Saturday, 2 February 2019

Snow and the stillness it brings

Why is it that whenever it snows you know it is snowing solely from the quiet. A stillness born from the snow gently settling on the grass. We have had a good dusting for f snow over the last two days and it brings cold but also such fun and excitement for all those who are still children. Have to admit but I was tempted to throw a snow ball at GSP this morning while she wiped the snow off her car, hold me back I want to throw a snow ball. Reason prevailed and I called JB inside, resisting that almost uncontrollable urge, for another time, maybe when Gary arrives.
With the snow comes the photos, all slightly out of focus because we are trembling from the cold but fun none the less.

Moving on to more pressing matters. Singer Kelsy Karter had a tattoo of someone else who sings tattooed onto her right cheek, no, not that cheek, on her face. The photo says it all and I did listen to one of her songs and did not really take to her young voice, maybe it is aimed at a younger audience, 8 to 12? I did read an amusing comment on her social media page.

She looks like she spends more time getting plastic surgery than actually working on music. If you haven't heard Kelsy yet let me spare you the trouble. Imagine if you gave a pig the ability to sing and threw a wig on it, while giving the pig lip injections? That's Kelsy Karter. Anyone who actually likes this girl must be braindead.

I did think it was a bit harsh but then so is having a tattoo of another singer on your face. 

Turns out it was all a publicity stunt and a fake tattoo. Certainly had everyone talking. I was about to go into a fine lecture on why you should not have a tattoo on your face, or anywhere else for that matter. As for body piecing, now that is another ball game and again I will spare you a rant, suffice to say I do not think it is alright to have. If you needed a hole in some strange place, nature would have given you one when you were born. Remember these are not like holes you dig in the garden, you cannot just fill them in when you get bored with them.

Robots replacing Humans

I had a dream last night about an assembly line in a car manufacturing plant and it got me thinking. What happened to all the workers who use to put the whole car together from scratch. Make no mistake, the build quality of cars are has never been better, those automotive assembly robots do the job with extreme accuracy and precision. 

We are designing robots that do the dull, repetitive work and leave the humans to do the work that requires thought and judgement. Well to a certain extent we are doing just that, except we are also designing systems to make judgement calls, this is becoming a threat to the large unskilled labour market, they are feeling inferior to the systems and in quite a few cases they are. 

The other fear they have is that manufacturers will begin to reduce all work to repetitive motion and they will slowly be replaced by robots. Such concerns have led to increasing unhappiness, and even destructive actions, on the part of the humans toward robots. As happened in 1811, by what was known as the 'Luddite riots’, when a group of workers tried to destroy the cotton looms. 

There is an ethical responsibility by the management not to demean their unskilled labour, but rather take advantage of their cognitive abilities, however challenging that may be. Sadly progress always comes with a price, normally human hardship, until we adapt.