Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumnal is what it is

The dark, damp clouds lie heavy over us as we look forward, defining our view to a few meters. Just after 2 and all the lights laminate the road as we drive to the beach. The sea a sound except the immediate shore, boats engine lost in the mist. I look to the beach flag and only see a smudge of colour obscured by the low clouds that surrounds us. The dark, damp days of winter fast approaching, we feel the onset as we walk, cold and wet to the end of the beach.
That was the day that was and will come again over the next couple of months. So different to what the weather is like in Australia and South Africa. 
Mark has had an amazing wedding by all accounts and our extended family collected together to share  a meal and memories. Highlights we have heard are Mark's wedding but some others have come out. Lunch with the Canosa's, real top of the list. I have been fortunate enough to have had a meal with them and two finer people you will not find. Michael and Dani enjoyed the same, lucky them. Taking Dan to cricket practise was another time Michael found really enjoyable. It seems from the photographs we have seen, all did enjoy the time together. From the photographs Claudia is looking totally gorgeous, happy days are soon to be upon them, those lazy nights without sleep, gazing at your new born baby as he entertains you all with his way of growing up. Bless this happy couple, just in time for Christmas.
We went to Sculptures by the Lake over the weekend and found a calm, quiet, oasis buried deep in the Dorset country side. I have attached one of the sculptures called Inspiration.