and want to listen to your favourite song. Not available, please check your billing section.
This is the time to download all your music onto your hard drive for safe keeping. They have already taken our music off iTunes if it is not in you library, purchased through the Apple Store, what is stopping them deleting you entire library?
Back up, and keep a copy.