Monday, 31 October 2011

The touch of the softest, warmest animal a man would ever love

Out walking in the snow covered back streets of Edinburgh, I fell hard over a tramp.
‘What are you doing?’ the body erupted.
‘Sorry, did not see you in the shadow.’
I have heard strange things about the night people of Scotland but this was a soft , blurry image.
‘Stay where you are.’ The large blur commanded, with him was a massive dog leaning towards me.
‘Why?’ seeing beyond the face of the dog I now realised he was wearing a kilt and sporran. Massive man just like his dog, with a great red beard and long red hair.
‘You hit your head and it is bleeding, hold still and I will bandage it.’
He sat down and took a first aid kit from his sporran, he wiping the blood off then wrapped a roll of gauze bandage around my head.
‘Right laddie we need to get you to hospital, can you stand?’
I slowly sat up and the world seemed to tilt at an alarming angle and then I seem to sink into a greying darkness.

The antiseptic light seemed to shine right through my head as I wondered why he was pointing his great big torch at me.
‘Lie still and let me examine you.’ A strange voice and then a woman said something.
‘The head wound is clean and I do not think it needs stitches, I will just re-bandage it, otherwise is he alright?’ Woman again.
‘Yes, just a nasty bang on the head, too much alcohol in him for him to have felt it.’ Strange voice again, where is the kilted man and his dog?

More tomorrow…

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On this day

Bizet was born, many years ago but still his music lives on. Born on the 25 October 1838 and died 3rd June 1875. Best known for his opera Carmen, which is still an outstanding musical masterpiece.

The Dark Lord and Indiana Youens are in the Kinshasa for some exciting things. Oh what things you might ask but they will let us know in the span of time. We wait.

Talking of waiting, Michael is on his way back from Cornwall after a couple of days surfing, poor fellow, it has been raining on and off for the last couple of days. By all accounts the waves were good and the rain did not put them off. I suppose when you wet you wet.

Mark did a cycle race from Pietermarizburg to Durban, 106kms and had rain for most of the way, brave lad we must salute his determination. I said to him that I would want to stop every 2 hours at a Travel Lodge for a good nights sleep and then carried on.

Can Gussell last for the next 4 weeks until his first pint is brewed and ready to drink!! Ridgeback Lager and he will do house brands. Something like Pamagor and his strange liaison with Brokeback Mountain, what ferments in those barrels could down a grown man or take your fancy.

On the topic of that likable rouge Pamagor, I think I might have seen him in Deloris's car on the A31 to Dorcester last week. I have included the photo, see what you think. Is that a squirrel in the passenger seat?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Plumbing and the consequences

Leaking taps drive Merlin crazy, after numerous hints to me with regards to the dripping tap, a new approach was taken.
’Would you mind helping me to fix the tap today?’ She asked as if I had a choice.
My father was a plumber and taught me a thing or two but the one I have always dreaded is changing a washer, especially on taps that came from a time before I was born. Anyway it is done to a fashion, different top and a sore thumb but it does shut off properly. A trip to B&Q is need soon, to replace the whole tap as Merlin will only live with a dodgy handle for so long. Enough diy, I thought I was passed all that.

October is drawing to an end with all the autumnal weather that it can muster. A high of 12 deg C, but that cruel wind does shake you up. 50 miles and hour and straight from Siberia, you know it, it  seems to get into your joints. I must admit I enjoy the sun going down at the right time of day, 6:30 and rises just after 7 and soon it will be dark by 5 and rise at 9 ish, fantastic.

This will bring out the grumpy part of Merlin as the beach will not be a comfortable day out. Her tan will go and she firmly believes that a good tan takes 10 years off you and a few pounds as a bonus. Well Christmas will cheer her up, shopping therapy and wrapping will takeover the house and deplete our meagre funds, but all is not lost, think of all the useless presents I will enjoy throwing away.
Just a word of caution, never agree to jumping out a huge birthday cake. You might ask who is going to jump out of a birthday cake for whom? It all come to us at some stage of our lives, jumping out a cake. A soft sponge? No marzipan please and I do not do g-strings, liable to scare the guests and do not forget the children, mummy's little darlings fantasy world will be rewritten. I hope never to have to jump out a cake, this is the last thing I want to say on this delicate matter.
Did you see the squirrel? Is it part of the blog?

That blue building is Life

Sunday morning run along the beach is an ever challenging quest to reach a goal, a distance to arrive at before you stop and walk. We run along Branksome beach mer, from the car park to the blue building, at the moment a building too far, without stopping, but Susan is going to get there before me. It is not about who gets there first, but that you get there. Oh well there is always next week.
Michael is on his way to Cornwall for a few days of surfing and he is being a little to casual about it for Susan to cope with. It will all work itself out and we will be off to breakfast, once she has assured herself he has enough cloths and food for the three days he will be away.
On life and mine seems to be travelling along at a incredible rate of knots or should I say megabytes per second. I am looking forward to the next 10 years of progress. I started my working life, repairing typewriter and moved on to programming the first computers. In those days computers were for programmers and their world of punch cards which then ran enormous banks of tapes. I have seen computers get smaller, faster and more capable of storing millions of documents and all on something you can hold in your one hand.
I have recorded my entire record collections lot to cassette, then to CD and now to MP3 players. Many tracks have been lost in my moving and through neglect but I still have a record player in the garage and you know what, Robert has never heard a track from a record. He would be hard pressed to be able to use a cassette player, but has no need.  iPhone and Laptop take care of everything musical today.
The next 10 years will be very exciting, those who have not kept up with technology will find it increasingly difficult to do the simplest tasks. Bring it on.
Just on the wine again, the second variety is in this blog, let me know if you spotted it? On the first I have had no response so I can only feel encouraged that you are still working it out.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Last of the Summer BBQ

I believe it will all end in tears, the build up to an event such as a marriage, children's play or a rugby match. The young nurse comes onto the ward for the first time and dreams of a young, attractive consultant to woo her and take her all the way to the alter. He is Gay, and she is blinded by love, this will all end in tears. The rugby match, will the tears be French Pee or New Zealand, no the Kiwis do not cry but those fragile, passionate French will have a quiet sob. They will be fortified by a good bottle of French red wine and wild, wild women. No.

Will the score be will be 20 – 10, to who? Only those romantic French know the answer. One of the youngest civilisations taking on the oldest, slam dunk I believe. Merlin wants to know why there is big smokes going on outside???

BBQ, the great British summer. The truth is that we take the best meat and burn it. The butcher creates the most delicious Pork and Apple sausage and we will burn it. Why have we not learnt?

The normal stove will offer an even heat for as long as you want it but we light a fire and hope for the best. Prime evil, primitive, cave man style, targe, they want us to drag them by the hair to our cave, why?

Talking of food and we must all celebrate Mika, Catechism done and now the heady mix of religion, family, food and wine to acclaim this achievement. Throw in a generous helping of pasta, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese and we have the makings of a banquet to please the clan from Claudosa.

Has anyone spotted the Wine and the year it was bottled? I will be bringing you so many more bottles to spot.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

This and that with food

I heard a little girl describe her father as a big strong man who left every morning for work and later would come back looking wary and sad but when he saw me his face lit up and he would ask how my day has been. I also saw the same look for Mum and he never complained. I call that love.

I saw my father in that little girls description and also remembered his love, he never complained.

Did you hear about the college student, who was part of a pantomime, as the death reaper. Fully costumed she took a short cut through the garden of a big hospice. Nine coronaries and four already dead. One way to rotate your stock!

French chicken with a chasseur jus. Do not be daunted by the preparation it really is worth it. Buy two fresh chicken already tied up. This is one of the easiest dishes to make and tastes so fresh and full of flavour.
I did not serve it with waffles but with chips and a fresh salad. Beware everyone eats more than you would expect.

Formula 1 and Hamilton has his excuses ready. Button, super smooth, loses out to Vettel by .009 second for pole. Hamilton and Massa line up together on the second row and thank goodness the two top drivers are in front of that fight. I think the seasons title will be sown up tomorrow.

Now Rugby, Ireland beaten by Wales was a bit of a surprise and we all knew England would crack under the French flair. Tomorrow SA vs Aus. Enough said, I do happen to have children in both countries so will sit on the fence, no need to alienate those I love over a ball that is not even round. England did win the Ashes and shown India how to play cricket. For those who are not that knowledgeable about cricket, the ball is round.

The Dark Lord celebrates another year as master of all he beholds. On travel he goes to the little know side of Africa for 3 days with instructions to Indiana Youens to raise an army if he is not back by Wednesday. What will he bring back and why is he going? I would have taken Indiana as a companion on this adventure, that man knows how to deal with the natives.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Woe be tide the Hot weather of October

Did a little work then took a drive to Merlin at the beach, also to see the wanton display of flesh in the meanest of cloth. Oh the joys of autumn.
This unusual warm spell has the boys lusting for female company, in itself a natural behaviour, but we must think on the gene pool. Always marry someone slightly better looking, more intelligent and with the family history of longevity and moderate prosperity. The boys are too young to appreciate these subtle clues but will in time and with Merlin’s nurture, they will see the benefits. In the mean time I take pity on any female who graces our home with her presents, Merlin does not understand the male urge to capture and nurture a female of the species for extramural activities. I feel for them, how would they know it is working properly, boys it takes years to work properly but the road is long and the trails worthwhile.
Talking of trails, Angela was in Melbourne with Matthew and Lily for a golf day and the girl who drove them from the airport knew Gary, what a small world but then Robert feels Gary is know in half the world, brotherly love!!
Robert says that it is expected to snow this coming week, I will keep you posted but like the weather forecast, do not hold your breath, the consequences are fatal.
Tonight we are having Ina Paarman sirloin steak  with roast tomatoes, chips and salad. Simple meal with a punch of flavour. I have always advocated healthy eating and this is just that type of meal to make you loose pounds and gain vitalilty. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and someone please let Pamagor know that Gussell is back in town and has a Skype account.
Pamagor is wooing Delores from Eastbourne. Gussell let me know that she is drop dead gorgeous. She had better be with a last name of Cathornson. Delores Cathornson of Eastbourne, has a natural ring to it. More from Gussell as soon as he spares us a minute.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

An Indian Summer for the South

It is the first of October and we have woken to a heat wave. Sounds amazing but when you think of the time of the year it changes everything.

Heating has to be turned off, summer clothes have to be retrieved from the attic and the lawn will need cutting, again, half of London is down so the roads are back to summer traffic and the beach is wall to wall bodies, naturally white but turning progressively pink. I complain on.

Gary and Indiana have just returned from a trip to darkest Africa, Kinshasa to be exact. Gary being walked through how to bribe a customs officer by the customs officer and all because he was not wearing his pith hat and linen suit? Stayed in a marvellous hotel over looking the Congo river, which I was reliable informed is 30 miles wide in places, and is reminiscent of a room with a sea view. Hopefully we will get an account of what opportunities he saw?

Angela did send some great photos of their trip to the snow and Canberra. The photo of Lily standing with a kid goat, or was it a lamb next to her reminds me of the Queen, HRH not Freddy. Maybe it is just Angela preparing her for her coming out ball one day. Or is it schooling to move into society?

Susan is at the beach and the boys are playing golf so I better take Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II for a walk before he bits the iPad. Take care and have a good weekend.